10 Best Dating Tips For Single Mom

Is it hard dating as a single mom?

Being a parent is difficult enough, then there is the most astounding and challenging one, being a single parent. You have to know that being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but it is a journey for the strong. 

If you are a single mom, looking to get back into the dating world, then these 10 dating tips for single moms written in this article will make your dating life easier for you and your kids. 

10 best dating tips for single mom

1. Take your time 

The wisest decision you will make for yourself and your children is to take your time to heal from your previous relationship before starting to date again.

It is important to take your time and analyze what went wrong in your previous relationship and how you might have played a part in the issue and how it has affected you. If you don’t do this you’ll also bring those problems into your new relationship and that again will bring about the same stress and issues. 

2. Try online dating 

Online dating is becoming more acceptable due to the rising variety of websites that provide a safe service and help foster genuine relationships. 

You may choose to enter the dating scene through online dating. Just choose a trusted dating site. The use of dating apps like “Tinder” and “Hinge” has become more popular. Register and complete the necessary blanks on your profile. After that, for a while, you can now check the people who contact you to see if you’ve found someone worth meeting. 

3. Have a conversation with your kids 

Ask your kids questions like, “If you were to start dating today, how would they feel?” And, whenever you bring up this subject, observe their reaction. It is still your choice to decide what to do, but this conversation will make them more prepared for potential outcomes. So just pay attention to their feelings about the idea. 

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4. Introduce them to your kids 

Before you introduce them to your kids, be thoughtful about it. You will need to be sure that everyone is prepared for the meeting. If you often drop hints about your new relationship, they will probably let you know if they wish to meet your new partner.

 For your relationship, make sure the relationship is solid and not just a passing fling. You don’t want to introduce your children to various persons you are not yet sure you want to be with. Or if they are looking to stay for a short period in your lives. But if you are sure your new partner is now playing a significant role in your life, it’s time for them to meet your kids. It can be frightening but this step is an important one to take. 

5. Be yourself 

One important thing to note about dating as a single mom is not to change who you are. To impress the man you are with, you don’t have to alter your character or act like the young lady you used to be before you got kids. Just be your true self and don’t bring any false appearance that isn’t who you are. 

6. Be honest 

You need to be Truthful about being a single mom. Your partner deserves to know the truth. Some people only care about your time and commitments to the relationship anyway; they don’t care if you have children. If you have an online dating profile, mention it there or bring it up during your first date. It’s nothing you should hide. Keep in mind that your children come first and your date should understand the situation. The advantage of this is that other single parents are searching for love too.

7. Knowing what you want 

You should know exactly what you want in your new relationship and what you don’t want. If the person you want to be with does not have the right attributes or character of a decent parent, either with your children or theirs. Looking at your list of deal-makers and deal-breakers, you should know right away whether to leave or stay, even if you are in love with this person.

The biggest red flag is a “disrespectful partner” right on time, be on the lookout for things like this early on in the relationship, whoever disrespects you isn’t going to change. You don’t want your kids to see such scenarios with your new partner. 

8. Pay no attention to judgments 

People will judge you for your parenting style. They will advise you about your choice, it will likely come from family or friends. Just ignore them and move on with your thoughtful decision. You are an adult, and as long as it won’t hurt your kids, you are right. 

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9. Do not have high expectations 

Do not go on dates with high expectations, because doing so can make you feel anxious. Avoid expecting something spectacular on the very first date. Just think of it as an enjoyable moment where you are meeting someone new. But remember to talk to the person on the phone first before agreeing to meet, because it can help you know a bit about him beforehand. 

10. Don’t pressure yourself 

If you put a lot of pressure on yourself because you want to balance dating and your kids or because you want to look perfect for your date and not look like a woman with kids already. Read tip number 5 again. 

Spending your free time with your new partner does not imply abandoning your children. Take it slowly. The sooner you realize that it will never be perfectly balanced, the sooner you can release some of the pressure you put on yourself. 


A new relationship feels so good, but you should allow yourself enough time to get to know him more and know if the relationship has the potential to be long-term.

I hope you learned that you do not have to rush into telling your kids about the man you are dating. The ideal time will come. Also, balance your time with your children and your date. Do not concentrate on one and then overlook the other.