How To Know If Your Boyfriend Still Loves You After An Argument

Fighting might happen in any relationship, but occasionally it might make you wonder if he still loves you. Understanding that you still have emotions for your ex is worse than going through a split. When this happens, you start to wonder, “Does he still love me?” and the agony of being apart persists. 

However, relationships can simply end because arguing makes you fall out of love. You and your partner might have had a minor argument, and neither of you wants to make things right. Or perhaps one of you wounded the other, and it seemed like the wisest course of action to split up after a fight. Or perhaps you had different desires when you were younger. Whatever the cause, the connection fizzled out. However, such need not be the case.

1. He wants to discuss what transpired with you.

Can a relationship go back to normal after a big fight? It can be attractive to ignore the problem and act as if nothing ever transpired after a fight. Even if it might seem like the more convenient course to follow, it isn’t necessarily the most fruitful. However, if he is open to discussing what transpired with you, it indicates that he is concerned about your emotions and wants to see that the matter is settled between the two of you. One of the clearest indications that he still loves you after a fight is this.

2. He still desires quality time with you.

After a disagreement, he probably still loves you if he still wants to hang out with you. Do not, however, draw any conclusions if he is attempting to avoid you or limit your time together. You see, some men merely require their personal space to decompress and consider what has occurred.

Honestly, my own experience has shown that giving my lover some space for a few hours can make our subsequent conversation much more fruitful and temper-controlled. Of course, I would become a little concerned if it had been days or even weeks and he was still avoiding you. Try to ask him to have a conversation with you if that applies to you.

3. He’s seen seeking situation-specific advice?

We clarified the primary indicators that he still loves you after a disagreement, It may be beneficial to discuss your problem with a relationship coach. With the help of a qualified relationship coach, you can receive guidance specific to your particular circumstance. On well-known relationship coach websites, highly qualified relationship coaches offer assistance to users in resolving challenging relationship problems. 

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4. He doesn’t downplay the argument.

How he responds to the subject of the battle is one thing to watch for. Hesitates it and presents a blank face. Or perhaps when you bring it up, he becomes hostile or tries to divert the subject? This can indicate that unresolved underlying emotions are present. It’s a strong indication that he still loves you if he discusses the argument in public. It indicates that even though he is aware that the talk may become awkward once more, he thinks it is worthwhile to resolve this and move on.

5. He pays attention to what you say.

He still loves you if he pays attention to you while you speak. Even while it may not come as a surprise, it’s a positive indicator if he’s eager to listen and comprehend your perspective without becoming hostile.

People who are upset frequently quit pandering when someone is speaking because they are too preoccupied with their response to the debate. When someone is hearing, they are more likely to make an effort to understand what the other party has said before expressing their own opinion. This demonstrates that he still has feelings for you. It plays a major role in healthy fighting as well.

6. He expresses regret for his part in the conflict

If your boyfriend apologizes for his part in the dispute after a quarrel, that’s one of the telltale signals that he still cares for you. It’s a strong indication that he loves you if he’s willing to acknowledge his part in the argument.

It indicates that he is ready to own up to his mistakes and work to resolve the issue. This is a crucial stage in going on since it demonstrates that your partner is willing to expose himself to risk.

It can be challenging to apologize, therefore he might not do it immediately away. However, if he eventually offers an apology, pay attention to what he said and remember it. This apology can be a sign that he wants to mend the relationship.

7. You continue to unleash his inner hero.

When you continue to draw out his inner hero after a conflict, there’s another indication that a guy still loves you. The hero instinct is a novel relationship theory that is now creating quite a stir. Additionally, the majority of women haven’t even heard of it.

James Bauer asserts that males don’t require much to feel content in their relationships. In actuality, they don’t need anything s*xual. Men are born with specific motivations. And when a lady triggers them, it results in a strong reaction. The end consequence is a man who fully dedicates himself to the relationship and loves more intensely as a result.

I mentioned the hero impulse earlier; it’s the best response to the difficulty you’re experiencing. Why? Because once his hero instinct kicks in, a man will only look at you. You’ll get to a portion of him that no other woman has ever been able to.

He will feel obligated to belong to you and to love you unconditionally in return. So be sure to study dating specialist advice if you’re prepared to dive in and take your love to greater heights.


He won’t express it in a loud, emotionally charged manner like in a screenplay, but he will regardless. He’ll admit that he was wrong to leave you or that he wishes time could go backward. It might also imply that he is going through a particularly trying time and wants to see you again just to feel better. However, this is a strong indication that he still loves you after the separation, he misses you and he’s motivated to become better. When one spouse is causing the other person continual harm in the marriage, bad relationships can get acrimonious. Your ex-boyfriend still likes you if you fell out of love with him because of his shortcomings and you see him trying to make up for them to get you back.