Tongue Piercing: Cost, Pain, And Healing Process

tongue piercing

We began to receive a lot of questions such as; how painful is a tongue piercing, do tongue piercing make oral better, what are the benefits of tongue piercing, and many other questions around piercing the tongue after we made a post about helix piercing, which is a type of piercing for the ear. Honestly, …

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20 Coolest Girl Ear Piercing You Would Like

upper lobe piercing

The last two decades have seen significant advancements in ear piercings, and there are a great number of them that are in style currently. You can show who you are through your earrings in any way you want, from the simple single piercing that many women used to get on each ear to the complicated …

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What Is Helix Piercing? The Special Guide

helix piercing

Recently, the rate at which people opt for helix piercing has greatly increased. In fact, it’s gradually becoming a trend among youths. Helix piercing (a type of piercing that is done on the ear cartilage) is way more painful, more prone to infection, and takes a longer time to heal, than traditional piercing (the piercing …

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