Ways To Touch Him On The First Date Without Sending The Wrong Signal

So, how do you break the touch barrier with a guy on the first date? and have you ever wondered why massages feel so good?

Well, that is because of the hormone of touch.

According to scientists, touch is one of the most crucial senses in our body, and that’s the reason why massaging the body works so well.

It’s said that when our body received a soft or gentle touch, a signal is sent to the brain which activates the release of a hormone popularly known as Oxytocin, and the release of this particular hormone is what leads to the emotion of love, happiness, and comfort.

Are you planning to have your first date with a guy and you wonder if there could be ways to touch him on the first date without sending a wrong signal?

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Of course, there are ways to connect to your new date without sending him a wrong signal just with a touch.

Thank goodness, in this post, we’re going to show you the amazing ways to touch a guy on the first date without sending the wrong signal.

Just stick around as you read and learn all.

5 amazing ways to touch him on the first date without sending the wrong signal.

Whether you’re looking for how to accidentally touch your crush, or how to touch your crush without it being awkward and everything in between, the following tips will help you get it right when a guy allows you to touch him on a first date.

1. Give him a fat hug.

This body language “Hug” is as simple as a love drug that gives connection. Using this way to touch a guy, is like your body language speaks for you.

But how can you achieve your aim of touching him with just a hug?

Well, it’s quite easy and simple.

Plan a date with him to spend some quality time together to know each other better.

Then on your first date, feel free with him, smile often but don’t overdo it, that’ll make him feel more comfortable and relaxed too.

Hence by the time, you both must have spent enough time together gisting, and when about to leave for your various homes, give him a fat hug. Do it gently – research has it that guys are drawn to the gentle and soft touch of a girl.

Your tender hug will send a signal to his brain and the whole body informing him that whatever is happening is a reward, a great moment, and whenever he remembers this, it’ll create a positive anchor to that experience in his brain. This way, he can see it as a way you used to appreciate him for spending time with you, and by so doing you’ve succeeded in touching him on the first date without sending the wrong signal.

2. Compliment his looks with a touch.

Another unique way to touch a guy on the first date without sending a wrong signal is to compliment his looks with a touch.

You can do this by just touching the particular part of his body you find attractive most – it can be his pointed nose, his pink lips, or the shape of his body.

Remember, you don’t just touch him anytime to avoid sending a wrong signal, you can decide to touch him in the middle of a conversation. At the time of funny talk, just give him a flirty touch on his nose or lips and as you are touching it, call him by his name or a pet name to draw his attention and then tell him – you have a cute lip or I love your sweet pointed nose.

Your touch will trigger his emotions to want some more. And with that, you have won a touch of him without sending a wrong indication.

3. Hold him emotionally.

This is yet one of the ways to touch a guy on the first date without sending a wrong signal.

According to therapists, when you hold someone emotionally, he or she will feel a tingle of excitement.

Like, how do you feel when especially an attractive person brushes your arm for no just obvious reason?

You felt the sensation of excitement rush up your spine, right?

Well, it happens to everyone, but to men mostly.

This body language is so powerful that someone can hardly resist it. Well, by using this means, you can gently grasp his palm while on a date, and ask him for his opinion on a certain matter bothering you, and believe me, he can’t help but slip up to give you more attention.

4. Kiss his cheeks or forehead.

Kissing is not only meant for sex. You can also use kissing to touch him without letting him feels it.

You can tenderly do this, just quietly pull the guy’s palm and give him a surprise sweet kiss, or still do it on his forehead. Relax when kissing these spots, know that there is a difference between being passionate and being forceful. When you do it gently, he feels passionate and loved, and wouldn’t restrain it easily, this way, you’ve earned his touch without being misunderstood.

Advise: The good news is that kisses are a good thermometer to gauge the guy’s emotions. If he is emotionally not OK when you kiss him, it will reflect on his face, so you know better whom you’re planning to spend your time with.

5. Place your palm on the edge of his shoulder.

This is another way you can get to touch a guy on a first date without him reading meaning into it.

You can achieve it this way; just after your date time, as you two are about to head home, walk side by side with him, you can stylishly and warmly place your palm on the edge of his shoulder, and he will feel the tenderness of your palm and relax.

This body language comes with the feelings of passion that men believe you trust and feel secure around them. So you see, this is another great means to touch him on your first date with him without being seen as a desperate girl.

Final words.

As earlier stated, touch is one of the best body languages we used for our lovers or new dates, though when done properly.

However, these touches will not only help you to make the guy feel your presents on the first date without sending a wrong signal but will also enable you to keep a keen eye on the body language of your date to know exactly what moves him.

Thankfully, you’ve read and realized the places that are appropriate for casual touches without sending the wrong signal. We hope you got value from the message we enlisted for you here.

Please go ahead and tell us, among the 5 ways to touch him without sending a wrong signal, which of the ways do you prefer?

Also, feel quite free to give your suggestion in the comment section if you think there is more to add to the list.

Good luck as you enjoy your first date with him!!