12 Signs Of A Keeper On The First Date

How do you know if you found a keeper?

You’ve been out on a date and are now unsure of whether to keep dating this guy. That’s awesome because it means the date went well. Was it successful enough? This is the crucial question – what are signs he’s a keeper?

You are aware that you at least somewhat like him, and he has left a favorable impression. Is there enough about him, though, to suggest that you two might get along well in the long run? Or, to put it another way, should you continue spending time with him or should you end things right away?

First dates can be challenging, and it can be challenging to determine our feelings for someone so early on. To assist you, here are some tips that scream he’s a keeper for sure.

1. He pays attention to what you say 

Have you ever spoken to a man who you knew wasn’t paying attention? He nods and occasionally murmurs, “hmm,” but he continues to turn his head away. Additionally, he appears to become more agitated the longer you speak.

And as soon as you’re done speaking, he starts talking about something completely unrelated to what you just said. This is a dead giveaway that a guy isn’t paying attention to what you have to say.

On the other hand, it’s a huge sign of attention if a man starts asking you questions based on what you’ve been saying. He is interested in what you have to say and is curious to learn more. This is important because, for any relationship to function, both partners must practice active listening.

2. He’s positive

Being optimistic is one of the telltale signs that a man is worth keeping. Do you still recall the date you went on with The World’s Biggest Pessimist? Sure, you do! Everyone has experienced it. He has never experienced success, and he never will.

You tell him to get motivated and inspired, “You just need to find something you love to do.” He murmurs despondently, “Ha, that’ll never happen,” as he downs more beer.

The negative cycle never ends. Imagine what a guy will be like throughout a relationship if he can’t even muster up the courage to be happy on a first date, for crying out loud!

Contrarily, if a man brings a lot of positive energy to the date and unexpectedly makes you feel optimistic about the world, it’s a clear indication that he’s someone you’ll want to spend a lot of time with.

3. He makes you laugh

This is yet another indication that he is a good match; after all, it should be crystal clear by now. On a first date, when two strangers must attempt chemistry, a man is unquestionably a keeper if he can make you laugh effortlessly.

Finding a man who can make someone laugh is difficult because it’s not an easy task. He’s worth pursuing if you get the impression that he’s going to make you laugh until your butts hurt.

Of course, it helps if he’s hot, too. He put some effort into looking good. It’s always the worst when a guy shows up to a date looking like he didn’t even try. clad in rags. Like, is this a date, perhaps? Alternatively, is he bringing his car in for maintenance, and we’re just here to kill time for him?

When a man grooms himself when he is with you, it shows that he respects both himself and you. These signs are fantastic, too. He works hard to make an impression on you and wants you to see it.

4. You are at ease. 

Let’s face it, we have all experienced those dreadful dates that left us feeling extremely awkward. We experience awkwardness, excruciating nerves, and a lack of confidence. And based on his actions and attitude, we believe he is solely to blame.

On the other hand, if you feel genuinely at ease around him—so at ease that you can be yourself—that’s a really good indication that the two of you will get along in the long run, and it’s one of the best signs he’s a keeper. There are genuine vibes here, and you both feel at ease.

5. He takes an interest in you 

When a date doesn’t seem to be having a good time, how do you know? It’s terrible. You speak, but it is obvious that he is not hearing you. And to make matters worse, he never questions you. He doesn’t care and is eager to take you back to his place or end the date.

He wants to know more about you if he starts to enquire about you, makes remarks about how you look, and appears to be enjoying himself. You should consider him because he seems interested in you.

6. The conversation flows easily 

There are no awkward pauses, looks around, or futile attempts to come up with new topics of conversation!

Instead, you can’t believe you and your friends have been seated here for two hours already as the conversation just flows naturally like a tap.

When this occurs and the conversation flows so naturally, there is chemistry and there is the real potential between the two of you.

7. He feels uneasy!

Okay, so you don’t want to go on a first date with someone so nervous that he can’t even speak. But it’s kind of cute when a guy seems a little uneasy; this is yet another indication that he’s a good catch.

Why? It indicates that he is sincere in his desire to win you over and is not brash or acting strangely elevated in his senses. He wants things to go smoothly because he is a human.

That’s a sweet character that frequently heralds the beginning of something adorable and romantic. Aww!. Regarding people, he only has positive things to say. “Okay, mom? It’s SO sweet when a guy on a first date exclaims, “Such a wonderful woman!”

Instead of saying, “So my mom? What an idiot! Right? The same holds for the way he speaks of everyone, including his ex-wives. If he openly criticizes others, that’s not good.

8. He pays 

He offers, then he insisted. He won’t accept no as an answer, and you won’t be able to buy your way out. Furthermore, he won’t argue about a split bill. Dinner is on him. You’ve found a real gem!