10 Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush Over Text

How do you make your crush feel special over text? The hardest part of having a crush on a girl is coming up with things to say to your crush and make her happy. You know, if you could just strike up a conversation, maybe she’d feel the same way, but you don’t know how to talk to girls, much less think of things to say to a lady you like.

But do not worry. We have a ton of fantastic ideas for what to say to a female to pique her interest and keep her listening. These things to say to your crush will change everything for you—and that unique lady you fancy—if talking has been your struggle. You’re trying to think of some very explosive words to say to your crush in order to make you stand out among all the guys vying for her attention

In that instance, you must use your top-shelf, highest-quality material; you do not want to use your second-best line. You’ll discover that here.

These phrases blend romance, charisma, and a touch of bravado to make you look like the only guy in the room when she hears them.

Stop your search for the sweetest things to say to your crush, we’ve got your back here on this post. Cute remarks can support the growth of your relationship, and occasionally a straightforward verbal cue can ignite a flame of love.

Try out one of these adorable things if you want to learn how to talk to your crush and keep him/her interested.

How to start a conversation with your crush over text

It can be nerve-wracking to not know what to say to your crush. When you plan on things to say to your crush to make him smile over text, avoid stuttering or yammering out words all over them. The best method to make an impression on them is to express your sentiments sweetly and unforgettably. You must find some endearing things to say to your crush.

While having appropriate timing and delivery also helps, being open and vulnerable will get you the most results. It’s true that saying than doing. Of course, it can be challenging to express yourself. There is also the possibility of rejection given how anxious you are about telling your crush you like them. That’s something that everyone with a crush worries about, but it won’t help you.

if you don’t expose yourself. Why not take a chance and see if they share your sentiments? Nothing is lost if you do this. Risking a little ego damage is worthwhile. Your confidence will carry you the rest of the way once you come up with the ideal sweet thing to say to your crush.

How to approach your crush for the first time

It can be challenging to know what to say to your crush when you finally see them. You’re looking to be yourself. There are numerous ways to accomplish it. You may perform a song for them or present them with a handmade item. Finding cute things to say to your crush is the first step, though, as very few people these days dare to do that.

You’re one step closer to the potential of more than just flirting after you make them grin. Do keep in mind that this is someone you’re having a crush on. You’re not declaring your love, though. Your flirtatious remarks to your crush should be fun and lighthearted. You don’t want to express your affection to your crush in a way that scares them away. That is a topic for discussion at another time and place.

How to flirt cutely with your crush

You might want some advice on how to approach your crush and say charming things. You shouldn’t just approach them, tap them on the shoulder, and blurt out some arbitrary statement. Going into it, there ought to be some degree of comfort. It is not necessary to arrange it.

To say something nice to your crush, you don’t need to write out a script in your thoughts. Attempt to let events unfold spontaneously. When you’re with them, follow your feelings. When discussing your weekend plans, express your admiration for their sense of adventure. 

It would be awkward and random to just approach your crush and say, “I love how spontaneous you are.” To assist calm any stress or worries, use these adorable things in a casual discussion. In this way, you won’t be feeling like you’re providing a catchphrase or taking a big risk. Instead, you are confidently and tastefully appreciating your crush.

1. Why do you always have such wonderful looks?

Although it isn’t creative, a simple compliment about how they look works. They will undoubtedly flush as a result and perceive your interest in them.

2. How did you become so adept at winning my approval?

You want to take action because you’re telling your crush about it.

3. Are you aware of how cute you are?

When they are fiddling with their hair, glancing in the mirror, or even asking you how their attire looks, this is the ideal time to say it.

4. I’m drawn to you more and more.

Although not specifically directed at them, this does let them know that

5. How did you get so incredible? 

This expresses your want to learn more about them in addition to letting them know you have a crush on them.

6. You’re lovely.

But there are other reasons I admire you. You have a great look. Sometimes a classic approach is just as effective as something more original.

7. Do you understand that I adore you?

It is pertinent to acknowledge the little acts they perform. There is no better method to express your appreciation to your crush than to do so directly.

8. You know, we’re all special. 

However, I believe you increased the bar on that. If you’re seeking for flirtatious compliments to give your admirer, flattery is a surefire winner.

9. Wow. You just are so… Wow

It’s impossible to go wrong when you’re silent. They will be able to tell from your reaction if they accomplish anything that truly astounds you and leaves you speechless.

10. You are beauty personified 

But instead of using clichéd pick-up lines that everyone has heard before, you’re better off using direct and entertaining phrases like these


Because of the nerves, it could seem tough to speak these things. It sounds more genuine to say these things while adding your twist to them. You can get your crush to grin in this way. Being yourself in your feelings for your crush is more important than merely saying cute things to them or knowing what to say to them.