10 Best Mindfulness Activities For Teens

meditation for teens

How do you teach a teen mindfulness? Being a teenager can be incredibly challenging, especially with increasing academic obligations, maintaining friendship groups, and the constant pressures of social media. It makes sense that many teenagers frequently fail to focus on the present and set aside time to look after their mental health.  It has never …

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12 Best Mindfulness Activities For Students

mindfulness activities

How do you teach students mindfulness? Consider stressed-out parents who work from home while attempting to home-school kids who are restless but overstimulated, as well as the glaring lack of social interaction. When I learned that mindfulness helps reduce stress, I was interested in learning more because our children may be experiencing the same levels …

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Crush?

dream about crush meaning

Is it true that if you dream about your crush they are thinking about you? It turns out that having a crush in a dream might have unexpected real-world implications that can help you learn more about yourself. Any latent desire could be represented by a crush’s dream, thus it’s important to not take the …

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10 Best Things To Do When Boredom Is Killing You

how to kill boredom

How do you snap out of boredom? Sometimes we get caught up in the everyday routine and feel like we’ve hit a dead end. Boredom is killing your productivity, creativity, and overall happiness. You may not know exactly why you are feeling this way when there are endless options of things to do — but …

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What Happens When You Die?

what happens after death

What happens after you die what do you see? Even when a person has a terrible illness, death can be a slow change. It may be a very calm moment when someone is receiving excellent care, a time when the body lets go of life. This post explains how people’s bodies typically change as they die, though what happens varies …

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When Someone Is Dying What Do They See?

death signs

What are the last moments before death like? Knowing that death might be imminent for a loved one or older person who has a terminal condition can be challenging to live with. Knowing what to anticipate could ease the process a little. For the dying person and those who are taking care of them, the …

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