How To Text Unknown Girl On WhatsApp For The First Time

What should be the first text to an unknown girl? Texting an unknown girl on WhatsApp can be hard to do a thing for most people out there especially when you don’t know what to say to her in your first WhatApp message with her.

However, everything becomes a lot easier when you know the best tips for chatting with a new girl and you’ve got her WhatsApp number also. If your fear has always been “how to impress a girl on WhatsApp?”, you’re not alone. We have prepared this special guide to help you get started talking with an unknown girl on WhatApp and even spark up a great conversation like you guys already know each other from high school.

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Whether you are planning to text your crush on WhatsApp for the first time or someone you just met online, in school, or on the street, the most amazing thing about this wonderful post on getting into any girl’s WhatsApp DM is that it comes with ample chat conversation examples with a girl on WhatsApp that you can easily copy and paste, add your own word and send to get her interested.

How to send the first text to a girl on WhatsApp

I don’t think that sending a girl the first text involves following a set of unbending rules. Since everyone has their own distinctive communication style, arbitrary rules are a certain method to eliminate personality from our talks. Rather, we’re going to start off with some advice, which you can use to improve your texting skill.

I’ll confess that it might be challenging for boys to figure out how to impress a girl they like on WhatsApp. Every social media platform is a minefield, but it’s especially dangerous when talks take place over text and WhatsApp chats since it can be quite simple to be rejected and have constant anxiety.

Many people frequently worry that they may say or write anything that would provide the wrong impression. Even worse, she might not be aware that you are flirting. We all worry about these things, I assure you.

Additionally, you must choose a subject that holds her attention while sending seductive text messages that cannot be interpreted as sleazy or dirty. She quickly loses interest if there is too much.

Does it seem like a daunting task? Greetings from the club. However, there’s no need to fear since I’m going to share with you today Whatsapp tips to Impress the girl of your dream. She will see that you are the one for her with the help of this guidance.

1. Get her WhatsApp handle

You must at the very least have someone’s phone number in order to chat with them on WhatsApp. They must save your contact just as you have saved theirs in order to access your WhatsApp statuses. It can be awkward to approach a girl and request her WhatsApp number, particularly if you’re hesitant about her. 

But if you’re a gentleman and have the courage to approach her, you can grab her number without any hassle. “Hey, how are you doing? Let’s chat on WhatsApp” which is much better than the straightforward “Give me your WhatsApp number” sound. That is a quick approach to obtaining a girl’s WhatsApp username.

2. Make an introduction to her.

You need to be careful about what you write to a girl on WhatsApp to get her attention, and it starts with your greeting. You make the first impression at this point. A strong WhatsApp introduction will make a girl feel good about you, which may lead to a date or other exciting opportunities. Here is an idea for a first WhatsApp introduction message to a girl: “Hey, it’s Jimmy, What are you working on? This subject may seem uncomplicated, but it is a clear one that might start a fantastic chat with her.

3. Keep it tidy

No female will waste her time if she has already been subjected to inappropriate language. Women enjoy being treated with respect. Keep it flirtatious and enjoyable, to begin with; plan out what you want to say.

This will undoubtedly catch her attention and keep her chatting with you. You will have the chance to advance this WhatsApp conversation as things go on. 

Starting out clean is the only acceptable course of action. No girl wants to hear some weird dude ramble on about offensive topics. You won’t hear from her again as sure as the sun rises. 

4. The value of timing

Start by sending messages using WhatsApp conversation at night. She’ll be pondering you while she falls asleep. The best time to hold a conversation is at night because fewer people are usually less busy during the day and are more likely to have all of their friends there.

However, sending her a good morning note is a wonderful, simple approach to letting her know you are thinking about her.

5. Brief messages are always preferable.

You can add surprise by starting your WhatsApp conversations with brief messages. As opposed to waiting for your drawn-out messages to arrive, this is more likely to keep her interested and reduce the likelihood that she would get bored. Start off with texts that won’t make you appear creepy, a winning formula is brief and delicious.

6. Use her name

Use her name at the start of your conversation, she will understand that you are chatting to her and only her when you begin your communication with Her Name. No female wants to believe that a boy is communicating with all the girls he knows through her. “Hey, Lisa,” is sufficient. 

7. Check for correction

It is crucial that you consistently utilize the correct title and correctly spell her name well. Never make mistakes in her name, such mistakes will make her rapidly lose interest and put an end to the chat. If you commit this error, then you may say goodbye to all chances of continuing your conversation with a new girl on WhatsApp. She must believe that she is the only one of a kind in your life. You really have to make her feel that way.

8. Make Her Laugh

Never undervalue the power of humor. Everyone enjoys laughing when texts are sent via WhatsApp. This is a certain technique to charm her without trying too hard, as girls enjoy a man who can make them grin.

This does not imply that you should tell crude jokes nonstop, but lighthearted teasing might keep a girl interested in your WhatsApp conversations. Additionally, this makes her feel more at ease, which attracts her to you. A reaction will inevitably occur if you jokingly make fun of yourself.

9. Maintain her interest

It goes without saying that having a girl’s WhatsApp number is the first step; the next is to keep her engaged in the conversation. But since you were able to learn about her hobbies in the preceding phase, focus your conversation on those topics. You can discuss her interests, favorite celebrities, games, and academics, as well as other amusing but not weird topics.  Try your best to respect her privacy; asking her personal inquiries will result in a violation of this guideline.

10. Use humor

Try to use humor when messaging a girl on WhatsApp, and feel free to flirt with her in a polite manner. Be natural; your conversations with her should demonstrate your sincere interest in her rather than seeming more like a copy-and-paste job.


The importance of spelling should not be underestimated. Although it may sound like something you would say in class, taking the time to double-check your spelling will set you apart. A female enjoys seeing a boy who put thought and effort into the messages he sends. The key lesson here is that you are a bright person. You are able to carry on a discussion and genuinely care about what she has to say. 

It can take a little longer to proofread your WhatsApp message before sending it because so many individuals now prefer text talk to actual full sentences. However, this is a subtly compelling method to express your interest in the female.