Cute Truth Or Dare Questions For Girlfriend

What should I ask my girlfriend in truth or dare? This question often comes when you’re looking for the best possible means to make the moment lively with your girlfriend. I am pretty sure you don’t want to earn the boring boyfriend tag.

If you haven’t played the infamous game, it’s just something that involves you and your friends sitting in circles and then in a clockwise motion. You ask each player if they do choose to answer a truth question or if they would go for the Dare. The players take turns asking “T or D” And you will answer whatever is asked of you if you choose the truth. However, also they would do what is dared of them to do. 

This game is spicier with booze involved so if one refuses to do as was asked, then he or she will have to go down with a little something. Kidding! I am talking about a shot of something really strong. You heard me right! 

I bet you do not want to be the one downing the whole bottle content all night, so you better keep your head up high and play this game like it’s a life-or-death situation. 

This game is a classic party game and often fun to play with your friends, either you are getting to know them or you just want to have fun. It may be a sleepover, bridal party, or girly night. This is the right game to spice up the night. The key is to have fun. 

Below u have compiled a list of 100 really good truth-or-dare questions for your girlfriend, friends, parties, or for fun. Sit with your legs crossed and so on that wine and fire the shots that will have anyone laughing, cringing and elated. 

100 really good truth-or-dare questions for girlfriend.

Best Truth Questions for girlfriend

  1. Who would you love to have a tongue down with, in this room? 
  2. What’s your biggest fantasy 
  3. What’s the worst date you have been on? 
  4. Have you ever cheated on someone?
  5. When was the last time you lied?
  6. What’s one thing you do not want people to know about you?
  7. Have you ever broken the law?
  8. If you had to cut off one of your friends now, who would it be?
  9. Do you have a crush in this room?
  10. The weirdest place you have had sex?
  11. When was the last time you cried?
  12. Tell me about your worst sex experience 
  13. What is your best sex experience?
  14. What is your biggest insecurity? 
  15. What is your biggest fear?
  16. What is the strangest rumor you have had about yourself? 
  17. Your biggest turn-on? 
  18. Your turn-off?
  19. What is the last lie you told?
  20. Have you ever started a rumor about someone?
  21. Who are you jealous of?
  22. Have you ever started a rumor about someone in this room?
  23. Have you ever pretended to like someone?
  24. Have you ever had sex with someone for money? 
  25. Which of your exes would you rather go back to? 
  26. What is your real age?
  27. What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
  28. Have you ever picked your nose and put it in your mouth? 
  29. Have you ever shared a nude and to who?”
  30. Have you ever thought of cheating on your partner?
  31. What is your biggest fear in a relationship? 
  32. Have you ever stolen from someone? 
  33. Who would you love to see naked in this room?
  34. Would you break it off with your partner for a million dollars?
  35. What’s the cheapest gift you have ever given someone? 
  36. Whose secret are you taking to your grave? 
  37. What’s that one thing you wish you could change about your body? 
  38. What superpower would you wish to have? 
  39. How many editing apps do you have? 
  40. If you could date two people at once in this room? Who would they be?
  41. What’s your kiss count? 
  42. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  43. When was your first time doing it and what was it like?
  44. Who was your first love?
  45. Who was your first intimate partner?
  46. What are the things you find attractive in men?
  47. Have you ever been rejected by someone you love?
  48. What’s the craziest thing to ever happen to you in public? 
  49. Who do you miss? 
  50. Who do you regret ever hooking up with? 

Dare Questions for girlfriend

truth or dare questions
  1. I dare you to smell the armpit of the person next to you.
  2. Try not to laugh when one person tickles you
  3. I dare you to show us your orgasm face
  4. Do your favorite celebrity impression
  5. I dare you to attempt licking your elbow
  6. I dare you to remove three items from your clothes
  7. Take two shots
  8. I dare you to say one on this thing about everyone else in this room
  9. I dare you to kiss the person SG
  10. I dare you to do a poll dance with an imaginary poll
  11. try being seductive for the next three minutes
  12. Bark like a dog for two minutes
  13. Repeat everything anyone says in this Groupon see it is your turn again
  14. Say something dirty to the person in front of you
  15. Pull up your last Google research for the group to see
  16. Mix five available liquids and drink at once
  17. show the group your recently deleted photo
  18. Let someone randomly pick a person for you to Dm on Instagram saying “let’s hook up”
  19. Do a live video and do or say anything your friends tell you to do. 
  20. sit on the floor for the next 15 minutes.
  21. Call the first person in your contacts book and howl like the wolf for 30 seconds
  22. Let someone in the group post a status of their choice on your socials
  23. Do an impression of one of the players and stop when one person can finally get it.
  24. Pour a drink on your dress
  25. eat a packet of hot sauce at once
  26. Go shower with your clothes on
  27. Crack an egg on your head now
  28. Dance for three minutes with new music on
  29. Do a standout comedy for the group 
  30. Quack like a duck for three minutes
  31. Talk without your tongue for two minutes
  32. Put on a blindfold and shake your ass for five minutes
  33. Talk for three minutes with your lips apart
  34. Take a selfie on a male’s chest and post it on your social
  35. My straight for three minutes
  36. Fill your mouth with food and don’t munch until ten minutes 
  37. Respond to anyone here with a bark for the next ten minutes. And each player must in turn and at different times apart ask you questions. 
  38. I dare you to scream the first word that comes to your mind
  39. Moan for three minutes
  40. Let someone mess up your makeup with food
  41. Pretend to be a picture for the next five minutes
  42. Wave  like a robot with a smile on for five minutes
  43. Wear the back of your clothes for the rest of the evening. 
  44. I dare you to dance very far away from the group alone for 10 minutes 
  45. Talk in your favorite accent for three minutes
  46. Do 60 push-ups
  47. Do 60 squats
  48. Spell your name from the back and with each mistake, you take a shot
  49. Give a lap dance to the person of your choice
  50. Whisper dirty things to the person next to you for two minutes.