10 Signs Your Life Will Never Get Better

Ever asked the question “why is my life not getting better?” or said, “I’m tired of everything and everyone?” all hope is not gone, you can take a look at the limiting factors why you’re all getting it wrong and begin to work on yourself to achieve your goals in life and become a better version of yourself.

Life is challenging. Every day at six in the morning, you get up and do whatever your daily ritual is going to exercise, walk, relax, etc. Then you go to the office (or work remotely), put up with whatever the day has in store for you, and return home to finish off all the errands left undone the day before.

Rise and repeat after that for the rest of the time. Whatever happened to your aspirations of traversing the globe, accomplishing your goal, and making your mark on society? The clock continues to run while you are too busy coping, and the longer it runs, the less opportunity you have to do what you want to do. Because this is a painful reality, it is simpler to deny it and keep thinking about “other stuff.”

However, it always sneaks into view to remind you that this isn’t the life you were supposed to live, regardless of how hard you try to sweep it under the rug.

Here are a few indicators that you’re going in the wrong direction.

1. Your mentality is one of the middle class.

Almost everybody believes themselves middle class, which is fantastic, I suppose. However, some characteristics of the educated class work against your interests. We avoid taking risks, prefer to play it safe, adhere to the rules (even when they are falsified), have faith in the system, and are easily misled by the media.

Despite all the disadvantages, immigrants have a greater chance of success than trained experts. You don’t want to jeopardize your position to achieve some lofty objective if you have a good place to live, a reliable automobile, and some extra money in the bank. As a result, you continue to toil away in the hope that all will suddenly improve one day while doing little to advance your cause rather than the immigrant looking for a greener pasture.

I’m a consumer and I enjoy it, but I’ve observed that there is little chance for me to attain my goals or lead a happy life unless I seriously consider my deeply held worldviews. We have been trained to be a functional number, a part of the system, and to maintain our heads down.

 In exchange, We have been given a nice life in compensation, a future career, and a fulfilling pension.  Let yourself off the employee behavior you’ve been misled with if you desire a chance to change your life. Either act like a rich individual and reinvest and expand, or behave like a poor person wanting to escape hardship.

2. You have faith that things will work out in the end.

Hoping that everything will be fine after you earn that position, get engaged, have kids, or meet any other requirements. Not at all.

Repeating the same thing regularly and expecting a different outcome is the definition of madness. You cannot anticipate different outcomes if you continue to do the same thing.

To get out of mediocrity, you must take a whole new approach. Be completely honest with yourself to avoid falling into the deception trap. Is this the reality you’ve always envisioned? Have you achieved all of your potential? Is this the end of it? If not, make a change. Now.

3. You often daydream.

Your fantasies for escape about moving to the Caribbean or seeing the world while on your bed. We seek refuge in alternate realms where, even for a few times, we can ignore the problems and the monotony of our gloomy existence to swallow the bitter pill of living below average.

It’s not a good sign if you frequently catch yourself mind-wondering. Do something about it rather than bury your dreams.

4. You are news-savvy and have strong opinions about politics.

The new entertainment is the news. With a daily dose of terror, they make you dependent on it, making you return for more the following day. Fear paralyzes people and eliminates any chances for a better life.

Politics is similar to that. I’ve got some bad news if you’re thinking that after your team wins, things would go better in your life.

Not at all.

You can feel happiness ever after and comfortably ignore the news and current affairs. There is no chance of you doing anything with your life if you squander your time and effort and allow them to influence you.

Do you think Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or Steve Jobs spent hours each day monitoring the news forecast?

5. You frequently state, “It’s not that horrible.”

The place where all ambitions go to die is inward. You are only deepening your deception by trying to persuade yourself that other people have it worse off than you do.

A billion others have it worse off than you. However, that is not the issue. Is my potential being realized? should be the inquiry you should be asking yourself.

You are wasting a fantastic car if you get a Ferrari and merely use it for running errands. Well, I don’t know for you, but I’m certain that you are that Ferrari, and that you ought to be competing against those Lambos on the road rather than sitting idle in the garages. You are a special person with special talents get up and work.

6. You believe that it is already too late.

You certainly have concerns about the history, whether you are 25 or 75. Every chance you lost keeps coming back to bite you. If only you could travel through time. But is it already too late like you think?

The other day, my 22-year-old son confided in me that he feels too old to pursue a career in programming and wishes he had begun at age 12.


It’s never late to master new skills; I’m studying to code at the age of 50 and want to keep doing so till I pass away. That should be engraved on the top of the head because it is accurate. The justification for it being too late is an attempt to avoid performing the job and accepting risks.

7. Each day, you lose yourself.

You rely on aids, analgesics, liquor, smoke, junk food, etc. to make it through life. That is a red flag that something is off. Instead of covering up the symptoms with bandages, identify the problem’s underlying cause.

It’s one thing to sometimes enjoy a glass of wine, but quite another to constantly reach for the bottle at night to dull your senses. If you are fulfilled, you won’t require anything else.

8. Purchasing lottery

Your life is terrible, but if you ever win the lotto, you’ll be free of mediocrity for good. You won’t like the news I have for you if that is the answer to your troubles. Quit fooling yourself. You might never be a lotto winner. The options are unlimited, so use the resource to do anything you want that can better your life.

9. You take part in nonstop entertainment.

similar to how medicines work. You won’t have to reflect on your life or face the fact that you are spending your time if you make yourself busy with social networking sites, Netflix, and Candy Crush. The majority of people claim that they are too preoccupied to start a side business or publish a book. However, we watch Netflix for 4 hours per day. 

You don’t need to become an efficiency bot to achieve your ambitions before the age of 25, but you must commit at least 1-2 hours a day to anything you want to do or learn in life.

10. You enjoy comfort.

I understand that being comfortable is good, but if you want to progress, you must be willing to put up with some discomfort. By watching TV and munching on Doritos, no financial muscle is developed. Your life would be a wreck of what it could have been if you were not willing to pay the price. 

Working hard is always important and even enjoyable. Nothing compares to the fulfillment of a job well done. You’re not in this place to relax; rather, you’re here to struggle. You may continue to enjoy your life since nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you gave it your all. Understanding that luxury is the surest path to unhappiness is very empowering.


Most individuals don’t achieve their goals, carry out their life’s purposes, or reach their full potential. Humans operate in a mode of failure by default. You are doomed to continue living a life of mediocrity unless you awaken from your stupor and change your direction.

If you exhibit any of the aforementioned symptoms, it might be time to reflect carefully on your moral principles. You might as well experiment with something different and observe what unfolds if you are not satisfied.