10 Flirty Moves That Men Cannot Resist

The best way to show someone you are interested in them is to learn how to be flirtatious. The key to flirting successfully, whether it be through texting or in person is body language.

Give them a chance to make one, you are communicating to them that you wouldn’t mind if they approach you. That’s it! You are not making the first move, just telling them that it is OK for them too.

Some fundamental, yet effective, guidelines should be followed if you want to be flirtatious. The fundamentals that you must comprehend to learn how to flirt are covered below.

Understanding the art of flirting with a guy entails nothing more than granting him the go-ahead to initiate contact.   

Many girls experience anxiety at the thought of giving him their undivided attention at first, but they don’t place as much importance on it.

You will realize how simple it can be with just a small adjustment to your point of view.

How to flirt with a man

Many females desire that a man initiate contact with them, which they define as making an effort to get to know them.  Take a moment to consider this, though… How does a guy know that you’ll be open to conversation if he approaches you to introduce himself? Because of this, it is extremely uncommon for a guy to approach you out of the blue. Because of this, you must give him the go-ahead to speak with you. The best way to do this is to take the easy steps listed below.       

1. Pique his interest

The key is getting a man’s attention. Getting his attention is the most effective way to do that. You cannot anticipate a stranger approaching you and striking up a conversation. They are utterly unaware of whether or not you will regard them as insane. Anybody would find this nerve-racking! Therefore, catching their attention is the best way to stand out.

Make eye contact, hold it for at least three seconds, then look away before reestablishing eye contact, holding it for a few seconds this time, and smiling. He’ll understand that you didn’t just glance in his direction by doing this. Second eye contact and a smile are necessary for this reason. This communicates to him that you are willing for him to approach you and introduce himself.

2. Proximity

If you are at a gathering, find an open seat closer to them. Get inventive and figure out a way to get closer to him or her.  The same applies if you are in a bar or restaurant; locate a bar stool that allows you better access to where they are sitting or standing.  Perhaps someone you know is standing closer to them, so you could move closer by moving closer yourself. 

3. Lean closer

 This action complements step 3. Body language is crucial when communicating with others. Attempt facing their position with your feet and body. Your open, non-crossed arms convey that you are paying attention to what is being said. When you give them all some thought, they all make sense. Your body language should also communicate that you are interested in talking with and learning more about someone. 

Consider a time when you were uncomfortable around someone; chances are, you crossed your arms and avoided making eye contact. This is the time to give them a sense of importance rather than being distracted or checking their phone.

4. Establish a connection

Create an opportunity to get closer by moving closer yourself, or if you’re with a friend, ask them to leave you alone for a while. Sitting alone will give him the chance to approach you because he won’t want to interrupt a conversation you are having. You may also find an excuse to grin and stroll in his direction. 

On your route to the kitchen or restroom, you might be able to pass him. To come closer, use your creativity.

5. Keep it brief.

There isn’t much more appealing than a person who is having fun and being playful. Women attract males in this way. Make it clear that you are having fun. Be the person that others want to be around if you want someone to be drawn to you. Consider what attracts you to people; most likely, it is their happiness. People around you find it incredibly attractive when you have a cheerful, self-assured attitude. A woman’s superpower might be her aura of confidence!

6. Be fun and carefree.

Be amusing! Give a guy’s arm or back a little touch while you are conversing with him. This is a straightforward approach to expressing your interest in him. Unmistakably, it is a simple and enjoyable way to be a little intimate. When speaking to them, you can also “turn towards” or “lean in.”

This use of your open and welcoming body language to pass the message. Look for areas of overlap so you can talk more about them. Examples include finding out if he enjoys traveling as much as you do or discussing some new restaurants you are eager to try.

You’ll start to connect more easily once you realize that you share some things in common.  Use these questions to get to know someone better in a fun and simple way. To avoid receiving the dreaded one-word answers, always remember to ask open-ended questions!

7. Start with an easygoing conversation 

Having lighthearted discussions can be a lot of fun. You could mention how much you would enjoy a massage and how you wish he was close by to be your masseuse if you’ve had a bad day.

You could also mention that your dream from the previous night was particularly strange. If he asks “what was it about,” you could respond, “I don’t remember everything, but you showed up, and I woke up smiling!”

8. Make sincere compliments.

Give him a brief compliment if there is anything you want to do. Perhaps you admire his sense of style or his apparent politeness. Make sure the compliment you give him is genuine and not just about his appearance (the same advice applies to complimenting women).

Because it demonstrates that you are paying attention to him, this is very alluring. Everyone enjoys being treated with special attention, so if you point out little details about him, he’ll pay attention and feel “special.”

9. Show that you’re curious about him.

All that “ignore him” nonsense is pointless. Show him that you care about what he has to say and are curious about his background. Ask him these fun questions.

Make eye contact with him as you speak to him by turning to face him. Inquire further about some of the details he brings up in your questions. This will demonstrate to him that you are listening and are genuinely interested in what he has to say. 

10. Something mysterious is good.

 Maintain the suspense by keeping some of your identity a secret. You shouldn’t immediately begin telling him about your life. Avoid oversimplifying your personality, preferences, and dislikes because you are complex.  Be confident when describing yourself at this time. 

Being self-assured is not always simple for us, but even if it doesn’t always come naturally, now is the time to demonstrate that you are unique and worth getting to know. You should slowly and at the appropriate time peel back the layers of your onion-like personality.

11. Make a plan.

The ultimate objective should be to arrange a meeting so that you can see each other again. Before leaving, be aware of some upcoming events that you might find interesting. Additionally, you can suggest your favorite bar or cocktail lounge as a potential location for your upcoming meetup.

A great way to avoid any awkwardness on the evening’s conclusion is to have something to offer. since it would be preferable to know if you two are in agreement and want to see each other again. 

Final words

The essence of flirting is showing interest in someone you want to get to know better. However, you shouldn’t place too much emphasis on flirting because you don’t know him well yet. This has nothing to do with being rejected because you don’t know what kind of person they are yet; you’re just curious, that’s all.