How To Ask A Girl Out In 6 Simple Ways

You may be wondering how to ask a girl out through text, via WhatsApp or how to ask a girl out in public. We’ve got you covered with the most creative ways to ask her out and score yourself a date with her.

Guys frequently ask this question because most times when they see the girl they like, even if they have probably already spoken to her, they are still unsure of how to approach her or what to say, to ask her to go out with them. And just the thought alone makes them anxious. 

Fortunately, this article is here to give you some useful advice on how to approach a woman and ask her out. Carefully read the few instructions provided so that you won’t panic when you see the person you want to ask out and just go for it.

Six helpful tips on how to ask any girl out. 

1. Prepare your mind

You must understand that when her response is a “No” it has nothing to do with whether you did it right or wrong. We often believe that we’ve done it correctly when she says yes but wrong if she rejects us. 

Then you will probably be wondering, if you did it right why then did you get a no? There are many reasons why. One could be she is seeing someone else, or that you asked at the wrong time. Either she is in a bad mood, or maybe she isn’t interested in dating anyone at the moment. Another reason might be because she just wants to be friends with you. 

Just because you are taking a chance and asking her out doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a no for an answer. You are more likely to get turned down if you approach the situation with a negative mindset. As you know when we are anxious about something we often act in ways that aren’t our true selves. 

So prepare your mind for whatever response you will get and get your thoughts in order. Build up enough self-confidence and go ahead and approach her. If you stay at home and make assumptions you will never know what you will miss. You may practice your words beforehand to help you. 

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2. Be confident 

Being confident makes you aware of your body language. Things like maintaining steady eye contact, smiling, and maintaining a straight posture too. Try not to slouch, mumble or stare at the floor. 

Make sure you approach her with confidence since men with confidence are incredibly attractive. Girls don’t like door mats, therefore you should exude confidence when speaking to them. Even if she says no, she will admire your confidence. 

3. Choosing the right place and time

You must have probably heard “There’s no perfect time and women wait for no one. The moment you blink, she might be taken by another” While this is true, do not let it distract you from your goal. And that is getting a yes. 

There should always be a right time, like the right time and place to ask her out. If you ask her out in front of her co-workers, her friends, or her family, that will make her uncomfortable and you will probably prompt a negative answer from her. But if you feel you might not be lucky to catch her in her free time. You can let her know you want to talk to her or even text her. If she is with her friends, you can take her aside and talk to her. 

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4. Find out her interest 

Learn what interests her, then take good advantage of it. This is now the right time to ask her to come with you to the new restaurant she once talked about. You may even buy two tickets to her favorite artist’s concert and invite her to go with you. If you know a game she enjoys, you can ask her to play with you, which will even spark conversation. This action shows that you are genuinely interested in spending time with her and have no hidden motives.

So asking her out on a date will be effortless if you are aware of her likes. 

4. Do it like the old days 

You can write her a letter. Send her a very sweet and short letter asking her out, and put it in her mailbox or locker. It is romantic and sounds just like a sweet swooning story to tell a friend about. 

6. Communicate often 

Text her often but not too much, you’re just trying to create a connection and not just walking straight up to her without knowing anything about her, and then asking her to go out with you. You have to text often and send memes to make her laugh. And don’t give too much space before you text her again. Like texting today and texting the next two weeks later. No no. And while you do that remember to switch it up and call her on the phone. And then when it’s right to go for your goal, you can tell her you would like to get to know her more and ask her out. Remember to keep your texts pleasant and humorous. 


Bear the following in mind before asking her out. If this is a close friend of yours, you must let her know in advance that this Isn’t one of your friendly hangouts. Be specific and disclose your true intentions. 

Secondly, practice your lines before approaching her so you don’t stutter and miss your opportunity to ask her out by saying what you didn’t plan to say. 

Thirdly, No matter what she says, keep a calm composure and offer a pleasant response.

 But then, why don’t you try saying it with flowers? If you’re looking to do something more romantic. If you send flowers to her home with a note asking her out, then text her afterward to be sure she got the flowers. Then the timing is right for you to ask her to go out with you.

Remember, once you two have gotten closer, use the moment, don’t be afraid or act like a stranger. This is your chance to put a foot forward, take a breath and ask her out.