Cute Things To Say After Making Love

Making love is a lovely way to show affection. While most couples simply fall asleep after s*x, you must continue to be passionate and loving after you’ve had s*x. To express how much you admire him/her you must utilize these words. But oftentimes, those words are hard to come by, particularly when you’re not sure what to say after making love. 

Research has shown that most time men and women dive their phones within minutes after having s*x. A frequent behavior both sexes engage in. Interestingly, women particularly prefer to speak with their partner after making love to them, than the rest of the males. 

Research has also shown that half percentage of men enjoy dirty chats taking place while int*rcourse is more of the percentage of women. 

What we say immediately after sex reveals so much about the relationship’s condition or state. Most long-term couples speak very little to one another since their intercourse is routine and they regularly just go through the motions.

What is stated in a fresh and new relationship when you two are in love with one another is more significant. Also note that by their toned-down response, at the end of sex, you can tell when this person’s interest is dwindling. 

So you had a fantastic time with your partner? It’s time you tell him or her those cute things to make them feel good. 

Do not open your mouth and say anything, for it may break the relationship whether it is new or old. You’ll be wondering, then what is right to tell him or her? This is something you should think about carefully before blurting it out because it’s probably really important to your partner and you do not want to mess it up. 

Below I’ve covered all the sultry things you ought to confess to your partner in bed after a hot session. Make your man/woman feel good with these compliments on their performance. If You don’t know what to say? Do not worry this writeup has got you covered. 

50 cute things to say after making love

  1. I loved every part of what we did. I hope you did too.
  2. This may be my new obsession, help!
  3. I have always known you are going to be this sweet. 
  4. And then, after that incredible moment, we just had. I have decided that you are indeed for keeps.
  5. That was the best time of my life, one I would be eager to live for again.
  6. We shouldn’t have waited for so long to do this. 
  7. What a blissful moment that was. 
  8. I just got off you but I already miss you. 
  9. Phew! That was intense. 
  10. You look so sexy and hot. I can’t unsee it. 
  11. That was amazing and I can’t lie about that. 
  12. I can’t stop thinking about what just happened. between us. 
  13. I like what you did to me back there. 
  14. In words, I’m going to be obsessed with you. What have you done to me? 
  15. Are you sure I’m going to let you go after this? 
  16. What do you think darling? Are you in love with me now?
  17. Do you love me even more now, because I do? 
  18. You are a sexy beast, you drive me wild and crazy and it’s insane.
  19. You keep driving me wild. 
  20. I enjoyed myself but what about you? 
  21. Imagine the bliss of having to ride you all day. 
  22. How good can I be to have you in me again? 
  23. I enjoyed every single thrust of yours. 
  24. You are so good, it makes me happy to be the one here with you. 
  25. C’mon, tell me now, who taught you how to do that? Damn. 
  26. What an incredible moment that was. Don’t blame me for wanting you more even now. 
  27. Can you repeat what you moaned in my ear then again?
  28. You know exactly what to do to get me hot and it’s sexy. 
  29. I don’t mind this being our everyday workout
  30. I know I could never be wrong about you, I’m glad you are mine. 
  31. It makes me happy, knowing I’m the one who gets to hear your sweet soft moan. 
  32. Your moaning is like good music to my ears.
  33. I need you again, you make me want to do it all the time. 
  34. You have beautiful eyes, I couldn’t stop staring into them. 
  35. I love it when you look at me like that. 
  36. I love it when you grip me and never want to let go. 
  37. I love it when you cum on my stomach. 
  38. Everything about you is just perfect. You are incredible tonight. I am so lucky to be yours, I get to have such a terrific taste all the time.
  39. While we try to catch our breath, can I just say “wow”
  40. You drive me crazy, I might need a ride to work too.
  41. How I wish we could do this even more often. 
  42. I was craving you so badly tonight. Thank you for satisfying my cravings. 
  43. I look forward to a similar might and time together. 
  44. I don’t know what’s the best feeling, when I’m deep inside you or when we are done? 
  45. I promise I won’t go easy on you next time. 
  46. I loved when you screamed my name like that. 
  47. What color was your underwear, I’m sorry I got distracted when you straddled me. 
  48. I can’t express how good I feel right now. So come here, let’s cuddle. 
  49. Is it bad that I might want you even more after today? 
  50. You have no idea what you did to me when you moved your waist like that.

Lastly, think about what you want to say for a while if you are unsure about it. Your remark could stick in your partner’s memory. So do ensure to make the most compliment and not an awkward one, nor one that causes an eyebrow raise. So when your partner is away from you they will remember the session and smile upon remembering your words.