How To Text A Girl On Tinder For The First Time

You only get one chance to create a solid first impression, especially if you just connected with the girl of your fantasies on Tinder. If you want a reaction from the girl you matched with, you must differentiate yourself from the masses of simple “hey” or “hello” messages. 

Fortunately, there are many conversation openers you may use to start a discussion with a female on Tinder, and we’ve compiled a list of the greatest ones right here. You’ll have a greater chance of getting the girl you met on Tinder to respond if you use the advice and examples below.

Women who want meaningful relationships but don’t want to waste time are now using the app, despite the fact that it was once just known as a hookup app. the current stage of online dating is a place where dates are set up for you which is excellent news!

Tinder is a game, much like other dating sites. Start with posting attractive profile images if you want to win the game. There is room for one or two sentences about yourself, which you should fill out with one fascinating fact about you and one flattering one. You don’t need to fill up much space here. Tinder highlights communication, often known as texting as an important factor in bonding.

A female will swipe right on your photo if she likes it. You’ve won once you’ve been right-swiped! Your ability to carry on an interesting text conversation is the only thing preventing you from meeting this potentially amazing girl which is why this guide is for you.

How to secure a date from the girl you like

Even if you only communicate via text on a dating app, your initial impression counts. Therefore, it’s crucial to be prepared when texting someone on Tinder that you are interested in.

What should you write in your Tinder introduction message?

Although sending the initial message can be somewhat scary, avoid using the cliched and meaningless “hello” or “what’s up.” As long as it’s quite clear you’re being amusing and not sleazy, your first message should be a query about something in their profile, a flirtatious comment, or even a drippy pickup line.

How to start a conversation on Tinder

A stunning profile image that makes your potential Tinder match think is the first step in making a good first impression. One of Tinder’s many advantages is that there are lots of features to assist you to locate new people and more options to manage your local connections. 

Therefore, using the aforementioned compliment, pick-up line, or question to start a discussion on Tinder is a fantastic alternative when you do find someone you’re intrigued by and you match with them.

You do not wish to start chatting with someone who does not like you, so make absolutely sure that the interaction portrays who you are and your character!

What should I say in a Tinder chat to a lady?

It can be challenging for many girls to text someone first, notably if they like a serious relationship or are attempting to establish one. Be careful to ask them about their hobbies in a message or even praise her if that’s more your style and what you have in common.

In general, always be genuine when messaging a woman. It’s unlikely that you will ever meet a nasty person anyhow, so don’t waste your time attempting to hold her attention if she responds slowly or the discussion doesn’t progress. 

1. Start the discussion off!

Usually, it’s up to you to start the conversation. A decent first text to a female on Tinder typically poses a query or cracks a joke about her (and not her looks). ask personal questions, as opposed to ones you might simply copy and paste, are the most successful. (When a guy is simply copying and pasting the same material to several gals, we can tell!)

Look through her photos and see which Facebook friends you share to get good personal detail. Find a point that actually interests you or that you have in common. She will know you care if you bring up specific details from her biography. 

2. Read through her biography for a brief introduction to her personality. 

You can tailor your initial message to her by bringing up anything she wrote that stands out to you. She’ll appreciate the fact that you did some research on her before writing to her. For instance, “You produce movies? That’s so fantastic! Which five movies do you consider to be your top five?

3. Put her name in your message.

Please anyone who wants to chat with a woman should be aware of this important trick. This subtly forges an emotional connection that makes her feel more at ease talking to you.

4. Humor and evoking emotions are important

Humor makes one stand out from the crowd. A woman appreciates someone who can make her smile, think, or at the very least, who knows how to strike up a discussion! Look up some sophisticated (clean) jokes to start a stimulating discussion.

4. Before you text her, get to know her. 

Her photographs serve as a visual biography that explains her interests to her audience. You may learn more about her interests, opinions, and hobbies from her Tinder profile. Use the information she freely provided to start a meaningful dialogue.

5. Don’t use uninspiring, pre-written pleasantries

 Attempt to give her a perceptive opening statement. This is to avoid using safe pleasantries like “hey” or “hello” and to avoid blending in with other guys. The girl will only delete the discussion as a result of this. A dating service or app’s entire purpose is to allow users the opportunity to express themselves in ways they might not be able to in person.

Cheesy tinder pick-up lines to text a girl

  • In your initial message, mention her by name.

“Samantha, are you a cardiologist? Since I’m aching over how lovely you are in that video with your cat, I’m going to require one.

  • Pick a quality to laud.

“You must be amazing if your personality is as lovely as your smile.”

  • Take advantage of other males’ efforts to get in touch with her.

Why don’t you characterize yourself in three emojis instead? “I’d tell you you’re beautiful, but someone else has definitely done that before.”

  • Find out what she likes to eat.

Could you love someone who, despite having other options, only wants a simple bagel and plain cream cheese?

  • Mention her career objectives.

What would you do if you could work in your dream career and why?

  •  Include more celebrity conversation starters.

Who would you like to have paint your portrait if you could have any well-known artist (dead or alive)?


Some women prefer it when you take the initiative and express your desires to them right away. Express to her your genuine desire to get to know her and that you would prefer to do so in person. Pick a public location where she will feel at ease so you can meet up. 

The female you’re contacting might not be fascinated by you if she does not really respond or only replies with a single word. Instead, try contacting a different female you’ve matched with. If you have not yet received a response, refrain from sending successive messages since they may come out as overly eager.