How To Talk To A Girl On Facebook For The First Time

What should I message a girl on Facebook for the first time?

Texting a woman for the first time on Facebook can be dispiriting, but not knowing what to say can be even more grueling. Still, two out of every three people you may know are on Facebook, and thank goodness for the amazing features Facebook has because you can’t hide. 

Facebook is a social media platform with a large number of people from all over the world. Consequently, it’s a pleasant place to meet new people. Meeting the girl is one thing, but talking to her is another. which leaves many guys asking how do you communicate with the girl you like as there are multiple things you can do which include tagging, commenting, sharing content, and much more. 

Still, Facebook may be a nice place to meet people too. If you’re trying to find a girl online, you do have to be on a dating app like her, tinder, or even Elite Single and wait to be matched by the courting point algorithm before you can be suitable to chat with singles for free. If you’re on Instagram, see this special guide on how to chat with a new girl on Instagram.

I didn’t get good at texting within the blink of an eye, it requires practice and time. My first communication to a woman I know slightly on Facebook wasn’t anywhere close to nice. I messed it up with too many killer vibes. Unromantic and obsessive messages. But that was communication transferred from the heart of a teenager who was too overwhelmed and too in love to talk to a girl for the first time online. 

How to message someone you like on Facebook

Below are our best tips and tricks for building good conversation starters when chatting with a new girl on Facebook for the first time.

1. Ensure your Facebook profile is not weird 

Most people were quick to simply accept any Facebook friend requests that came their way. Because of regular Facebook swindles and spammers, smart users won’t add people they do not know. 

So before you actually send a woman a friend request or start drooling, take a glance at your own Facebook profile. Ensure you are using a clear picture of yourself and not some animated character or arbitrary picture of nature. However, change it so it doesn’t look strange if you’ve got an inside joke as your middle name. Ensure your academy and place of work are accurate so she can identify you. She will probably give your profile a look before she decides whether to accept your friend request, so ensure it represents you well. 

2. Consider your approach to the primary message 

Once you’ve built up your profile, your next step is to consider what your relationship with this girl is like. The best way to start a discussion with a girl on Facebook depends on how well you know her. At this stage, this is purely a conversation between unknown boy and girl on Facebook.

If she’s a reserved girl you’ve already met and have no connections with, good luck. You might as well send her a friend request and hope for the best. However, while she is going to definitely see it if you shoot her a message, it’ll probably find itself in her filtered inbox. You do not have numerous options aside from transferring her a request. 

3. Come a touch bit familiar with her runner. 

Spend about 15 twinkles or thereabout browsing her timeline to know further about her interests, examine her once prints, posts, etc. It’s all about getting further acquainted with the kind of person she is, the consequences that mean the most to her, and the way she relates to her muses. Doing this provides you with a better understanding of the personality of your new friend and enables you to make a better connection with her. All these are geared towards preparation for how to start a conversation on Facebook without being awkward.

4. Leave comments on her old photos, posts, and vids 

Go through her once condition online and take note of cute prints of her, her posts, and the videos you discover on her timeline. However, for videos or status updates from her, click the like button and leave a comment if you discover any unborn prints. Leaving a humorous or positive comment works best all the time. Avoid leaving negative commentary or trying too hard to please her. This may always be a big turnoff and can make you come off as creepy. You can continue this for as long as 3 weeks until she becomes veritably familiar with you. 

5. Keep the discussion flowing. 

Avoid trying to form a good print by bombarding her with several questions at the same time. Allow the discussion to flow veritably naturally. Try as hard as possible to be yourself. This is often one of the most essential tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook for the first time. 

Show you’re really curious about her and check out to steer the discussion in the direction of interests that are common to the two of you. However,  meaning you formally partake in common, if you’re within the same academy or class as her. To seek out other common interests she shares with you, take a look at her Facebook wall. Start with those common interests and influence them to boost your conversations with her.

6. Speak your mind 

Still, you’ll ask her out freely if you think she’s cool and you had an intriguing discussion with her. Say something like, “Hey, shouldn’t we meet up near Cool eventually?” or “What will you be doing this weekend? I really want us to hang out.” 

7. Be open to rejection

Still, which is a smaller percentage likely, don’t feel dejected if she gives you an outright NO. She might conceivably come up with some defenses for why she is not suitable to hang out with you. Whatever her reason could be, just keep the inflow by saying something like, “No Problem,  another time also. ” 

However, it is also okay to tell her you’ll keep in touch, and ensure you keep in touch once in a while. If you do not feel like asking her out that soon, This may enable you to get to know her more before asking her out. 

8. Give her space.

To ensure you are doing the right thing, don’t keep on texting her successively without space. It is suffocating. Women need space to make their choice. So let there be time-space. Send dispatches to her substantially when she’s online; avoid dropping them in her inbox when she’s offline.  However, don’t get angry or confused; just move on. If she talks in one word or she doesn’t respond at all, it’s because she isn’t into you. 


The plan is to be a friend and not a swain, so stick with the plan. Alternately, ask about any recent good thing that happened to her that she’d like to share, as women are naturally attracted to people who listen to them.

In a genuine way-simple and majestic. Ensure you are not using words like “s*xy” or “hot” because it is completely a turn-off for ladies. To prevent transferring assaults or emotions to her when communicating with her, always be in a good mood. Her reliance on your interactions gives her a warm and secure feeling. You’ll need to have both dramatic and comedic skills. flair. Trust me, she will always make sure she responds to your messages on Facebook Messenger because people like to associate with those who make them smile.