Cute I Want To Kiss You Text Messages And Quotes

How do you ask for a kiss in a text? One of the most challenging things for more people to do is how to say “I want to kiss you” indirectly.

A kiss could be exactly what you need when you are experiencing good sensations but lack words to describe them. A kiss can describe all the emotions you find difficult to express verbally. We also understand how it feels to kiss someone we truly love, or at the very least someone we are strongly drawn to.  Precisely, this is what this list of kiss messages for him or her, and quotes are specially baked for.

However, before you begin to send out flirty texts about kissing, make sure you are ready to have a kiss and you understand clearly what different types of kisses on the body mean. During those moments when you are unsure of how to express your feelings or what you are thinking. Use these emotive passionate phrases to spark romance, and you will receive loving kisses in return. 

100 cute I want to kiss you text messages and quotes 

  1. I sit and my mind drifts back to you. I just want to have your lips on mine.
  2. I love the taste of your luscious lips and I can’t wait to kiss you again.
  3. I appear in paradise every time your lips touch mine. What I would do to feel it again?
  4. You make everything seem just right, just like your lips stay right in my mouth. 
  5. I would throw aside the vodka just to drink on your lips instead.
  6. I want to kiss you and I want to stay like that forever
  7. if I send you 10 million kisses would you send them back to me?
  8. is it just your lips you have baby, or do I get drunk whenever we kiss?
  9. I love you but will you be sad if I say I love your lips more? 
  10. When we kiss the world spins, but I am not frightened as long as I’m in your arms.
  11. Kissing you is just pure bliss.
  12. Get here soon, I want to kiss your pretty lips.
  13. Come here let’s dance to the tune of our tongues.
  14. I am in love with you, it may be the way you kiss me.
  15. When our lips met, the world paused. It seemed like it was more than just a kiss and I want to do it again.
  16. Leave your neck at my disposal. I want to kiss your lips down to your neck anytime I look at you.
  17. Kissing you is my favorite thing to do, I don’t mind it being a routine. I want to kiss you all the time and every day.
  18. My lips on yours, your lips on mine. Makes a perfect day for me.
  19. I want your lips to be the first thing I do with my lips every morning, I think it’s going to be a habit.
  20. Do you speak American kiss? because that’s the language I understand.
  21. I crave your sweet kisses every day. I can’t wait to have your lips on mine.
  22. Do you think if we kiss now, we will be able to stop? Because I want to kiss you so bad.
  23. I want to kiss you today tomorrow and forever
  24. Come here let me show you how much I love you with my kisses.
  25. You are the most beautiful woman on earth and I am lucky to be your man. The only one who gets to kiss you every day.
  26. I want to hold you close and kiss you. I want to show you how much you mean to me.
  27. I want to kiss you to show you how much I love you and if it’s not enough then we’ll go again.
  28. Each time I remember your kiss, my heart flutters. And I want to kiss you again.
  29. I know what heaven is like. Because I go there whenever you kiss me.
  30. Are you busy, because I want to kiss you all day? 
  31. I miss your lips. Take care of yourself
  32. Kissing you is an addiction I don’t want to drop. I want to kiss you again.
  33. I know we have kissed probably 100 times today, but I can’t help it. You cross my mind and I just want to kiss you.
  34. The time that I don’t know how to express my love for you, are the time I begin to kiss you nonstop and I want to kiss you right now.
  35. I want to be the person you kiss when you wake up and the person you kiss before you go to bed.
  36. I want to kiss you there right now.
  37. I want to kiss your lips and say good night so that even in your dreams I will be the one there.
  38. Can we see already, you have been on my mind all day and I can’t stop thinking of kissing you.
  39. Let’s kiss until the world stops existing and that’s a Long time, yes. Because I want a long time with you.
  40. I want to kiss your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, your neck, your chest, your stomach, your lips, and your other lips.
  41. Pecking you is just like a sip of wine, but I want to get drunk kissing you. 
  42. I want to kiss you and whisper sweet things in your ears.
  43. I want to kiss you as I’ve never kissed you before. 
  44. I am dreaming of the time I’ll finally be with you and kiss you with my whole strength.
  45. I want to kiss you in the room, in the shower, the kitchen, the restaurants, the beach, in the sky, and everywhere.
  46. If I kiss you now I am not going to stop.
  47. I crave you and I crave your lips on mine.
  48.  I want to kiss you and never let you go.
  49. I want to kiss you and I want to hear you moan in my mouth
  50. A kiss tastes like magic I know that’s when I kiss you.
  51. Roses are red, the sky is blue or whatever they said, but I want to kiss you.
  52. Are you going to keep talking or should I kiss you?
  53. I am sorry I’m addicted to you, must be the first time we kissed. 
  54. The best feeling in the world is what I get when I kiss you.
  55. I want your lips on mine, I want to kiss you all night and all day long.
  56. So now that we have learned kissing burns calories. What do you think, do you want to work out?
  57. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, baby. Until your taste is all I can have.
  58. I have nothing to say, I just wanna kiss your lips.
  59. Come heal me with your kiss. The doctor said it is my only hope.
  60. I want to kiss you and go to bed with your thoughts.
  61. Hey love, having a busy day? yeah, I am thinking about you and I want to kiss you.
  62. I want to hold your face and give you a passionate kiss.
  63. Hey beautiful. You are in my mind always and I can’t wait to see you and kiss you.
  64. I want to taste that beautiful and sweet song on your lips and dance to whatever music it plays.
  65. I want to hold you in my arms, kiss you and make sweet love to you. I miss you baby
  66. How is the day going, love? I’m sending you kisses but I wish I could deliver them myself.
  67. I want to kiss you and make beautiful memories while at that.
  68. You are all I want to come over here let me kiss you
  69. I miss you and I miss your morning kisses
  70. I want to kiss you and cuddle you. And be like that till morning.
  71. I want to lay in bed with you covered with the sheets and only the sounds of our kisses and moans will be heard.
  72. I wish to kiss you every day but you seem so far away from me
  73. To my perfect human, you are amazing and I don’t want you to forget that I want to kiss you.
  74. I want to always be with you so that I can kiss you each time you smile. 
  75. I can’t stop thinking about you, our kisses, the taste of your lips on mine, your touch, and how good you make me feel. I want to kiss you again
  76. I am so excited about tomorrow to hold you in my arms, and kiss you endlessly
  77. is it a crime that I keep wanting to have your lips pressed to mine?
  78. I want to be the one you love, the one you kiss, the one you kiss a good night, and the one you kiss when you wake up.
  79. Your kiss is captivating and I want to remain your captive.
  80. You drive me crazy whenever you put your lips on mine. I want nothing else to drive me wild. I want to kiss you like it’s my life support.
  81. Your kisses are like drugs and I want to be addicted to them.
  82. I want to feel your warmth when you wrap your arms around me. I want to stand on my tippy toes and kiss your lips.
  83. I want to spend the rest of the night on your bed kissing you as I’ve never before.
  84. Every part of me wants you but I am certain I’ll be needing your lips first
  85. When we kiss the stars sparkle more, let’s kiss again I want to see the magic. 
  86. I want to kiss you on a cold night, a warm night, and all night. As long as you are going to kiss me back
  87. As though your kiss wouldn’t make my life any better, I want to kiss you forever. 
  88. I am on a mission. I need to explore your mouth with my tongue and report back to my brain. Would you let me get to work?
  89. You are the one for me and the only one I choose. The one I love and the one I want to kiss.
  90. Can I get those free kisses for the price of loving you?
  91. The best gift I have ever received was your kiss. I want the same gift every day. 
  92. I have a surprise for you, but first, we start with a kiss. 
  93. Can I make an order through you please? I want three servings of your kisses. 
  94. I want to kiss you while the clock tics. Your kiss jas a way to make me feel better and take my worries away. 
  95. Is it true that kissing makes lovers fall deeper in love? I’m not sure about that. So come here let’s do some practicals.
  96. I forget the whole world exists whenever we kiss
  97. I want tons of your kisses can we start somewhere? 
  98. I am running out of your kisses, mind satisfying my cravings again?
  99. You make me feel special when you kiss me. 
  100. A million kisses a day increases one’s lifespan. Do you want to be immortal with me? 

Over to you.

I am glad to have shown you the most creative ways to tell someone you want to kiss them without coming off as creepy. The options are many for you to be able to say I want to kiss you without saying it. Copy the best line for you and start enjoying a passionate hug and kiss from your partner.