How To Text A Girl For The First Time On Instagram

How do you start a conversation on Instagram with a strange girl?

Finding the proper words to use on Instagram may be more difficult than starting a conversation in person. You are not the only one finding it difficult to DM a girl for the first time on Instagram. If you run into a woman who seems really cool but you’re at a loss for words, there are, fortunately, many different ways you can start a conversation with her via Instagram DM. 

However, due to the fact that most boys don’t understand girls and frequently make mistakes that cause them to appear desperate in the eyes of a girl, social media (particularly Instagram) has brought the world incredibly close, but at this very moment, it’s extremely delicate to talk to any girl without planning how to get her interested on Instagram chat. 

Instagram may be a romantic place. One can tell whether they are loved or not just by looking at their pictures. Now let’s say for this illustration, it’s the common Instagram rule to follow her, but what if she doesn’t follow you back? The short-term goal should get her attention because attention is love.

How to DM a girl and make her fall in love with you on Instagram

Whether you are asking; what should I DM a girl on Instagram example, or how do you DM a girl you don’t know on Instagram, it is important to know that texting an unknown girl a generic text via Instagram DM won’t make things better, you would rather come off as creepy. So, would you like to know how to DM a girl on Instagram without being creepy? Follow the tips below if you want to DM a girl for the first time on Instagram as it will prepare you with how to come up with unique chats that she will find interesting and will send you replies as you type.

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By the end of the post, you will be equipped with the best tips and tricks for building your own best Instagram conversation starters for any girl.

1. Be genuine. 

In a time when everyone is posting their social media with a classic vibe and “high value”  energy, I suppose what’s most seductive is landing and participating in what you authentically enjoy doing in your life. Keep it light-hearted as you don’t need to try so hard. I’ve had endless followers who are not what they display or portray online. No woman wants to be with a liar or a pretender. Be yourself if you really want to continue a conversation with a girl on Instagram.

Keeping it real still makes a woman trip over when talking with you on IG. If you want her, then you should not be running around looking for opportunities to present to the world some creepy interpretation of yourself. You win the girl by not playing the game. 

2. Take a look at her profile. 

How do you DM a girl you don’t know on Instagram? The boys’ commonest mistake is ignoring the profile of the person you want to impress, as well as not reading the Instagram posts that have been written by her or the commentary she has made. All of those effects help you understand everything about that girl on Instagram. That’s why it’s veritably important that you simply check the profile of the girl you want to impress on Instagram because you cannot possibly impress anyone if you don’t know at least a little bit about them.  

3. Make some changes on your Instagram profile 

To text a random girl on Instagram and get her interested, your Instagram profile and it content shouldn’t send a bad impression. That’s why you’ve got to make some changes to your profile to appear real and this can also be based on your findings in step 2 above. You can get crafty with your Instagram bio and make it interesting, it can be your favorite quote or things you do. Don’t leave it blank in order that the girl can get to know you. Don’t write exaggeratedly; rather tell the truth about yourself.

You can write about your work if your work is interesting. You can also write about your hobbies in your Instagram bio. Keep in mind, consider at most two pursuits whenever you’re writing in the about section. 

4. Follow her 

Before you think of how to DM a girl on Instagram and get her number, you should first make sure you are following her. Now you’ve got to follow the girl whom you want to impress but confine your mind that you have to follow only and not communicate. 

Most of the guys make the same mistake; they shoot the communication. without knowing whether she wants to speak to you or not. 

Yes, you heard me right. You’ll then know whether she wants to talk to you or not by her ultimate action, which is to follow back. However, your profile has a role to play, make sure you followed tip #3 appropriately.

5. Comment on her picture 

Ask her questions about her recent snaps if she posts a lot. However, she’s far more likely to respond to you if you frame them as questions. Keep your comments respectful and friendly for a far better chance ahead. 

The main idea of the game is to stir up interest enough that she would long for your chats and that is only possible through her dreams and interests. Maybe she likes gibs or orange juice; whatever it is, you’re gathering precious information. However, keep things moderate so you don’t come off as a stalker and lose the whole intention of the game. 

6. Reply to her story 

Take a look at what she’s doing that day to chat about it. However, try keeping the conversation in the comment section instead of DM. If she posts an intriguing story, reply to it, although try to control your words so it does not look like you are waiting for her to post. You should ask her questions that boost conversations. You could begin by asking about holidays. Indeed, give her a compliment( if she posts a cute selfie). See the example chats below, let’s take a crush for example;

Examples of how to start a conversation on Instagram with your crush by replying to her story;

Reply #1: Nice photo, the sunshades looks nice on you, was it from Amazon? I would like to get one for myself when next I will be going to the beach.

7. Introduce yourself. 

Yes, having watered the ground for quite some time, now is a good time to shoot your shot, as she must have by now lowered her guide around you. One of the biggest mistakes men make is to begin an introduction with a wonderful thing about themselves, which is surely a big turn-off. If this is going to work well, especially if you don’t know the girl at all and you are just trying to make an impression, Keep your communication simple and casual so she doesn’t feel pressured.  That’s simply how to DM a girl on Instagram without being creepy.

8. Talk about her followers 

How do you continue a conversation with a girl on Instagram?

Never let the conversation die. Bring up your mutual friends, and how you met them, and simply talk to keep the flame going. Continue the discussion by asking how she knows your collective followers. Or, how weird it’s that you both know so many of the same people. 

9. Build bonds through private chat 

Treat it like you would ask a girl out in real life. First, make some rapport. Don’t attempt to ask her out on the first contact (a super common mistake most guys make with ladies). Share your experience that she can relate to. Don’t choke her with 247 conversation patterns and make it interesting and fascinating enough to keep her coming back for more. Another trick is to pick up the discussion content as she posts it on her timeline in case you aren’t sure what to talk about. 

10. Stay for her signal 

Now we come to the most important part where we will know whether the girl wants you or not. Girls never communicate because they feel reluctant. That’s why she’ll offer you some signals, as you gave by engaging with her posts on Instagram. and comments. Her tastes and comments show that she wants to speak to you, and this could be the best time to DM a girl on Instagram

11. Respect if she doesn’t respond 

There are many guys in this world, but one girl can not talk to millions of people at the same time even if she’s single and searching. Because every girl’s nature is different, she likes similar boys as per her nature. The most important mistake most guys make is that they use the wrong words or shoot dispatches continuously when they don’t get any signal. It is completely wrong, you should avoid that when texting with a girl for the first time on Instagram because doing so presents you as the wrong person. Always keep in mind that you have to admire the girl’s decision. Indeed, if you are feeling bad, because it’s their decision and not yours whether to be musketeers with you or not. 


The simplest and least aggressive way to start a new conversation with your crush over Instagram is to simply respond to their newest story. No girl is immune to love, respect, and compliments. If you tell her the right word through your chat, she will give the world to always talk to you.

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