How Do You Start A Snapchat Conversation For The First Time With A Girl?

What should I say to a girl on Snapchat to start a conversation?

Do you know why guys say that Snapchat is a terrible place to meet women? That’s because they don’t know how to start a discussion with a girl on Snapchat. As it’s with most courting platforms and social media spots out there, we now have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. And for fast results, you simply need to follow what works. 

As important as starting a discussion is, it’s inversely important to know how to keep a discussion going on Snapchat. Keeping her interested — and soliciting her to meet you face-to-face — is a whole different ball game. And yet it’s a game you can win if you simply follow what works. 

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 So let’s jump into this quick Snapchat guide on starting a discussion, keeping it going, and what not to do. 

How to Start a Great Discussion With a Girl on Snapchat 

Whether you are looking for how to start a conversation on Snapchat with someone you don’t know or what could be your first message on Snapchat, starting conversations with girls on Snapchat is actually relatively easy. While not everyone will respond to your messages or snaps, the attempt will be worth your time, especially if you follow the tips below to pique her interest. 

1. Tease her 

The number one mistake most men make on Snapchat is being nice. Put simply, women don’t like it. On Snapchat, people often assume one of two things when they encounter a Joe who is overly cordial, friendly, or accommodating. 

He has something planned. He wants me to give him something. I won’t be hanging around to find out, whatever it is. He’s friendly. Though I’m sufficiently certain that I’m not sensing anything romantic in him, I wonder if he’ll make a good friend. 

The first assignment is to refrain from being overly polite. Instead, master the art of making jokes, picking on her, and having fun. By doing this, you will stand out from the majority of the other guys talking to her. 

Let’s say she posts a snap showing her new haircut. You also send her a message like this“ So, about your new haircut.”  And she replies, “What’s wrong?” And you ask, “Is it for Halloween?” 

And if she’s not a complete foreigner, she’ll laugh and call you a haul. Congratulations, your discussion has started. 

2. Post your own story 

Try posting a snap about something you know she’ll be fascinated with. It might involve her favorite food, exertion, television show, advocacy, etc. However, it’s also fair game if it causes her to sputter or prompts her to ask you a question. Your story reflects your thoughts, actions, and opinions. If you don’t want to force talk, be smart by posting things you want her to see. If you want her to lower her guide, be open to showing what your stand is through your feeds. 

3. Use a little irony in your tone. 

Sarcasm has an amazing way of attracting people, especially if you dish out the right dose. Sometimes jokes with a tone of disapproval can be funny, especially if she can relate to them. Using sarcasm on snap chats leaves her wanting more. It’s just human nature. If you have a clever idea for a sarcastic joke, it might be enough to spark a conversation. She might feel an unforeseen appetite to vent or partake in a subtle fight with you. 

4. Remind her of an inside joke 

On Snapchat, it’s so much easier to start a discussion with a girl if you formerly knew each other—e.g., she’s an old classmate, colleague, or familiarity. That’s because you can partake in an inside joke — a running monkeyshine that only you, she, and a few others know about. 

The more chatty the inside joke is, the better. It makes her feel incontinently interested in having a short conversation with you. She’ll at least want to know more.

5. Make smart moves

Out of creative ideas? Alternatively, you could just take one quick picture of her. It can be about anything. Don’t worry about making sense or being funny. The thing is to make her ask, “ Hey! What’s this about? ” 

When that happens, congratulations. You’ve just started a discussion with a girl on Snapchat, and all it took was a smart videotape move. 

Of course, now you have a new challenge. You are now required to continue the new conversation. Be sure to read all the way to the end because you’ll find out exactly how to do that. 

6. Chat with snaps. 

There’s a fun and creative idea. Chat with her, but don’t use text. Everything you shoot at each other should be snaps and picture messages. It makes for a fun discussion when you end up communicating painlessly. Check out some Pinterest collections for ideas. It should give you some ideas as well as some relief. 

7. Reply to her story 

This is presumably the easiest path to a discussion with a girl. When she posts personal info, send a reply or go directly to her. However, she’ll respond and you’ll have yourself a discussion. If she’s interested enough in you, 

Unfortunately, numerous other guys on Snapchat are doing the opposite thing. And so the challenge is to rise above the noise and snare her attention in a way the others can’t. That’s not always easy. 

So while it’s easy to shoot messages to numerous different girls by replying to their posts, you may get fewer responses. Use this strategy if you prefer to talk to a large number of women at once. 

8. Share news

If you have no idea how to start a discussion with a girl on Snapchat, partake in some news she’d be interested in. Snapchat sends new public and sponsored stories your way all the time, so if you see a product that might snare her attention, experience it with her. 


Keeping a discussion going on Snapchat may not be a good idea. Why? It’ll all depend on what kind of relationship you want with the girl you’re having a discussion with. Do you want to see if she’ll be your coming out? Or do you want to just be musketeers with her? 

It may be a good idea to keep the effects platonic between you if she adds a lot of non-romantic value to your life. For example, she might be a good source of business information or connections, or you might be part of the same close circle of musketeers. Expressing your romantic interest in her may ruin that precious fellowship. 

Still, you can keep the discussion going as long as you want if that’s the case. And doing so is fairly straightforward.