How To Know If Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant

How do you tell if a girl is pregnant in the first week and my girlfriend is pregnant, what should I do, these are common questions most people ask when they suspect their girlfriend might be pregnant.

You must have noticed your girlfriend acting a little off or you may have a gut feeling that something is wrong. And then you think, could she be pregnant? No matter if you two recently started dating or have been in the longest relationship talking about pregnancy is never simple.

The best thing to do would be to talk to her about it. Ask her, because she might be scared of being pregnant as much as you are. If she’s pregnant, reassure her that you will support her and help her through this.

You can also check for the earliest indications of a potential pregnancy, however, you might not find the definitive answer you need. Pregnancy hormones, which are produced by the body during pregnancy, cause the typical symptoms of pregnancy. Below are written observatory indicators that can help you to figure out what is going on. 

Signs and ways to know if your girlfriend is pregnant.

It is possible for your girlfriend to be pregnant without knowing, especially in the first few days/weeks. So, how long does it take to know if you are pregnant?

1. A missed period

You may know how her period regulates, but you haven’t heard her say she’s on her period for a while. The pregnancy hormone changes make a woman’s period stop. And if she’s not private about her period with you, but she hasn’t said anything in more than a month, it’s likely there’s a problem. A woman may “spot,” or have a little amount of v*ginal bleeding, early on in her pregnancy. Although it’s simple to confuse this with regular menstruation, it’s a crucial indicator of pregnancy. 

When implantation bleeding occurs, some people mistake it for their menstruation. It usually happens 10 to 14 days after the fertilized egg adheres to the uterine wall, which could be around the time a person would have anticipated their next period.

2. Nausea or vomiting 

Nausea and vomiting can happen at any hour of the day or night, even though it is mostly referred to as morning sickness. They are frequent side symptoms of early pregnancy. It gets worse in the first few weeks of pregnancy. This may be the reason your girlfriend keeps getting sick every minute. Even the smell of her favorite food can make her gag and rush to the restroom. Watch how she responds to various scents while cooking, eating, or lighting a scented candle. 

3. Fatigue 

Your partner may experience exhaustion if she’s expecting due to elevated progesterone hormone levels in the early stages of pregnancy. It makes her feel fairly worn out. Observe your girlfriend to see whether she sleeps more or feels more exhausted than usual. It’s crucial to remember that fatigue is a very typical side effect that has been linked to a wide range of medical conditions, including anemia, stress, and anxiety disorders

4. Frequent trips to the bathroom

Early in their pregnancy, pregnant women need to urinate regularly. And the excess blood that a pregnant woman’s body produces is processed by her kidneys. This additional blood causes additional water which causes additional urine. 

5. Tender and sore breast 

One to two weeks into pregnancy, the breast can start to feel tender and swollen. Although this might also signal the beginning of a period. But when this is not the case, her breast could be painful as a result of hormonal changes associated with pregnancy.

6. Headaches

Pregnancy probably is not the explanation if the only noticeable change in your girlfriend is headaches. Early in a pregnancy, there might be severe normal changes that cause headaches including backache and cramping. Remember that headaches are quite common and indicative of a wide range of conditions.

7. Bloating 

An uneasy bloating sensation might indicate pregnancy. Check to see if she ever mentions having a stomachache or something similar while you spend time together. Bloating is an excellent symptom to watch out for because it typically occurs in the first few weeks of pregnancy. 

Bloating by itself may not always indicate pregnancy. Before periods start up again, some women experience bloating as well.

8. Mood swings

Her hormones may be all over the place and difficult to stay happy. Resulting in mood swings. Her general mood may be affected by hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. Find ways to communicate and connect with her to check if her mood swings are frequent and not occasional. 

9. High body temperature 

A woman’s blood vessels normally intensify during pregnancy as a result of her body producing more blood. Her skin feels hotter than usual as a result of this forcing the blood close to the skin’s surface. 

10. Cravings and food dislikes

When pregnant some women experience dietary cravings. There is no certain cuisine that they consistently want. While some might choose sweet things others may favor savory dishes like seafood. Then they begin to have strange food dislikes. Pregnant women find some food unappealing, coffee, eggs, and spicy foods may now offend them.

11. Test for pregnancy 

The most accurate approach to finding out if she is pregnant is to test. Encourage her to take a pregnancy test if she exhibits any of these symptoms so you two can decide what to do next. This urine pregnancy test should ideally be done in the morning. There are free pregnancy test clinics that can provide accurate test results.  

Most retailers, pharmacies, and supermarket stores sell home pregnancy tests. Even pregnancy tests are available online from different vendors. Follow the directions on the container, box, or insert precisely to make sure a home pregnancy test is as correct as it should be. At-home pregnancy tests are often reliable. These tests look for a hormone that is widely produced during pregnancy in your partner’s urine.

Regardless of whether they have any symptoms of pregnancy, your partner should think about getting a pregnancy test if they have missed their period. Early indications of pregnancy may not be felt by some people, while others may mistakenly blame their menstrual cycle or a brief sickness for minor symptoms.

Other pregnancy symptoms are: 

  1. Constipation
  2.  Light spotting
  3. Indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn
  4. Changes in skin color around the breast nipples or on the face.
  5. Dizziness