Nose Piercings: Everything You Need To Know Before Piercing Your Nose

What is the correct side to pierce your nose, and how painful is a nose piercing? According to the experts we’ve provided in this post, you will get the best answers to these questions and many other questions you may have about piercing the nose.

There is this joy and excitement that comes with the decision to get your nose pierced, especially with the fact that it adds to your beauty. However, it’s quite a big decision to make because you don’t know what exactly the outcome will be and what type of nose piercings jewelry to use.

So many questions may be running through your mind, like, is getting one’s nose pierced painful? Is it expensive? This is why you should get all the information you need before you start the process of piercing your nose.

It will help you know what to expect from the procedures, The cost, the best part of your nose to choose for the piercing, the activities to avoid after getting your nose pierced, etc. If this is what you seek, keep reading!

Different areas of the nose to pierce

Before getting your nose pierced, you must decide what area of your nose would be best for the piercing. You have to make sure you know the different options available and the one that will fit you better. Here are different types of piercing to choose from;

Nasallang Piercing: This type of nose piercing is known as tri-nasal piercing, which penetrates the septum and the nostril. Although only one straight barbell that goes straight through is used for the piercing, it will appear as though you had two nostril piercings, one on each side of your nose.

Vertical Tip Piercing: This nose piercing is also known as Rhino piercing which uses a twisted barbell. One end of the barbell will be noticeable on the top of the nose, while the other will be seen underneath the tip.

Bridge Piercing: When opting for a bridge nose piercing, note that it is the piercing that a straight barrel is posited on the bridge of your nose and eyes. It is extremely vulnerable to rejection because it is merely a surface piercing. Unfortunately, deeper insertions cannot be made into the nose’s bridge.

Septril Piercing: When going for a Septril piercing, note it is the piercing that in the bottom tip of your nose, a nose bone or curved barbell is positioned halfway up vertically. This one takes a lot of time and is difficult.

Does nose piercing hurt?

Your pain tolerance and emotional level affect how painful your nose piercing will be. Most nose piercings are not known to be particularly painful.  Although, the piercing itself only takes a couple of minutes.

Afterward, your nose may likely bleed, but the discomfort should be able to go away immediately. It can be very uncomfortable, so take care not to snag your piercing on anything—clothes, towels, etc.

What to expect during a nose piercing appointment

One of the best aspects of getting your nose pierced is how quickly it is done. The session lasts 30 minutes, of which 15 are typically spent selecting jewelry, choosing consent paperwork, and answering questions.

The remaining time is dedicated to the actual p, cleaning, setting up jewelry, etc.

However, the area may feel slightly heated once the piercing is finished. This is typical and may persist for some time; the initial tension and sting normally subside shortly.

Activities to avoid temporary after-nose piercing

Immediately after getting your nose pierced, below are the activities you should stay off temporarily until your nose is fully healed.

Avoid all contact sports: After getting your nose pierced, you should refrain from participating in any sports activities resulting in someone or something snagging on your piercing. It would help if you stayed away from contact sports for not less than a month or a little longer, even though you will always need to be careful not to tug on your piercing or harm your nose.

Hitting or Clawing your nose: Although stopping you from scratching or thumping your nose may be practically difficult, so we advise you to be extra cautious in the weeks after your piercing. You can unintentionally pull out the piercing if you become sidetracked for a second.

Avoid Makeup: You should refrain from wearing heavy makeup for at least one to two months following your nose piercing to lower the risk of infection. Ensure your makeup is far away from the area the piercing was done if you can’t do without it.

Swimming: Showering after getting your nose pierced is fine, but you should wait at least two weeks before swimming in lakes, pools, or the ocean to prevent infections. Because when the infection gets into your piercing, the end is usually bad.

Can a pierced nose close back up?

Yes. Your nose piercing can close up quickly if you do not give it enough time to heal before taking out the jewel. It may close back even though the outside of your nostril is still open.

If it didn’t heal before you removed the jewel, the wound would close up quickly because your interior skin is more sensitive than the outer.

Don’t try to fix the jewel yourself, though, if you want to get it back. Employ the services of a well-trained nose piercer to prevent pain and infections.

How much will a professional nose piercing cost me?

The price of getting your nose pierced depends on the jewelry and the setting. Most of the time, the jewelry will be included in your overall appointment charge. Nonetheless, jewelry is usually more expensive than the piercing itself.

You can choose from 14kt alternatives starting at $170 upwards or titanium options starting at $65 for jewelry and services.

In light of this, it’s crucial to consider the jewelry studio you will be using and their collection before you schedule an appointment: You’ll probably be using the jewelry for quite some time until it heals, so be sure you like the options and studio.

Pros of nose piercing

Getting a nose piercing looks awesome

  • Not quite painful
  • It’s not taboo in most places because so many ladies and guys have recently pierced their noses.
  • So many admirers
  • You can switch to any jewelry; the choice is all yours. Make
  • You tend to get so many reactions from your social media followers

Cons piercing the nose

  • You can easily forget that its there and hit your hand on it
  • It takes extreme carefulness to wipe clean your face
  • Getting a standard nose piercing takes a longer time to heal
  • It can get hold of your clothing while changing, and It’s quite painful

Final Thought

Lastly, please, do not get a nose piercing without getting all the necessary information. All we’ve discussed above can help you make the right decisions. To achieve the best results, hire a professional nose piercer/educator.