How To Get Him To Want To Spend More Time With You

A great and fulfilling relationship depends on having sufficient time to spend with your partner. However, because of how hectic our lives have become, you and your partner might not have an equal amount of time to spend together.

It can be difficult to broach the subject since you don’t want to accuse your partner and put them on the defensive part. To receive the best outcome from the scenario, it’s important to convey how you’re feeling positively.

Are you being unrealistic about how much time your partner can devote to you, or is your spouse not giving you the right amount of their time? Consider how much time you’ve spent together before getting your partner to see how it is affecting you and your relationship.

The following advice can assist you in working together to improve your relationship and enjoy the time you have with one another if setting aside extra time for your relationship is a realistic option for you. However, when your lover is too preoccupied to devote time to you, calling him is the worst thing you can do. 

It’s enticing to try to approach him, but you’ll only push him away. Avoid pleading or threatening your lover to improve your time together. Recognize that you have greater power than you realize and stop whining or arguing with your partner.

How to tell a guy you want to spend more time with him

1. Speak with your partner.

Simply learning to converse without criticizing others is the greatest method to resolve any challenges in your relationship. Inform your companion of your feelings and inquire as to theirs. Look into ways to extend your time together. This may be due to circumstances beyond your control, such as obligations to your family or job. By communicating, you can work out how to spend your time together more effectively and make it more enjoyable for both of you.

2. Get rid of the diversion

Being surrounded by electronics is one of the main communication barriers, so scheduling time when you both put your devices away will help you be more present with one another. Together, take a seat, and

Schedule time for your relationship each week. Find times that are convenient for you both, whether it be every evening at a specific hour or just one day per week.

Choose a date that is convenient for you both. Find an appropriate moment by making a compromise. Put your devices away and focus solely on each other. This enables reconnection and helps you recall the initial reasons you fell in love.

3. Become curious about your partner’s interests

Everyone has various interests, so demonstrating to your spouse that you enjoy the things they enjoy will demonstrate your respect for them. Next time, ask your partner whether you can participate in their pastime. By doing this, you might discover a pastime. Your partner might develop an interest in your activities if you do this for them.

4. Set up a surprise

Plan a surprise for the two of you if your spouse is feeling pressured. This could be something you’ve never done before but that your partner likes, showing your partner that you’re interested in them. Ask your partner when they are free to make sure they are available, but don’t let them know what your plans are.

5. Together try new things.

It’s always interesting to try something new, and it helps us to expand our ideas. Make a list of all the activities you two want to do together when you sit down with your partner.

This will help maintain the tradition alive and may encourage the two of you to want to spend much more time together attempting new things. Examples include a new location you’d like to explore, a course you would like to take, or an activity you haven’t tried.

6. Give space to breath

You’ll probably want to hang out with someone exclusively when you first meet them. When you don’t see your lover for a few days, it can feel like you’ve been away for weeks. You could find yourself wanting to hang out with him whenever you have the chance. Everything about this is natural and acceptable. The desire for constant contact should be resisted if you want him to appreciate spending time with you truly.

7. Bring out his inner hero

This is certain to make him like spending time with you by igniting a biological drive within him. A guy’s feelings toward a girl he spends time with are influenced by how she makes him feel. You see, it all comes down to bringing out the inner hero in men. I discovered this through my man’s inner hero. This fascinating idea was developed by a relationship expert and talks about what motivates men in relationships and is imprinted in their DNA.

And most ladies don’t have any knowledge of it. These drivers, when activated, turn men into the protagonists of their own stories. When they find someone who can set it off, they feel better, fall in love harder, and make commitments with more vigor.

8. Be genuine.

I am aware that when we like someone, we try to win them over. Everyone wants to present their best selves to their crush, but it’s equally crucial to be yourself. The truth is that pretending won’t help in the long term because it will appear forced and phony, which will turn the other person off. 

Being someone other than who you truly have no purpose for if you want your relationship to succeed. Avoid being overly sincere and don’t be scared to show him the real you. You shouldn’t act outgoing if you’re bashful. Avoid attempting to act coy if you are extroverted. Be truthful about your likes and dislikes, as well as what makes you happy.


Your lover could even be in love with you if he likes you so much. After all, he is involved with you. The issue is that he values other aspects of his life over you. He doesn’t have time for you. Can you accept your lover exactly as he is, with his actions and decisions, without him adjusting? since you cannot alter who he is? 

There are a few things you can do to gain his focus without coercing or influencing him, but unless he genuinely wants to change, you won’t be able to alter his personality, way of life, or habits only time and tolerance can.