Best Slimming Hairstyles For Fat Faces And Double Chin Women

What hairstyles slim a chubby face and how should I wear my hair if I have a fat face are common questions asked by most plus-sized women on various online forums.

Finding the ideal fit is a challenge for plus-sized people who have appealing body types. The ideal haircut to draw attention to round faces is getting harder to find, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. There are countless lovely hairstyles that can be used to give the face a tonier, leaner appearance. 

Women who believe they have a round face frequently commit the ultimate sin: they make the false assumption that pushing their hairstyle forward over their faces will cover up the bigger shape. It’s an error. In reality, extending the hair forward towards the cheeks emphasizes the largest feature on anyone’s face: fat cheeks! 

Instead of attempting to hide your size and form, show off your eyes and arrange your hair away from your face. It is untrue that only older or heavier women require the employment of various techniques to attract attention toward the lower third of their faces. 

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Just a few decades earlier, Selena Gomez’s photos were widely criticized on social media for the excessive puffiness around her jaw. While there are several ways to address the issue, from lifting skincare products to surgeries, we are concentrating our efforts on amazing hairstyles to do the job. Hairstyles to disguise double chins are a non-invasive method, and they actually exist! 

Best hairstyles for double chin to hide fat face

From low maintenance short hairstyles for fat faces and double chins to long hairstyles for fat faces and double chins and everything in between, you will find the following suggestions helpful and suitable for different occasions.

1. Double chins style. 

Given that they completely expose our chins, crops appear to not be the greatest choice in this situation. But a decent cut is all about striking the adequate mix, and some shorter styles achieve this objective very successfully. 

2. Cropping hairstyle. 

The main goal of cropping is to create focal points that can provide a fashionable finished look and even a revitalizing effect while drawing attention away from the chin. For both fashion and disguise, hairdressers and their clients prefer shorter hair for double chins such as this one.

3. Short-shaved-head style. 

Shaggy hairstyles today exude awesome classic style. The layering method causes the hair pieces to curl erratically, adding tons of volume and movement. And that’s just what we really want from females with limp hair. 

4. Short pixie style

Photo by Jeff Spicer

For Double Chins, a short pixie. Ginnifer Goodwin demonstrated how well the pixie fits broad features, and we are certain that it looks good on a round, fat face with a large chin. This only applies to cuts that have a density at the roots and longer parts on top. 

5. Long Pixie with Layers

Photo by Zinoveva_elena on Instagram

The volume helps to balance the face’s lower third. To highlight the eye and cheeks rather than the forehead, the long strands can be elegantly arranged around the forehead, ears, and crown. 

6. A-Line Bob style

Photo by @lottaleggsbeauty

A-line bob haircuts for dual chins are suggested for a variety of factors. The cut lengthens the front parts and adds some sharp lines, giving your face a thinner appearance. 

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7. Double chin messy bob

Bob for Double Chins is a messy cut. A-line, graded (reversed), and asymmetrical cuts bob open the neck, giving it a more feminine look, while creating a sort of screen on the front to conceal a drooping jawline. They are also strongly recommended for women who want to cover their chins. 

8. Curly Bob. 

Photo by _Simplynicki on Instagram

Short haircuts with ruffled roots and big waves are among the curly hairstyles for those with round features and double chins to take into consideration, especially for older women.

9. Wavy Bob. 

Photo by Ricardo Rodrigues on Instagram

Feminine waves highlight the top portion of the face and provide the lower half with a touch of tenderness that softens the problem. Curls provide volume, so it’s also a fantastic option for chins that are receding, but we wouldn’t suggest this method for fat women. 

10. Medium Length Hairstyles. 

Photo by Desanj1 on Instagram

Since it provides a lot of hairs around the face to experiment with in order to reach the ideal equilibrium, mid-length hair is sort of born to fulfill this function. Medium haircuts provide us with the desired blanket to hide our flaws while also allowing us to wear our poofy hair without much maintenance effort.

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11. Tidy ponytail 

The best hairstyle for fat faces is a sleek, sweeping ponytail at the crown of the head. It will enable you to show off your attractive curves and give the appearance that your neck is longer. When wearing this ponytail hairstyle, be careful not to conceal anything in the face. To finish the appearance, pair it with some lovely earrings. 

12. The Chic Look 

On top of the head, make an extended bun to lengthen the face’s form. For people with fat faces and long hair, this is feasible. The overweight face will naturally appear slimmer as a result. Another excellent haircut for chubby faces that will effectively make your eyes and forehead appear less chubby is this one.

13. Hair Parting 

Photo by Elena Gurova/Getty Images

The hair should be kept open, but focus on the parting for an easy technique to style hair with a plump face shape. It is recommended to explore side hairstyles, zigzag partings, and other styles rather than utilizing a center parting, which makes the cheek heavier. Instead of focusing on the cheeks, this curly hairdo will draw attention to the forehead. 

14. Feathered pixie 

Photo by Tinseltown/

One of the hottest hairstyles for fat face shapes with a feathery pixie cut is the feathered pixie cut. Since this type of cut requires little care, you won’t need to devote a lot of time to it. It’s a straightforward pixie cut with one side left higher compared to the other to give it a stylish vibe.

15. Straight bob

Do it like the gorgeous Selena Gomez, who has a fat face and consistently wears lovely hairstyles for chubby faces, with a simple bob haircut! This is a pretty straightforward schoolgirl bob style that anyone can wear and look chic. You can just carefully separate your hair to the side, leaving your bangs in place. This happens as a result of the cheeks contracting as side-parted hair falls on one side of the face. 


On attractive young females, plump cheeks and a dip chin could sound and seem lovely, but on mature women, they’re not so appealing. Additional facial fat can give you a broader expression and make you look a bit overweight than you are. 

For too many women who constantly desire a sculpted appearance, this might be a significant depressive issue. Even after shaping their faces with makeup and a new hairstyle, concealing their fatness can be difficult; the trick is to love your body more.