12 Sure Signs You Will Never Make It In Life

How do you know if you have failed in life?

Everyone alive wants to make headway in life, not just progress but a remarkable one. It’s almost like a daily prayer for us to be better than where we were yesterday and take our life to the next level of greatness.

There is no elevator to the top. It would be best if you take the stairs. The truth is that many people want to make it in life, but they are not ready to put in the necessary work. They still possess some characteristics that would ruin them in the long run.

What are those things you are doing, knowingly and unknowingly, ruining your chances of making it? No matter how hard you try. In this article, we’ll discuss the 12 signs that you will never make it because of your attitude toward life. Read on.

1. You don’t take full charge of your life

Have you ever had that impression of going all out to achieve something before? You were so optimistic it would come out well. What happened next? Cold feet, maybe, and you didn’t do it again.

If you excel in life, you must be bold and courageous enough to start up something for yourself and see to the end of it, and you will never go far in life if you are always in the habit of never putting your thoughts into action.

2. You take too long to implement your dreams

It’s okay to dream, and it’s okay to have a vision, but it’s even more critical to plunge into action and set the necessary machinery in motion toward achieving that. How do you know you procrastinate a lot? You always leave a particular task for later, and that later turns into days, even years, till you forget about it.

Not acting fast and taking so long to take action will only make you forget about what you have planned. To help you do this, you can write your thoughts, so you don’t forget any ideas and get to work immediately.

3. You don’t have a clear cut goal

For everyone who has achieved the level of success they are enjoying right now, they saw it years before. It would help if you asked pertinent questions about where you want to see yourself in a few years, whether your life, career, marriage, or business.

If you haven’t asked yourself this question, you have yet to set a goal for your life. You can start by making short-term goals and try achieving them. It will encourage you to set long-term goals.

4. You don’t want to be labeled a failure

Failure is relative. What others call failure might be a preparation ground for more extraordinary accomplishments to come. Never see failure as a stumbling block, but rather as a stepping stone and a learning ground to constantly improve.

No matter the mockery and pressure from people, never succumb to it; go out there, try out that business, take that course, write that Book, take risks and enjoy the process.

5. You care more about what others think of you

One of the most incredible dream killers is thinking of what others would say or how they would react to what is going on in your life. You should worry less about others and give more focus on yourself and your life

If you keep looking at what others think, you will lose focus and spend time being a people pleased, which will take you nowhere and be reminded that you can’t please everyone, so do your best and leave the rest

6. You don’t plan your life

Things don’t just happen independently, and people put things in motion. That’s how life works! Imagine if Jeff Bezos did not plan out his life, despite all the difficulties he faced in his business, he wouldn’t be a reference today for successful people.

The same applies to any successful person today, they took the necessary steps to achieve their goals and didn’t leave it to chance or providence, and if you must attain sustainable success, you must plan your life.

7. You are not improving your knowledge

It will be difficult for you to make headway in life if you are not constantly updating your ideas and expanding your knowledge about the latest happenings around you.

If you want to make it live, then you must find out what others are doing that you aren’t doing. If it means getting an education or getting a skill set, make sure you are evolving and improving yourself daily.

8. You don’t know how to manage money

What’s the balance between your income, expenditure, and investments? The reason a lot of people are broke and in so much debt today is that they don’t know how to manage their finances.

To function well in life, you need money, and when you are not financially prudent, you run the risk of being out of cash. Learn financial responsibility. It will help you in life.

 9. You don’t take interpersonal relationships seriously

We all need relationships to lean on when we are confused or troubled. Understand that whatever you are going through, others have gone through them, so take their advice when they offer one.

Also, learn to work with people with the same purpose and direction as you, discuss your life journey, and encourage yourselves. Make sure that the relationships you keep are helping you grow.

10. You keep committing the same errors

There is no point in always doing the same things and expecting a different result. If you make a mistake in life, learn from it but don’t repeat the same error. Your mistakes should push you further to look for new ways and strategies to overcome your failure, so learn from them

11. You allow social media to take most of your time

The era we to are in now is the rise of social media, and with so many social media platforms currently available and easily accessible, you find people wasting away valuable time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, forgetting that they have their business to attend to

These social media platforms are the inventions of others, and they are making money from them. What’s yours?

12. You are not real to yourself

Often, people come out on social media to show off fakeness, impress others, and prove they are doing better than others. If you find yourself borrowing stuff to impress, then you are not serious with your life. You don’t need to be fake but be your true self

If you want to make it in life, instead of faking it, work towards achieving it in reality,

Final thoughts

As humans, being successful in different areas of our life is a sure sign that we are doing well and that people view us as sensible, so whether in marriage, career, education, personal life, or social life, there is always a push to make it.

Take full responsibility for your life. Nobody will live your life for you except you, and whether you fail or succeed, it’s all in your name, so take complete charge of your life.