80 Deep Questions To Ask Your Pastor

What are some good questions to ask a pastor?

Pastors have historically remained steadfastly faithful to their messages and the sermons they deliver to the congregation. This is a “heavy” task, but they have to do it because they always have to put their members first and aid them in any way that they can.

You will undoubtedly regard your pastor as a leader whether you identify as a religious individual or a Christian in general due to the way they are. Of course, this is not a novel subject, so you should be interested in them and have some questions for them.

There is no need to feel ashamed because the main goal of this post is to demonstrate the inquiries you should make about your pastor and get answers to some hard Bible questions you may have. The pastor serves as the spiritual guide for the Christian congregation and offers guidance and consultation to other Christian groups and congregations. 

The pastor gives Bible lessons to the congregation and aids them in following the moral and Christian way. Pastors are thought of as leaders as well, and having a pastor in the area can aid the people in their spiritual development. Because so many individuals seek pastoral care for their mental and even physical well-being, it is not an easy job.

Pastors have already taken on this obligation even though it is typically a difficult assignment. As a result, they make an effort to stay on course to avoid discouraging the group’s members because so many people look up to them.

You may learn more, expand your horizons, and, most significantly, get to know your pastor better by asking questions rather than just listening to him or her preach.

Relationship questions to ask your Pastor?

This section can also serve as questions to ask your pastor about marriage, before you get into one or if you’re already married.

  1. Is my spouse devout enough?
  2. Is there such a thing as Christian dating that is “too fast”?
  3. Should my church support my engagement?
  4. Should I date a religious person who is not appealing to me?
  5. What makes a relationship sexually pure?
  6. What encouragement does God offer to the lonely, unmarried?
  7. When should single people give up dating?
  8. Is it possible to make the wrong partner choice once all the requirements of the Bible have been met?
  9. What kind of “effort” is necessary for a marriage to succeed?
  10. What instruction does the Bible give regarding sexual relations in marriage?
  11. How can you get past having bad sentiments or thoughts toward your spouse?
  12. How should couples react when a family decision turns out to be incorrect later on?
  13. Where can we discover positive illustrations of authority and love?
  14. Are there any situations where forgiving someone is difficult, if not impossible?
  15. Is dating or getting married to non-Christians acceptable for Christians?

Questions to ask your Pastor about leadership

  1. What are the things you need to grow your ministry?
  2. How are people prepared and inspired for personal evangelism?
  3. Which leader presently has the biggest impact on you?
  4. What is the mission, aim, and vision of your ministry?
  5. Which book has influenced your leadership the most as a pastor?
  6. Which historical figures have had the most impact on you?
  7. Do you intend to mentor members of your congregation or neighborhood?
  8. How do conflicts within the congregation get resolved?
  9. How are meetings set up and run?
  10. How do you identify and address issues in leadership?
  11. What other leadership techniques are valuable to study?
  12. Which tools, programs, and technologies are of the most assistance to you?
  13. What are your key aims as a leader?
  14. Does your ministry embody one of the church’s values?
  15. Is the proper person in charge of the ministry?

Questions to ask your pastor about sex before marriage.

  1. What does the Bible teach about sexual activity before marriage and premarital relations?
  2. What does the Bible say regarding allowing your partner to touch you before getting hitched?
  3. Should a Christian look for hookups through a dating service?
  4. What is the Bible’s position on kissing?
  5. Is virginity after a new birth possible?
  6. Why does the bible emphasize virginity so much?
  7. Is it OK to have sexual relations with someone before being married?

Question to ask your pastor on courtship

  1. Is it improper for a couple to cohabitate before getting hitched?
  2. What does the Bible have to say about dating?
  3. Can young Christians date?
  4. Should Christians from various denominations wed?
  5. What is the Bible’s position on marriage?
  6. What does Christianity think of romance?
  7. I don’t love the person I want to marry, but we are engaged what can I do?
  8.  Is it acceptable to court someone of the same gender before getting married?

Question to ask on pastoral school

  1. What aspect of pastoral ministry is the most challenging?
  2. What’s it like to be married to a pastor?
  3. What topics are discussed by pastors when they get together?
  4. With whom do pastors socialize?
  5. What can we do as members of the church to support and encourage our pastors?
  6. How many times have you wanted to leave your position as a pastor?
  7. Which decisions in your ministry have you afterward regretted?
  8. What has been your method for preventing falls?
  9. What have you done wrong the most in the ministry?
  10. What aspects of ministering give you the most joy?

General questions to ask your pastor

  1. Would your spouse claim that you prioritized them over your ministerial duties?
  2. What method do you use to pray and study the Bible continuously?
  3. What has been your “secret” for staying up?
  4. What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time to when you first began your pastoral career?
  5. What other book has had the biggest impact on your life, except the Bible?
  6. What plans do you have to grow the ministry?
  7. How have you continued to live a life of deliberate evangelism?
  8. How did you know you were meant to be a pastor or leader, and when did you understand that?
  9. What is a God story that we may share to inspire others?
  10. Which theologian is your favorite, and why?
  11. What does the ministry mean to you?
  12. What led you to God?
  13. How do you manage to balance your needs with those of your family, church, and yourself?
  14. What are your thoughts on non-believers or atheists?
  15. How much expertise do you have in managing and leading a church?
  16. How do you go about getting ready to preach?
  17. What do you feel our church most needs right now?
  18. Who in your life do you consider to be inspirational?
  19. What recent self-discoveries have you made?
  20. What one item are you most anticipating this month?
  21. Where would you go if you could escape somewhere?
  22. What one thing in your life would you alter if you could?
  23. When did you first realize God was at work in your life?
  24. What is your repentance story?
  25. Have you experienced God’s mercy?


A significant number of individuals look up to pastors for moral and even physical direction, so it’s not an easy job. Being looked up to is frequently a challenging undertaking, but these individuals, pastors, have chosen to take on such an obligation. As a result, they must be careful not to wander because many members look up to them to prevent pessimism among the members.

There is nothing to be ashamed of because they were specifically picked to provide you with questions you can ask your pastor. You may learn more, expand your thinking, and most importantly, get to know your pastor better than just as someone who walks into the pulpit and preaches to you, by asking questions.