Types Of Kisses On Different Body Parts And Their Meanings

What does kissing on different parts of the body mean? Kissing is widely regarded as a universally adored act. We now kiss in various forms quite frequently. It is a very lovely way of expressing love when we are at loss for words, gestures such as kissing come to our rescue.

In this article, I will elucidate this and it will help you comprehend these kisses and their different meaning.  Because of course, each kiss has its meaning. I have put together 21 types of kisses on body parts and their meanings, so you will have the knowledge of what’s going on the next time you receive any of these kisses. From a kiss on the neck to a kiss on the cheek, there are a lot more and each holds its interpretation. 

But do remember that a vivid conversation with your partner is highly recommended so you know that he is in the same boat as you. 

21 types of kisses on different body parts and their meanings

1. A neck kiss:  

a kiss on the neck

A kiss of passion and yearning. There is just a s*xual aura it has, and it can even be more lustful if the person bites on your neck. What your partner is telling you is, that they are attracted to you, and of course, this leads to foreplay and then lovemaking. This act is usually done when you two have gotten quite close and comfortable.

2. The nose kiss:

a kiss on the nose

A tender act yet such a cute way of expressing love and adoration. He is trying to say you are cute. 

3. Forehead kiss: 

a kiss on the forehead

It is often given to show a sign of care and affection. It can also mean respect. It goes to say I am here for you. And you mean a lot to them. 

4. Stomach kiss:

stomach kiss

Stomach kisses can be seen as a kiss of trust, if you two are close it can also mean he is s*xually attracted to you. If not why would he skip all of the open parts and go down to kiss your stomach? Another thing it means is, most men know some women are insecure about certain body parts. So if he kisses you there, he is showing you that he loves every inch of you and who you are. 

5. The cheek kiss: 

cheek kiss

This kiss is often shared we a greeting just a little light kiss on the cheek. Could be between friends, family, or new acquaintances. It is also appropriate for people on their first dates. 

6. Kiss on the back: 

kiss on the back

This kiss can only be done in a private space. It gives a clear intention of the giver. So if you are ready to let things escalate, then go home with your partner and remember to shut the door. 

7. A hand kiss: 

kiss on the hand

This also depicts respect and a formal type of kiss. It is actually a polite gesture between new acquaintances. 

8. A kiss on the palm: 

young man kissing the palm of young woman

This kiss communicates your partner’s desires because the palm is a sensitive area. 

9. Kiss on ears: 

kiss on the ear

The ear is a sensitive part of the body. It can arouse cravings, which can lead to a steamy session between you and your partner. This kiss means to love and it seemly says too “I want you” 

10. A close-mouth kiss:

close mouth kiss

These kisses usually last longer than a quick peck on the lip. Most first kisses are closed-mouth kisses.

11. Top of the head kiss: 

kiss on the head

This kind of kiss gives the receiver a feeling of safety. It is most likely to come from your family, elders, and most notably your parents. And if from your partner it also provides you with the same comfort and security.

12. Eskimo: 

eskimo kiss

This kiss involves rubbing the tip of your nose against the tip of another person’s nose. It is fun, playful, romantic, and cute.  Especially the one you do with your child.  When you are feeling playful and want to be affectionate you can share this kiss with your partner.

13. Jawline kiss: 

jawline kiss
Image source: Stylesatlife

This kiss is a style that your partner uses to watch your reaction and if he finds out you like it, then he moves to the next level, your neck and maybe the rest of your body parts.

14. French kiss: 

french kiss

One of the most passionate kinds of kissing is French kisses. Here your tongue takes the role to play out your body’s desires. This type of kiss needs lots of practice and time to do it perfectly.

15. Butterfly kisses: 

butterfly kiss

A very cute style of kissing. It exudes lots of love playfulness and affection. It is done by bringing your face closer almost touching your par’s eyes and then you flutter them hem continuously, you can also do it on his skin. 

16. Single lip kiss:

single lip kiss

This means your partner wants you and is teasing you. It is a passionate style of kissing whereby you suck on the bottom of his lips and him your upper lips. You get to be close to each other while teasing yourselves. 

17. Love bite/hickey:

love bite kiss

Herd there is more sucking going on than kissing. This love bite can be planted on your partner’s neck, body or face. It’s a temporary red mark you get as a result of the bite, which shows affection and intense desire. But before you do that, make sure you are in a healthy relationship and that your partner has no problem walking around with your mark of affection on his body. 

18. Body Kisses: 

body kiss
Image source: Tenor

Body kisses especially sensual ones are an excellent way to communicate arousal to your partner. The torso, the chest, the faces, and the legs are some of the places to place a body kiss. 

19. Make our kisses: 

a man and a woman kissing

A deep passionate kiss from your partner indicates that he is deeply in love with you and currently aroused or they are looking to get close to you, to create an intimate bond. I believe a make-out kiss is driven by a desire for deep connections. 

20. N*pple kiss:

This type of kissing can be highly pleasurable. It can cause an org*sm in some women. Kissing the n*pple can be delightful to some. When this is the case, just know that your partner wants you to enjoy the bliss of the moment. 

21. Kiss And Nibble: 

kissing and nibbling

Nibbling on the lips, ears, cheeks, jawline, collarbone, or neck is very enticing. It is one favorite foreplay activities for most. Do not be rough, but be gentle. The intention is to drive you wild and turn you on.