12 Signs He’s The One Sent By God

As you’re about to get into a relationship how do you know he is the one from God?

If you’re obedient to God, you’re most likely looking forward to the man that heaven has sent specifically for you. But how are you able to be certain that God has him in mind for you? Do women have access to heavenly signs that can help them choose the appropriate man for them?

Being in a relationship with the wrong person is not something you should take casually. It can cause you to lose your temper, but even worse, it can wreck your present and future also as the lives of others who depend on you.

Love is an adventure. And a bit like any other adventure, you want to make the right decision in order to succeed and find happiness, both for yourself and therefore the person you love as well as for your connection with them.

You can use the warning flags listed below to help you choose the ideal man to share the remainder of your life with. Of course, the acceptable man for you might not be flawless and possess all of the aforementioned qualities, but as long as he’s modest, God-fearing, honest enough to acknowledge his flaws, patient, and committed to improving himself as an individual, you recognize there is hope. 

Self-control may be a sign that a man is filled with the Spirit. Check to work out whether he is engaging in any self-destructive behavior, like binge drinking, smoking, overindulging in food, or adjourning finishing his work. If so, it is a warning sign that he’s not the guy God has chosen.

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Here are several Bible warning signals that you simply should be on the lookout for to help you identify the man God sent for you.

How do you know God wants you to be with someone?

1. He communicates God’s words.

When god wants you with someone this will happen, because God didn’t give the Spirit to him in proportion to his abilities, the person God sent speaks in God’s name. The words of God are spoken by the person who is from God. So pay close attention to what he says. Are his messages and words consistent with what God teaches us? Does he talk with wisdom or folly? Of course, if you don’t already know God’s commands, you wouldn’t understand them. Start studying the Bible as a result.

2. He puts his words into action.

Let us love in the act and in truth; not in speech nor in the tongue.”. Actions are necessary to support words. You can therefore assume that a man is simply claiming to be the man assigned to you by the Heavens if he doesn’t put his words into effect.

3. He is truthful.

The Lord hates lying lips, but he delights in those who deal honestly. It goes without saying that God won’t send you a liar. Lies are hated by God, right?

4. He doesn’t taint your moral integrity.

Do not be fooled: Bad communications destroy polite behavior.

God won’t provide you with a spouse who will ruin your positive traits, outlook, and overall character. Therefore, consider whether he motivates you to become a better person or whether he encourages you to make poor decisions.

5. He likes and appreciates you.

“Honor every man. I cherish the brotherhood. Respect the king

Your boyfriend needs to know how to treat you with dignity and respect. Instead of making you look bad, he ought to honor you.

6. He is merciful and just.

He has shown you what is right, man; what more does the Lord ask of you than to act justly, to love mercy, and to approach him in humility? God exhorts us to practice mercy and fairness. Therefore, anticipate that the person He sends to you will exhibit the same traits, not the opposite.

7. He gives up things.

God loves the world so much that he sacrificed his one and only Son, ensuring that anybody who trusts in him will not perish but have eternal life. According to the scripture above, God made a significant sacrifice to demonstrate His love for us. A man will give up things for you if he truly cares about you. It might not be a divine sacrifice like what God made, but you or your relationship might still be saved by someone making some sacrifices, such as giving up their personal ambition, monetary goods, or other significant things.

8. He pardons you

“If any member has a dispute with another, proven to be a reliable one another and loving one another; just as Christ forgave you, so do you.

Does he carry grudges against you or does he tolerate you when you mess up? To determine whether or not he is from God, you should find out the answer to this question.

9. He extends grace to you.

Even though you don’t earn it, grace is a gift that is offered to you. It differs from a blessing in that a blessing is something you only get if you work for it. If a man is kind and kind to you despite your flaws, you will know that he is from God. He will still love you even though you feel unworthy of it.

10. He possesses spiritual fruits.

But there is no rule that forbids the manifestation of the fruit of the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. If a person exhibits any of the following signs of the Holy Spirit, you can be sure that they are from God.

11. He cherishes you.

A guy must be from God if you can hear, see, feel, and recognize his love for you. So, ascertain whether or not his affection for you is sincere. He won’t bring you a man who is easily annoyed, has a bad temper or is constantly complaining. A man from God experiences difficulties and resists giving up easily.

12. He has a happy disposition.

Another way that the Spirit of God shows up is via joy. Your man might be from God if he consistently chooses to respond positively to events around him rather than negatively.


The man from God is kind to you mentally and emotionally in addition to physically. In other words, he cares about how you feel and is aware of your perspective in order to avoid doing you any bodily, psychological, or mental harm. Naturally, God won’t send you a person who is cruel, immoral, or commits wicked deeds. Decide whether a guy’s heart is filled with goodness or wickedness by doing this.