55 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

Celebration of love is something that we do every day, but it’s more special on the anniversary day. Whether you’re the one buying a gift for your partner or you’re looking for the best anniversary gift ideas for parents, we’ve got you covered with a list of thoughtful anniversary gifts to wrap with sweet words of wishes and prayers for them.

Marriage anniversary celebrations are a wonderful accomplishment. You have been sticking by each other through all of life’s ups and downs for the past five years. Even if it undoubtedly hasn’t always been simple, it’s a milestone in a marriage that deserves to be honored with a very unique anniversary present.

There are some wonderful wedding anniversary gifts available to help them honor the very day they said, “I do, and all the weeks that have followed. Whether you would like to say, “Happy Anniversary” to a lovely couple in your life or you’d like to give your partner a sweet, thoughtful gift to commemorate your relationship, there are some wonderful wedding anniversary gifts out there.

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The Best 55 Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. A stunning ring

The perfect way to commemorate years of marriage is with a little bling. This gorgeous ring is made of gold and set with diamonds and an emerald cut. 

2. A trip to Ireland

What could be more appropriate as an “Emerald Isle” anniversary gift than a trip there? This luxurious 12-night trip from Black Tomato offers a leisurely Irish excursion to see the sights and discover the stunning nation. 

3. Pretty lampshade

Any room in your house will look gorgeous with this stunning emerald-green lampshade. It comes in a variety of sizes to adorn their preferred lamp and is made of dyed cotton velvet.

4. A personalized chopping board

These personalized cutting boards are thoughtful and useful wedding anniversary gifts. You can choose additional add-ons like a display stand, gift box, or cutting board oil, and it is available in a range of sizes and finishes. 

5. Quirky cuff links

These tree-frog cuff links are toad-ally awesome, and they’ll make them think of you every time they wear them. The entertaining green amphibians will liven up any shirt’s sleeves and are sure to spark conversation. 

6. A top-notch toiletry case

For those who enjoy traveling, a stylish, top-notch toiletry case makes a wonderful anniversary gift. With their initials, you can add a particularly thoughtful touch to this one.

7. Caffeine fix

For coffee lovers, a subscription to their favorite beverage makes a fantastic wedding anniversary present. Each month, they receive a fresh shipment of freshly roasted coffees from all over the world from this Atlas Coffee Club. 

8. Stunning earrings

With these stunning emerald earrings, embrace the anniversary gift themes of the traditional and contemporary. They are available in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold and have a straightforward design that is big on fashion. 

9. Emerald wall art

The emerald accents in this lovely abstract art print serve as a playful reminder of the years that have passed since your wedding. You can order it in a range of sizes to ensure that it fits your space perfectly. 

10. Sentimental vase

A lovely bud will look stunning in this memento vase made of crystal. The names of the couple, the number of years they have been married, and the year of their wedding can all be customized.

11. A stunning photo book

Create a professional photo book with a few of your favorite memories for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. To create the ideal appearance, you can select from a variety of covers, paper types, and other components and use the free online design tools.

12. Sparkly necklace

With this stunning necklace featuring emerald-cut diamonds and a setting in your choice of rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, you can add a little twist to the emerald theme. Everybody who sees it will be envious of it. 

13. Worldly wines

Raise a glass to years of marriage with this wine gift box, which includes six special bottles of Italian wine and is like a tour of the nation.  

14. A stunning watch

It’s been a long time together, and this classy watch will help them keep track of time as you move forward in life together. The Beautiful green face is a nice nod to the theme of emerald anniversary gifts, as well.

15. Cozy throw blanket

With this warm throw blanket, you can curl up together on the couch or wherever you like. It’s lightweight, warm, and made of recycled yarn, making it ideal for any season.

16. Video montage

To commemorate their years together, make the happy couple a video montage of unforgettable moments. Tribute provides you with the resources you need to make your video montage, or you can use their concierge service to have the job done for you. 

17. Buttoned-up art

This wall art is adorable and makes a one-of-a-kind gift. A heart made of green buttons can be customized with your name and wedding date. 

18. Elegant wine decanter

Any celebratory gathering will benefit from the addition of this wine decanter as a thoughtful anniversary gift. Your wedding date, name, or special message can all be added as customizations.

19. Romantic candle

With this lovely scented candle, you can remind them that they can still start your fire. The appropriately named “Love in Bloom” cake has real flowers and crystals on top. 

20. Gratitude set 

A thoughtful and original gift to celebrate a 5-year wedding anniversary is this set of gratitude jars. There are two jars included, one for each of you. The labels instructed people to “Take a moment each time you see a penny and express your gratitude for something about him/her.” There is space inside for those pennies, other changes, or special mementos to one another. 

21. A meaningful anniversary card

The ideal anniversary card may even function as a gift. Minted has a great selection of greeting cards to choose from, whether you want to say “Happy Anniversary” sentimentally or humorously.

22. Sentimental anniversary journal

One year down and a lifetime to go now is the perfect time to start documenting your shared memories. There is space in this anniversary journal to note every milestone, from the first to the 60th. Even better, it has prompts that can help you reflect romantically and serve as a reminder of your time spent together each year. 

There is no doubt that people will value this for a very, very long time. It might end up being a priceless family heirloom. A special touch is added to the cover by personalizing it with the names of the couple and their wedding date. 

23. Original origami art

This unique piece of art is one of the sweetest paper gifts you can give for your first anniversary. It’s a framed work of 3D origami art made to match your wedding suits, and you can add your name and wedding date to it to truly mark the occasion. The artist also offers options for two brides or a bride and groom in their Etsy shop, along with artwork that features traditional Chinese, Scottish, and Korean attire.

24. Printed wedding vows

You will cherish your vows for the rest of your life. With this special paper anniversary gift, you can display them in a framed print alongside your name and the date of your wedding on either side. Put it on display in your living room so guests can enjoy it as well, or hang it above your bed as a romantic memento of your special day. 

25. Chic gold watch

With this attractive gold watch, you can combine two customary first-anniversary gift themes into one. Despite not being made of solid gold but rather gold-plated stainless steel (hence the low price), it still has a sleek and fashionable appearance. Gold is used throughout, and it has a refined, classy feel. Give your spouse whatever they want if that describes their personality. They’ll adore this cutting-edge first-anniversary present, we guarantee it.

26. Personalized stationery set

one of the most straightforward paper anniversaries presents ever? the real thing, on paper This custom stationery set is an improved version of that. It is customized with their name and address and has lovely yellow blooms along the bottom, a subtle nod to the color of the first anniversary. Your spouse’s use of stationery will significantly improve (and you might even inspire them to start sending you romantic letters). 

27. Custom ring holder

Your significant other needs a secure location to keep the ring you gave them. You have the opportunity to surprise them with a special ring holder if they haven’t picked one up in the past year. The pocket ring holder that can be personalized with your name, initials, and wedding date is Exhibit A. You’re also communicating to them that you still do (and always will). is consistent with the first-anniversary theme due to the rose gold color. It’s an especially considerate gift for a partner who frequently needs to take off their wedding band to keep it safe (for example, for work). 

28. Relationship-building card game

This provocative card game is produced by a Black-owned company. The happy couple will have a good time on their upcoming date night if they watch Curious. Additionally, the questions are great for getting to know one another better and are appropriate for friends and family as well. If the couple enjoys entertaining, they will appreciate having a simple icebreaker on hand. You can cross that off your list of things to do: purchase a present for their first wedding anniversary. 

29. A dapper whiskey decanter

Does your home have a whiskey enthusiast? Here’s a fantastic gift for the couple celebrating their first anniversary.. Give them this lovely decanter that has been classically inscribed with their name to brighten their day. A sweet message like “Cheers to one year” can be added as an additional engraving on the back, and matching rock glasses can be added to complete the set. Whether you decide, they can store and sip their preferred libation in style with this attractive glassware.

30. Gold-coated rose

Even though a rose is the traditional anniversary gift, it doesn’t seem appropriate for the first year of marriage, or does it? This gorgeous flower is covered in 24-karat gold, making it a fitting (and extremely romantic) gift. Finding out how everything functions is also quite fascinating. The first step is to select a real rose at its peak bloom. The flower is then protected in a sturdy shell while still retaining its inherent beauty. Before placing your order, have it personalized with your name or a sentimental message like “I love you” because the rose is 24-karat gold-plated! 

31. At-home baking kit

This eclair baking kit is the ideal first wedding anniversary gift if the couple has a shared love of sweets. Together, you can have a good time doing this, and as a reward, they will receive a tasty treat. A kitchen tool that will be useful while baking is included in the kit, along with premium pre-measured ingredients (so there’s no last-minute dash to the store). What a unique way to commemorate your first year! 

32. Paper crane earrings

Despite your paper anniversary, you are not solely restricted to using paper products. For instance, these chic earrings are made out of paper and feature an origami crane bird. If you want to take full advantage of the one-year themes, go with the gold set.

33. Practical robot vacuum

If you’re struggling to come up with first-anniversary gift suggestions for a couple, look through their registry to see if anything was left unpurchased. If it is given to the couple as a first-anniversary gift, they will be delighted. The top item on couples’ wish lists for the past few years has been self-operating vacuums. If they don’t already own one, iRobot’s Roomba is certain to make them happy. It cleans in neat rows, is excellent at removing pet hair, and allows for communication via Alexa devices. 

34. A sophisticated wristwatch

When you’re celebrating your first year of marriage, a watch is a traditional anniversary gift that is especially appropriate. Details mean that This gold watch with a leather strap combines two first anniversary elements: clocks. A stunning leather strap is combined with a watch face that is both stylish and modern to create a timepiece that is both modern and elegant. (And all of the additional signs that a clock anniversary gift offers.)

35. Blonde carnation bouquet

Since carnations are traditionally given as first anniversary flowers, purchasing a bouquet of these delightful blooms is an easy decision. Choose this light blonde shade if you want to be praised for adhering to the theme. Depending on your budget (and the grandiosity of your gesture), it is available in bunches of 20 or 40 stems.

36. Dainty pearl necklace

This lovely gold-vermeil necklace from Mejuri is a great choice if you want to stick to tradition. The elegant pearl is a representation of wisdom, and the timeless design ensures that they will wear it repeatedly. It is understated enough for everyday wear while still being elegant enough for special occasions. 

37. Meaningful sheet music

One of the most significant events in your relationship was your wedding day, which you will both always cherish. There are numerous ways to remember that special day, as well as numerous details you should never forget. By having the sheet music printed on canvas, you can transform your first dance song into a priceless piece of home décor. If you want to display the song’s lyrics as well, you can do so by adding them. 

38. Honeymoon cuff links

The traditional first-anniversary gift of mementos from the wedding day is always appreciated, but how about a souvenir from your honeymoon? You can choose to have the sand in these clever cuff links come from the beach of your choice, or you can choose to send the maker your sand in its place. Since they can obtain sand from anywhere in the world, there’s a good chance that your dream honeymoon location is included. 

39. Must-have coffee mugs

Are you looking for a pair that has a little bit of coffee knowledge? With matching mugs that proudly display their marital status, they can elevate their daily cup of coffee. It is possible to purchase a Mr. and Mrs., Mrs. and Mrs., or Mr. and Mr. set of these self-heating mugs since they are sold separately. The mug has an LED light that flashes when the ideal temperature is reached and an auto-sleep function. It is powered by a built-in battery.

40. Upgraded silk loungewear

After a long day, nothing is more relaxing than slipping into a soft, silky robe. The silk loungewear from Lunya is ideal if you want to give your spouse a first wedding anniversary present that will encourage them to unwind and take it easy. Prepare to be amazed: The website offers options for both sexes that are all machine-washable. Yes, really. 

41. Classic gold bracelet

Inspire yourself with the customary first-anniversary metal. This elegant yet understated chain link bracelet will make you go for gold. With this solid gold bracelet on, your significant other will experience feelings of wealth. The 14-karat jewelry doesn’t feel excessively flashy or casual, making it appropriate for everyday wear. In essence, it will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come. 

42. Origami wall clock

A clock and a piece of paper, please. The first wedding anniversary gift lottery has been won by you. This chic clock incorporates both conventional and contemporary first-anniversary themes and adds a fun, modern touch to any home’s decor. There are six different color options available, one of which is a cheery yellow that perfectly captures yet another of the iconic images of this milestone.

43. Star map print

Is stargazing your spouse’s favorite pastime? Here is an adorable paper anniversary present for either of you. It’s a diagram of the night sky from the chosen time and place (hint: your wedding day). Additionally, you can change the text on the print to convey a sentimental message. It says, “The Happiest Day,” on this one. 

44. Delicious charcuterie delivery

What more delicious way could the couple celebrate than with a delicious platter of charcuterie and all the fixings? With the standard size, this fantastic gift idea easily satisfies two people. Two pieces of cheese, one meat, one packet of crackers, spreadable, and other accompaniments (such as olives, dried fruit, or chocolate) are included. For them to enjoy making the ideal charcuterie display together before digging in, the kit also includes instructions and a video tutorial. 

45. Custom couple’s portrait

We’d like to recommend this personalized wedding portrait if you’re struggling to think of a sweet first-anniversary gift and want to give them something special. To get started, just send the artist a photo of the couple on their wedding day. Bonus: It matches the customary symbol for the first anniversary, giving your gift double the significance.

46. Luxury candle subscription

Shopping for a candle enthusiast? If your partner is constantly searching for the ideal seasonal scent, a Keep subscription will completely up their candle game. A master perfumer created the brand’s luxurious candles, which come in delightful scents like “wild figs” and “wood cabin.” Even better, the company considers the environment at every stage of the production process, ensuring that each candle is made from considerate ingredients. Even better, the company considers the environment at every stage of production, using considerate ingredients to create each candle. Depending on your spending limit, select a three-candle, six-candle, or twelve-candle subscription. 

47. Useful travel diary

This travel stub diary will be perfect for the couple if they enjoy exploring new places. They can keep all the paper souvenirs from their trips there, such as ticket stubs, postcards, maps, and brochures, in it. It’s a suitable way to raise a glass to their exciting future together as a married couple. 

48. Paper poppy bouquet

Another interesting first-anniversary gift that they’ll adore is offered here. These pale pink poppies made of paper will last much longer than real flowers, which makes them a fun gift. Pink poppies are a representation of success and creativity, making them the ideal flower for marking the accomplishments of your relationship thus far and envisioning a successful future. 

49. Custom cheese board

Most likely, the young couple is still shopping for items to complete their entertaining kitchen set. We love giving luxury cheese boards for the first wedding anniversaries because of this. There is more than sufficient space on this multi-level serving wheel ideal for presenting a variety of cheeses, crackers, and meats. A concealed pull-out tray that keeps complementary utensils organized is a bonus. Add their initials to this practical platter for a more personalized touch. 

50. Fairytale rose

Your love story essentially meets the criteria for a fairy tale after five years of blissful marriage. The rose from Beauty and the Beast is exactly like this one—only better. It is decorated with vibrant string lights that produce an amazing galaxy effect. This original and unique gift for your fifth wedding anniversary won’t be something your spouse was expecting.

51. Sapphire studs

Sapphire gemstones aren’t just lovely to look at; they’re also a representation of knowledge, honesty, and faithfulness and have a long history of being used by royalty. Who could forget Kate Middleton’s stunning sapphire sparkler? But these earrings feature more than just the stone for the fifth wedding anniversary; they also feature a cluster of sapphire, aquamarine, London blue topaz, and a tiny diamond. They are designed to resemble hydrangeas. They are cutting-edge, distinctive, and on-theme. What more could your significant other possibly ask for in fifth-anniversary jewelry?

52. Pretty ring box

Regarding engagement rings, does your partner have a secure location to keep theirs when they are not wearing them? It’s the ideal place to store both of your rings in this lovely wooden ring box. Your initials can be added to the lid’s exterior, and the sweet saying “Forever & Always” is engraved on the interior.

53. Meaningful cutlery

This one is for you if you’re looking for fifth-anniversary gift suggestions that are appropriate for the occasion and take silverware, into account. The phrases “I still do” and “Me too” are hand stamped on this pair of forks. Has the wedding date been imprinted on the ends of each fork to make the gift even more appropriate? The dinner forks are the better choice if you intend to prepare a special anniversary dinner at home. Alternatively, if you plan to celebrate with a piece of your favorite cake, use dessert forks.

54. Portable pizza oven

Okay, so perhaps this goes a little too far with the wood theme, but trust us when we say they’ll adore this gift for their fifth wedding anniversary. A true stone-baked pizza can be made anywhere with this portable wood-pellet pizza oven. What’s best? Even a whole pizza can be cooked in under a minute. It takes as little as 60 seconds to cook an entire pizza. What do they claim? Your stomach is the gateway to your heart. 

55. Trendy timepiece

Another popular anniversary gift is a watch, due to its extreme usefulness. Who doesn’t appreciate receiving a thoughtful and practical gift? With this modern timepiece from Switzerland, you can convey to your special someone how much you value the five years you’ve shared. A nice nod to the year’s gemstone is made by the sapphire-colored strap and face.