200+ Powerful Good Morning Prayers For My Wife

How do you pray for the woman you love in the morning?

It is harder than it seems to stay motivated by oneself. Rather than from within, external factors often play a larger role in a person’s confidence. Sending the housekeeper some good morning prayers for my wife is crucial because of this. In addition to spurring her to take the necessary action, it will also increase her faith in God’s assistance and the enormous love you have for her.

Our existence is not complete without prayer because it builds our faith in God and gives us hope for a better life with Him. Without a doubt, our families and friends should be fully aware of the fact that we depend on God to survive. They are reminded of God’s goodness and presence in their lives by receiving prayer messages. Good morning prayers for my wife are incredibly uplifting and will re-energize your lover for the day.

She will smile as she gets ready for the day because she will wake up every day to your good morning prayers. She will feel more upbeat about the day’s events even while at work if she receives a simple “good morning prayer” text. For a heart that believes, testimonies are plentiful! So, greet your wife with a message of grace to strengthen her faith.

Giving yourself a pep talk won’t always work; instead, a healthy dose of prayers can greatly boost your faith. You want to express to your wife how much you love and admire her devotion to God. Afterward, choose a prayer for my wife that you like and customize it to your taste.

Good Morning Prayer Text Messages for My Lovely Wife

prayer for wife

This collection of uplifting prayers for my wife’s success each morning shows her how much you appreciate and pray for her.

To motivate your wife every day, find and send one of these Good Morning Prayer text messages for my Lovely Wife in addition to simply telling her “I love you“. Why not use one of these texts to wish someone a blessed morning and make her smile all day?

  1. My darling, may you have a fruitful and prosperous day as you open those lovely eyes of yours and take in the rays of the early morning sun. Have a fantastic day, my beautiful wife.
  2. The devil has no chance against you, honey; he has failed once more. You were awakened this morning in order to help the good lord accomplish his mission here on earth. Thus, good luck to you, darling.
  3. My heart’s treasure, as you start the day, may you achieve unimaginable success in everything you undertake.
  4. My wife, may you find favor with God and men today. Loving you is the best decision I’ve ever made. men today.
  5. Loving you is the best choice I’ve ever made, may you find favor with God and men today.
  6.  Good morning, queen of my heart; may all the pieces come together for you to have a successful day.
  7. The Lord will defeat all your enemies and make you stand out among your contemporaries, just as the sun shines brightly, driving out the darkness of the night. My beautiful wife, good luck to you.
  8. When God said it was bad for a man to be alone, He knew what He was talking about because I don’t know how I would have survived before you entered my life. I love you so much and I wish you a fruitful day.
  9. I’m envious that the world today gets to see your beauty while I’m far away because the stars and the moon are nothing compared to your ethereal beauty. I will however find comfort in the fact that I will always have you. My beautiful, captivating wife, have a wonderful day.
  10. The sun is as brilliant and fair as your lovely eyes. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have you in my life, and I hope that the circumstances will quickly bring you God’s blessings.
  11.  I can never take for granted how fortunate I am to have you in my life. Therefore, I pray that God’s blessings on your life will be numerous and lasting for you, my lovely wife. Enjoy your day to the fullest, my love.
  12.  The dawn of a new day brings with it new possibilities. May you experience newness and freshness throughout the day and forever as you open your eyes to begin the day. My sweet wife, go out and enjoy yourself.
  13. May God grant you joy and peace as you go about your day, my darling. Everything you do will be successful, and every place your feet step will result in increased growth. Enjoy your morning, my dear wife.
  14.  I’d like to wish my wife a good morning and wish her nothing but God’s blessings today and always. Being the beloved of God, you will be disgraced by anything or anyone that tries to rise against you. Go ahead and shine, wifey.
  15. The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were no ordinary woman; I can see it in the way you walk, talk, and act.
  16.  smile, I think you’re great at everything you do. I hope that your day will serve as a testament to the greatness you possess because I am incredibly proud to be your husband. Go and conquer the world, my queen.
  17. My treasure, I have asked God to lead and guard you, so please don’t let anything trouble you today. He will impart knowledge to you and direct your actions in all your endeavors. So start your day off strong, honey, and marvel at God’s marvelous handiwork.
  18.  Each minute spent apart from you feels like an eternity. The day when I can hold you in my arms again, where you belong, is something I can’t wait for. I hope you have a wonderful day in the interim.
  19. I don’t have any silver or gold. The value of you in my life, however, surpasses that of all the pricey gems and stones combined. Your smile should shine brightly throughout the day and the angels should protect you from all harm. Greetings, my precious.
  20.  My love, may God overcome every visible and invisible conflict that tries to prevent you from achieving your objectives today. I have complete faith that God will take good care of you; I adore and treasure you, wife of my youth.
  21. The absence of you makes a day as meaningless as a candle without a flame and a heart without life. I’m so excited to see you soon. I pray that you will be protected as you begin your day.
  22. Count your blessings, list each one individually, and as you rise today, may your heart be full of reasons to give thanks to God. Have a blessed day, sweet wife.
  23. May all good things find you as you go out today, my lovely wife, as God’s word promises to bring back all the years of loss you have experienced. Amen!
  24. My love, I have faith that you will succeed despite all of the doubters and cynics out there.
  25. No weapon raised against you will prosper, and every tongue that rises against you will be silenced Your journeys today will be sustained by the Lord. Amen!
  26. You are incredibly tenacious, diligent, and determined. God has my utmost gratitude for sending an angel like you into my life. I pray that God will lift you as you begin your day and may you enjoy the rewards of your hard work.
  27.  You’ll always be compensated for your efforts. Because you have dedicated your life to loving me unconditionally, I pray to the heavens that they bless you and keep you safe throughout the day.
  28. Sugar, may the lines fall in pleasant places for you today as you step out into the world, for you deserve all the sweetness life has to offer.
  29. I speak a word of victory into your day, my wife, go and prosper. I speak a word of victory into every scheme the devil has used to harm you today is effectively destroyed.
  30.  Glory to God! We are now able to face a new day with the knowledge that the enemy has been vanquished in our lives. Because the Lord has already declared you a victor, the devil does not influence the course of events that will take place today.
  31.  I want you to begin your day with a strong sense of self-assurance and faith in God’s plan for your life. I’m sending you my best wishes because you are the apple of my eye.
  32.  I pray that as you complete the tasks of today, God will give you his wisdom, understanding, and excellent spirit.
  33. Remember that I adore you so much and try not to worry about the difficulties we are facing. Instead, put your faith in God’s enduring provision and assistance. Have a wonderful day ahead.
  34.  It’s said that a man’s heart is found where his treasures are, and my treasures are your smiles. I, therefore, ask God every day to grant you joy so that I may witness your beautiful laughter.
  35. A “Me” without a “You” is comparable to a day without the sun and a night without the moon, according to the proverb. Therefore, before you start your daily activities, I will pray to my heavenly father to protect you from harm. Good morning my love.
  36.  Since the day you entered my life, I have had a reason to live. I sincerely value our relationship and I ask God to make it even stronger. Greetings, my beloved wife.
  37.  You are, in fact, the flesh of my flesh, the flavor of my life, and the bone of my bone. I can’t live without you. May we spend every day discovering new ways to genuinely and unwaveringly love one another. Your day is a blessing; go out and succeed.
  38.  My good morning prayers and wishes for my wife are as follows: Your good fortune has started as today has. As you leave, may God grant you all of the heavenly blessings, I pray.
  39. May you speak with wisdom and grace, and may everyone who comes into contact with you be glad that they did. Greetings, my wife.
  40. Today’s difficulties will be overcome with your help as we overcame those from yesterday. I anticipate a more fruitful and enjoyable day for all of us. My heartbeat, have a great day.
  41. Good morning, my wife, and may all of your wishes come true. Also, may those who would harm or ridicule you be ashamed. May all of your dreams come true, and may the day be filled with countless testimonies. In Jesus’ name, Amen!
  42. New hope for a better tomorrow comes with each new day. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe as we cooperate to improve our family’s quality of life. My lovely wife, I adore you.

Romantic Good Morning Prayers For Her

prayer for wife
  1. Romantic good morning prayers for my love contain several pretty heartfelt prayer text messages that will show your wife how much you care for her. Enjoy and customize any of these happy morning prayers for my wife to get her pumped for the day.
  2. Sending your wife these good morning prayer wishes will show her that you have faith in her and pray for her constantly. Everyone occasionally needs a word of affirmation.
  3.  Because loving you is the sole purpose of my life, I will continue to ask the Father for guidance so that I can love you in the manner you deserve. Enjoy your morning, my love.
  4.  Have a blessed day honey, may all your prayers be granted as you go out today, and may your loving heart make someone smile.
  5. All I wish for you, my lovely wife, as you go about your day is love, light, and everything good.
  6.  In Jesus’ name, Amen, I rebuke every spirit of lack that tries to ruin your day and declare that you walk in God’s abundant provision.
  7. As you get ready to face the challenges of the day, let the weight of God’s presence fall on you. Good morning, my sweet wife.
  8. Because you are the apple of His eye, the Lord will give His angels charge over you. I hope you have a wonderful and blissful morning, my love.
  9. Never question the power of your words because they are the breath of life. May God’s wisdom direct your thoughts as you go about your day so that you always use the appropriate words.
  10. May you be successful in everything you do today, dearie, just as long as the devil couldn’t stop your breath, he couldn’t stop your blessing.
  11. You must avoid enemy traps, and nothing—under any circumstances—may harm you. The Almighty’s shady wing protects you. He is the only person I can rely on to protect a treasure like you. Have a glorious day honey.
  12. Success will be to you as honeybees are to flowers. Because the Lord is on your side, you won’t have to work hard to accomplish your goals today. My lovely wife, face your day head-on with God.
  13. I’m the luckiest man alive because I have you in my life. I hope you have a meaningful and prosperous day, my love.
  14. You are a symbol of God’s unending love for me; nothing in my life can compare to you. May the Almighty, therefore, appear for you as you begin your day. Good morning my love.
  15.  I pray that you, my dear heart, will be able to withstand all the devil’s tricks and avoid falling into any traps of evil. Good morning darling.
  16. Good morning, my beloved; go forth today in the assurance of the truth of God’s word and my love for you.
  17. I’m sending you good morning prayers for my wife, the mother of my children, and asking them to know that the land you are standing on is one that my love has given you the right to conquer, so go out and do it. You have my undying love.
  18. I now cast out in the name of Jesus every cloud of failure that has been hanging over you and is keeping you from believing in yourself. I hereby declare that you will have a blessed day and that you will be happy all day. Good morning my lovely wife.
  19.  Every day I wake up, My heart is always full of gratitude that you are my wife, my life. As you start your day, it’s a good idea to allow the joy of our love to grow even more in your heart. Good morning sweetie.
  20. Good morning, sweetheart; may this day bring you the fulfillment of all your wishes.
  21. You are destined for victory, my darling wife, so take charge of this fresh day and triumph.
  22. My love, today will bring about a wonderful sight. You’ve never seen anything like it before. As you go about your day’s activities, an abundance of God’s provision will come your way.

Good Morning Prayer Messages for My Wife

  1. A collection of good morning prayers for my wife is included in these good morning prayer messages, which will help your love begin each day with a smile on her face and assurance in her heart. Simply browse this list and choose one of these “good morning prayer” wishes for your special someone to personalize.
  2. Whenever the sun rises, which is often, I used to wonder where the stars go. Now that I’ve verified it, I can say without a doubt that God did send them to travel with you. I love you my beauty, have a nice day.
  3.  I look forward to waking up every morning to see your lovely eyes and radiant smiles. I love you so much, my queen, good morning.
  4. Good morning to the love of my life, the mother of my children, the goddess of my home, and the queen of my heart.
  5. I wish you a wonderful day, honey, and I know you will achieve every goal you set for yourself today.
  6. I’m so proud to call you my wife, there is no greater honor. 65. My love, God has set you apart to be a success. Have a wonderful day, lovely.
  7. My sweetheart, I pray that all of your plans come to fruition and that all of your requests are granted as you embark on your day.
  8. I ask God to grant us a long life so we can experience wealth and good health together and learn more about the great love he has given us. My dear, you are loved.
  9. May you avoid embarrassment at all costs and never experience shame. Your actions today will be gracious and wise in every way. I also pray that the Lord’s favor will cover your roundabout. I love you, my angel.
  10. Get up and shine, my lovely wife, for this is the day that the Lord has made. This day has been specifically designed by God to remind you of your worth and make you happy. Good morning baby.
  11.  Sweetie, did you know that before you, my life was gloomy and depressing? Nothing is animated, it’s all just dull. However, you arrived full of mirth, happiness, and contentment. Ma Cherie, you make me whole. I adore you unconditionally and wish you nothing but the best for the future.
  12.  You can overcome shame in your life if you have God on your side. God will provide you with a means of escape from every temptation.   darling, enjoy your day.
  13. Never question the power of prayer because it has always been our salvation ever since we joined forces. Therefore, I ask God to grant you a fruitful day in the name of Jesus, Amen.
  14. Greetings, my dearest I just wanted to say that you are my world and that I love you. I hope you have a successful day today. God will provide a way for you to escape from every temptation, I promise. I love you my honey I eagerly anticipate your call or evening visit, informing me of all the wonderful accomplishments you made.
  15.  My love, you are an absolute delight to me. You make me giggle until my stomach hurts and help me find the humor in everything. Don’t let anyone ruin your joy today when you go out. I pray that God gives you more occasions to laugh out loud, as only you can. Keep in mind that I adore you.
  16. Where others have trouble. You will feel at ease. You will be lifted where others are brought low. You will enjoy favor with your peers. I love you sugar, good morning.
  17. Praise the Lord for giving me a wife like you; may His name be praised. Because of you, I can’t help but strut proudly, and other men enviously. Have a great time today, my love.
  18. We will always be filled with sweetness, and our love will only get better and better like a fine, aged wine. We will be honored to be called parents by our children. I have faith in both you and me, sweetheart. Have a nice day.
  19. Good morning honey, how was your sleep? I miss waking up by your side; it’s a real pain. So have fun today for both of us, okay?
  20. You have such a beautiful heart, my love, and anyone who meets you will be glad they did because you are always thinking of ways to make a difference in people’s lives. Happy stress-free day, little one.
  21. Ignore everyone who expresses doubt or skepticism. Invade your world by going out there. I’ll be rooting for you because I’m your biggest supporter. Enjoy your lovely day.

Good Morning Prayer For Her

  1. You should read through this list of good morning wishes for my wife if you’re getting tired of my morning prayers for her but want something a little more enthralling. These will undoubtedly make your partner yearn for your presence. Even if she is only a platonic friend, you can tailor these good morning prayers for her. Enjoy!
  2. God is in control, regardless of the fury around him. And everything is good because he is king, my dear. In Jesus’ name, I pray that the new day will bring new triumphs.
  3.  Since the power of the tongue has the ability to both save and destroy, may you always speak the truth as you go about your day.
  4. Sweetheart, I miss you so much, but I am comforted in the knowledge that God will always be there for you. Have a blessed day honey.
  5. Because the Lord has assigned His angels to watch over you, you shouldn’t be concerned about the destruction that moves at night or the arrows that fly during the day. They will keep you from damaging yourself by preventing you from stomping your foot against any stone. Hello, sweetheart.
  6.  As you leave the house today, my love, may the universe bend to your will and may the good spirit within you control every circumstance for your benefit. You are my favorite.
  7.  Hey there, sweetie, sending hugs and kisses your way and praying to heaven that nothing will steal your joy as you begin your day.
  8. Let all things that breathe give thanks to the Lord. Let your praises come from within you as you start your day and continue throughout it. Don’t let anything steal your praise because praise counters the power of the enemy.
  9. Rest in the knowledge of God’s love for you and experience his enduring presence in your life right now. Before you, everything that is difficult will yield. Enjoy your wonderful day, baby.
  10. I believe you will succeed in everything you set out to do today, so prosper, my darling.
  11. When your adversaries come at you in a flood, the spirit of God will raise a standard against them. Don’t be afraid today; take charge because God is with you. I love you.
  12. The Lord, who raises your head, has gone before you to straighten every crooked path. As a result, go into the day sure that you can get past the difficulties it presents. Good morning sweetheart.
  13. Starting today, you will begin to reap the rewards of your investments and to take pleasure in the products of your labor. It’s your day of remembrance, so remain calm. My beautiful wife, have a wonderful day.
  14.  If I ever have the chance to return to this world, we must be together. We are soul mates, and that is the real meaning of lock and key. We simply mesh. God bless you, my darling, and may He continue to do so. Have a wonderful day.
  15.  I ask God every day to show me how to love you without conditions, as Christ did for us, but you make it seem so natural that I never really So, my sweetheart, have a wonderful day knowing that I love you. struggle with it. want to take you for granted.
  16. Enjoy your day, my angel, and may God’s mercies, which are new every morning, be with you always.
  17. Every time I think of you, my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I’m praying that God will help you persevere today and keep you learning and growing until you achieve all of your objectives. Love you, my baby.
  18. Even though I may not possess all of the silver and gold in existence, what I do possess is all yours. I ask God to keep you from stumbling into any undiscovered traps. Good morning, gorgeous.
  19. Good day, Mrs. Smith! The Lord has sent me to deliver this message to you. According to him, you will always have his company. That you shouldn’t be afraid; have no fear. So go into your day knowing that God’s got your back. I love you.
  20. Life without you was like I was merely existing, but now, I am truly living! You brought bright colors, laughter, and joy into my life, and every day I carry these perpetually silly smiles on my face. I love you so much sugar, have a great day.
  21. Love is capable of moving mountains. I hope the love we have for each other gives you the courage to keep trying until you succeed. Have a lovely day, my love.
  22. Good morning to the person I will spend the rest of my life with. May God lead you and direct your steps today. 
  23. I hope you are blessed and in favor today.
  24. Greetings, my sunshine; may the Lord keep you; your smile makes the sun shine brighter today.
  25. You are fortunate, my sweet wife.
  26. I pray that God will bless your lovely heart, keep you safe, lead you, and make your day stress-free.
  27. I’m happy because of you; may God keep you healthy and with me always.
  28. May God lead you in all that you do, good morning, baby.
  29. As you start a brand-new day, I pray that the Lord grants you peace and joy.
  30. Good morning, my little one, and I hope you have a wonderful day.
  31. You have my undying love, and I pray that the Lord gives you courage as you begin your day.
  32. Godspeed and peace to you this morning, my lovely wife.
  33. Good morning, my dear wife, and may the good Lord continue to keep you safe and blessed.
  34. Good morning my darling, may you continue to shine in the splendor of the Lord.
  35. Good morning, baby, and may the Lord keep you safe from your adversaries and be with you.
  36. Good morning angel, I pray that everything you do today is successful.
  37. Hello my heart, good morning, may the Lord bless you.
  38. Good morning, my dear wife. I pray that God continues to bless you because you are a blessing to me.
  39. Good morning love, may God grant you health, and may He bless your lovely heart.
  40. Good morning, my love. May you always be blessed with positive things.
  41. May your day be filled with good news, my lovely wife, and a good start to the day. 
  42. Good morning, sweetheart. May the Lord continue to bless you today and every day.
  43. Have a wonderful day my wife, and may the Lord bless you with peace and joy today.
  44. Good morning, my love. I pray that as you begin your day, the Lord will uplift you, make you victorious, and strengthen you. 
  45. Have a blissful morning, my love, and may all your endeavors bring you success and shine.
  46. Good morning, my sweet wife, and may God continue to bless, lead, and uphold you. I thank God endlessly for bringing our paths together. May he continue to bless, guide, and support you.
  47. I ask the Lord to lead and uphold you, grant you knowledge and wisdom to carry out your responsibilities and bless you easily.
  48. Hello sweetheart, I hope you have a wonderful day and that God keeps you healthy.
  49. May Jesus keep you secure and defend you against all threats this morning, love.
  50. Good morning, my love. I pray that nothing bad or dangerous will happen to you.
  51. Good morning, sweet wife, and may the Almighty God grant you a blessed day. 
  52. Good morning, my love, and best wishes for success in all your endeavors. 
  53. Good morning, my angel. May the Lord’s steadfast love, peace, and blessings be with you always.
  54. I thank God for giving you to me when I woke up this morning, and I pray that the Lord continues to bless you.
  55. May the Lord bless you with joy and a lot of love as he showers you with his blessings, my angel, as the choir of angels sings praise to him.
  56. Have a wonderful day, my treasure, and may God the Almighty bless your heart and soul because you are a joy giver.
  57. Good morning, sweetheart. I praise God for giving me you as my wife and for our lovely children. I ask that he keep blessing you and generously rewarding you. 
  58. Greetings, baby. I pray that the Almighty God will keep showing you his boundless favor and mercies.
  59. Good morning my lovely wife, may the sunrise bring forth positivity in your life.
  60. You shall be the head and not the tail, your soul is blessed; you shall shine brightly in all that you do.
  61. I hope you have a peaceful morning, my sweet, beloved wife.
  62. Good morning, baby, and may the sun of goodwill shine upon you today.
  63. I hope the chaos and sadness are far away from you this mornings, sweetheart.
  64. You will live a life full of happiness and joy evermore. Good morning my love.
  65. Good morning my queen, may the Lord protect you from deadly diseases and anoint you with good health.
  66. Good morning my lovely angel, today I Good morning my love, you will always live a life full of happiness and joy. Please say a prayer for protection from any harm that is intended for you.
  67. I pray that the Lord will send his angels to lead you and shield you from all evildoing this morning.
  68. Good morning, my little one, and may God keep you safe and remove all the evil that has been sent your way.
  69. Good morning love, you will always be surrounded by goodness and mercy.
  70. I pray that the Lord, who gave you this job, will strengthen and encourage you, my wife, and that you will have a good day.
  71. Beautiful morning, my Queen, and you will reach greater heights.
  72. Good morning my beautiful wife, may your day be full of wonderful news and amazing offers, and may our home remain peaceful and loving.
  73. Good morning, sweetheart. May the Lord’s best blessings find you this morning and abound in your joy.
  74. Hello, my joy; I sincerely love you; I pray that the Lord would keep showering you with his love; that he would bless your heart; that he would make your day and your life better.
  75. Greetings, my love, and may each step you take lead you to success.
  76. Good morning my love, may the Lord be her fortress and her stronghold in times of need.
  77. Good morning, my little one, and may the Lord keep my lovely wife safe from all snares.
  78. Greetings, my lovely wife; may the Lord be with you in times of need. 
  79. Lord, I ask for your blessing and long life for my wife this morning. 
  80. Good morning, sweetheart. I pray that the Lord keeps you safe today and that no catastrophe will come within striking distance of you.
  81. I wish you a safe journey to your destination as the angel envelops you in its wings.
  82. Good morning, my Queen, and remember that even though you face the darkest of times, the Lord is with you.
  83. In the name of Jesus, I ask the Lord to grant peace to my lovely wife this morning. 
  84. Lord, I ask that you surround my wife with your favor in all her endeavors because you said that those who love you will be surrounded by your favor.
  85. . Almighty God, you said that while it may rain tears all night long, joy comes in the morning. Please wipe the tears from my wife’s eyes and give her a lifetime of happiness and laughter. Amen. Good morning, sweetheart.
  86. Good morning baby, may the Lord bless our union, and be our supporter since we abide in you. As Jesus lives, so shall my lovely wife live.
  87. May God bless your company and enlarge it remarkably this morning, my sweetheart.
  88. May my wife find success in everything she does, I pray to the Lord for her. 
  89. Greetings, sweetheart. May the love of Christ Jesus uplift and bless you today.
  90. Greetings, baby, and good morning. May the Lord keep you as you go.
  91. Lord, I ask that you thwart any schemes made to harm my wife and to help her overcome any challenges she may encounter through your grace. 
  92. Good morning, my love; may the Lord keep you safe today and always. 
  93. As my wife rises this morning, Lord, may she receive your healing touch. After all, you said that we are healed by your stripes.
  94. Good morning, my love, and may the Lord send his angels to help you.
  95. Good morning, baby, and God bless you. Please send your angels to protect and guide my wife at all times. 
  96. Good morning, my dearest wife, and I pray for you to receive unending favor, joy, blessings, and happiness.
  97. May everything you do today be bright and everything you attract radiate goodness and goodwill, just as you started the day with a radiant smile. Good morning, sweetheart.
  98. Good morning angel, I pray that you will be successful in everything you do today.
  99. Good morning, honey. As the sun rises each day, the Lord will think of you and bless you.
  100. Greetings, my lovely wife. Feel free to soar higher because the Lord is with you. 
  101. The Lord has partnered with you this morning, angel, and brought success and victories.
  102. My wish for you this morning, beautiful, is that the Lord would multiply your blessings.
  103. Greetings, lovely; I adore your smile; may the Lord keep you joyful always and prevent you from needing to cry. 
  104. Good morning love, may all bad energy leave you and may you be surrounded by good.
  105. I’ve asked Heaven to bless your steps with good news because they gave you to me as a gift.
  106. The Lord’s light is once more shining upon you this morning, my love, and I pray that it will dispel any negative energies that may be present.
  107. The Lord will continue to bless you today and every day of your life, good morning love. 
  108. Good morning, sweetheart. May the Lord richly bless you as the mother of my offspring.
  109. Greetings, love, and good morning. May the good Lord give you a cause to be glad forevermore.
  110. Good morning, my sweet wife. I hope you have a wonderful day today. 
  111. I pray for a trouble-free day for you, Queen of my heart, and wish you a good morning.
  112. Hello, sweetheart. May the Lord’s angel be with you and for you today. 
  113. I rejoice every day that you are in my life, and the heavens rejoice that you have awakened. May the Lord richly bless you. 
  114. May this beautiful day rank among your best, good morning angel.
  115. Good morning, my love, and may the Lord keep and guide you, as well as bless the work of your hands. 
  116. I hope your day is filled with reasons to smile that are as bright as the sun.
  117. Good morning, beauty, and may the Lord hear your prayers and grant you the blessing of beautiful tales to tell.
  118. All the best to you this morning, baby. I love you.