7 Best Ways To Get Your Ex Back

It’s no secret that the current divorce rate in America hovers somewhere between 40-50%, which means a lot of people are on the market these days. While you should stay optimistic about your chances to get your ex back, at some point, you have to accept that it just might not be meant to be. But that’s no reason to give up entirely there are plenty of ways to try and get your ex back without looking creepy or making them feel uncomfortable.

When your relationship ends, especially if you broke up with your ex, there’s a natural urge to get them back in your life. But the wrong moves can make you seem clingy or desperate and put the brakes on any reconciliation. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get your ex to come around without looking creepy or like you’re trying too hard to win them back. If you follow this list of the 7 best ways to get your ex back without looking creepy, you are good to go.

1. Talk About What Went Wrong 

When you’re dealing with a breakup, it’s important to figure out what went wrong. That way, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future and make sure that your relationship is more successful. If you and your partner have been broken up for a while, take some time to think about what happened and why it didn’t work out.

 Once you’ve identified the problem, ask yourself what needs to happen for this issue not to come up again. Consider talking about it openly with your ex-partner and listening to their thoughts on how they could have changed things as well it may be eye-opening!

2. Contact Your EX In A Non-Creepy Way

If you want to get your ex back, it’s important not to come off as too desperate. For example, only call or text them some of the time. If you want to text, wait until they text first. Try sending a cute message or a funny meme and see what happens

3. Do Not Try To Make Them Jealous

If you want your ex back, the worst thing you can do is try to make them jealous. The best way to get an ex back is by being yourself and showing them that they are worth it. If they have already moved on, then try not to contact them unless they contact you first. This will show them that you care and that there is still a chance for the two of you. Don’t Be Pushy: It can be tempting to constantly call or text your ex but this won’t help you get your ex back. Instead, be patient and wait until they decide to reach out to you. Don’t Tell Them You Miss Them: Sure, you may miss them but don’t tell them right away because this will seem desperate and could scare them off.

4. Apologise For Your Mistakes

To get your ex back, you must apologize for your mistakes. Make sure that you admit what you did wrong and take responsibility for the situation. The best way to do this is through a letter or email that includes an apology and a plan of action on how you will make things right. 

Remember, if you want them back, it is essential that they know how sorry you are. To get your ex back, you must apologize for your mistakes. Make sure that you admit what you did wrong and take responsibility for the situation.

5. The Re-connection Phase

The re-connection phase is another step in getting your ex back. You’ll want to use this time wisely by making sure you say and do all the right things. This will ensure that they remember what they loved about you, and they’ll be eager to reconnect with you again. 

6. Don’t Make Them Feel Guilty

 Don’t make them feel guilty, If you want your ex back, you mustn’t make them feel bad for breaking up with you in the first place. It is an emotional time and moment they’re going through a lot of mixed feelings, so don’t give them more fuel for the fire.

 Focus on yourself and how much better your life will be once they’re there. Doing it makes them realize that you fixed yourself and it might give your ex a cliff edge of reconsidering the relationship since you have learned your lesson and your fault rather than blaming them for the break up initially.

7. If He/She Still Has Feelings For You

If your ex still has feelings for you then there is still a chance, and you want him or her back, try taking a step back. Take some time and think about what you want out of the relationship. Is it just intimate? Do you want someone who will be there for all the good times and bad times?

 Then Show that person that they are worth more than one night of pleasure. Once you show them this, he or they will realize how much you care and may eventually come back around.

How Do I Get My Ex Back Without Looking Desperate?

There is no doubt that getting your ex back can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. But there are some ways to make it a little less desperate and a lot more romantic. 

  •  Stay Calm – If you act like an unbalanced person, which isn’t attractive at all. The goal is to give them space but stay in contact so they know how you feel about them.
  • . Send Gifts – Sending gifts can show the other person how much they mean to you without having to come out and say it. 
  • Stay Friends with Their Friends – Being friends with their friends is an excellent way to keep your connection going while still giving them space. 
  •  Communicate Properly – Communicating properly will let them know you want to talk and not just stalk. 
  •  Give Them Space – But do not wait too long because you might lose your chance of winning him/her back if action is not taken at the right time too.


The best way to get your ex back is by being a better version of yourself work on yourself. A lot of the time, people try too hard or go overboard and it can come off as creepy. If you want your ex back, be yourself and don’t do anything that would make them uncomfortable. You don’t have to become someone else just because they broke up with you. 

 Be honest about what changed in the relationship for them to break up with you so that there’s no confusion about how things will change if they decide to take you back again. Don’t harass them via phone calls or texts, social media stalking, etc.