How To Be A Baddie – 10 Most Reliable Tips

You may have pondered how to get started if you’ve ever wanted to be a terrible fellow. You don’t have to play the lead antagonist in a film or television program, but you do need to have a few cunning moves up your sleeve. Here’s how to be a baddie without appearing sketchy or frightening. 

The techniques for becoming a successful baddie are much simpler than you might imagine, even though they may appear crazy. A baddie is a girl who has a killer figure, a glam outfit, and a no-nonsense demeanor. They are the Instagram users who share videos of themselves lip-syncing to Drake. 

The young lady wears Nike Airs and shoots adorable mirror selfies while using one of the latest iPhones. The curvaceous gym goer with the 20-plus round butt and inch waist. Regardless of whether you follow them yourself or they occasionally appear on the explore page, you are probably already familiar with them. 

Additionally, I can assure you that you probably had the following thoughts after seeing them: Wow, she’s adorable. If only I had the money for the phone. “OMG, her makeup is gorgeous! I wish I could do my own eyebrows that well,” Look at her body, man!” If only mine appeared that way.

Friends, there’s good news: it’s definitely doable! Regardless of ethnicity, height, or even body shape, anyone can become a baddie. I’m here to give you some pointers on how to be a bad*ss girl. Whether you want to get in shape for the summer or the new year.

1. Be open to development

baddie grr

I could just advise you to eat healthily and exercise, then enjoy being yourself. But I discovered that being a baddie requires a lot more than that. You’re basically turning into a new version of yourself, which entails altering not only what you eat but also what you think and feel. 

2. Cut off those that are bad.

a baddie girl with jean jacket

You won’t believe how much this will matter in the long run, despite the fact that it pretty much goes without saying. Friends that are unsupportive and just spread negativity, unsupportive family members, and a partner who is never there for you are all examples of this.

3. Unfollow bad vibes

a man walking to a lady

To unhealthy friends and relationships say farewell, deactivate their contact info, and unfollow them! Positive energy is attracted to baddies because they emit positive energy. No matter how nice they were to you in the past, that is the past now. It’s practically harmful to hold onto it. Although it’s difficult now, you will afterward thank yourself, I promise.

3. Remain patient.

It might be challenging to actually take a step back and observe everything in today’s environment, isn’t it? When you think about it, everything is intended for speed high-tech cars, Bluetooth phone conversations, and phones that read our faces which might be excellent. However, amazing things require time to process and grow, including you. 

The software needed to be developed, integrated into the gadget, and tested by users before engineers could release it. The same holds true for your transformation as well. You won’t suddenly get a lean body, and if you only wish for those $150 Nikes, they won’t magically materialize on your feet. 

You must labor till you arrive by going to the gym, getting a job, and saving up money for those shoes. Being a baddie takes time, just like other things, and you will get impatient, I guarantee it. But when it’s all done and you’ve accomplished your objective, it almost won’t be possible to stop!

4. All eyes are on you!

look more like a baddie

You might want to alter your behavior in order to refute someone. Can I get a response about my dress? You want to join a gym merely to watch their jaws drop because of your weight. Perhaps you told your ex they wouldn’t find anybody better, and by changing yourself, you’re demonstrating to them that you’re right. I appreciate your intentions, but I have to ask: who will stand by your side when all is said and done? 

Who would inform you that “This is how you will be and this is what will happen?” You are the one. All focus is on you. As self-centered as it may sound, taking care of yourself and putting your needs first is a significant part of being a baddie. 

Obviously, you just profit for yourself; no one else. You don’t lose weight and eat healthy for anyone, but a baddie will prioritize their needs. They are only concerned with themselves; no one else is watching out for them. Additionally, they won’t consider how others’ appearances can affect them while they eat healthily and exercise. You can look as good as Kylie Jenner by prioritizing yourself. And you can try the look if you like Kim Kardashian!

5. Dress to attract

a lady dressed to attract

You must attach importance to how you dress if you want to appear bad. Eyelashes play a crucial role. You can look more gorgeous by wearing lashes. Investing in a lash wand will help you seem more natural. As an alternative, you might purchase a lip pencil to give the appearance of bigger lips. Wear coordinating tops and bottoms to achieve a more edgy appearance.

If you want to be a baddie Your fashion should be sensual and self-centered, and you shouldn’t be averse to having a little s*x. If you can get away with it, you’ll be the greatest baddie ever. If you are unable to accomplish that, think about becoming a good guy. However, keep in mind that you must be it for yourself and avoid offending others.

6. Be confident

confident baddie girl

Being self-assured is the key to rocking a baddie appearance. It seems sensible that you would need to look good in order to be a baddie because maintaining a high level of confidence is essential to success. Don’t be scared to be it, then. Do it with style; don’t be fooled by the baddie wannabe.

7. Getting pierced.

baddie girl sitting down

However, it should be temporary and meaningful (and just one). Furthermore, it should not be something you can’t mask for work. Selena Gomez received a small  Roman number tattoo on the back of her neck as part of an effort to shed her image as a good girl.  that’s ideal. Girls who lack self-assurance are preyed upon. Being a nasty girl and being passive are mutually premier. Confidence appeals to people. Bad females aren’t hesitant to precise their opinions. they need an idea of what they want and pursue it. Bad girls never solicit praise. They anticipate them.


You must rock the appearance and attitude of an unholy girl if you want to be a baddie FR. It all comes right down to having fun, leading a lively life, and having enough self-assurance to draw any male or female companions.  Monroe stated, “I never said I used to be a good girl,”  which made her a legend. A baddie isn’t a wicked girl. Avoid excessive flirting,  promiscuity, brawling, taking advantage of others, yelling obscenities, and approaching every man you encounter. These are all effective strategies for being a nasty lady that no one really wants to be around rather than a seductive bad girl.