70 Best Mind-blowing Halloween Movies To Watch

What Halloween movies are worth watching this season?

Nothing gets you in the spirit for the creepy season like a Halloween theme night. This is the reason we’ve put up a collection of the top Halloween movies that every fan of horror movies should watch. 

Even while many of the great Halloween films on this list are classified as “horror” or “thrillers” and may be perfectly suited for the grownups in your home, you can still involve your kids in the festivities by choosing one of the larger community Halloween films. 

After all, Disney Halloween films like the recently released Hocus Pocus 2 are appropriate for audiences of all ages. We’ve included a good balance of classic favorites to make sure we’ve covered the best Halloween movies of all time.

Do you recall your first viewing of The Shining? You could find contemporary blockbusters like A Quiet Place to be equally unsettling. But in all honesty, nothing tops a classic Halloween horror film like Scream or Nightmare on Elm Street. Is anyone else getting chills just contemplating these?

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What are you still holding out for? Dress in your costume for Halloween, prepare some popcorn or a tasty treat for Halloween, and choose one of these frightful movies for your next horror movie marathon!

Best Halloween Movies List You Will Find Scary And Interesting

From the wearing Michael Myers custom to watching the best halloween movies animated or best halloween family movies and everything in between, our halloween movies list will help you make the most out of this wonderful halloween season.

1. Silence of the Lambs

Although it wasn’t the first production of Thomas Harris’ novel featuring Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs is unquestionably the most noteworthy. The film is essentially a flawless thriller from beginning to end, yet it has enough genuinely heinous crime and bloodshed to earn a spot on this list.

2. The Shining

The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick, is regarded as one of the best horror movies ever made. It is inspired by Stephen King’s renowned 1977 bestseller of the same name, albeit there are several significant deviations. Each shot is wonderfully composed, and Jack Nicholson gives one of the most gripping and spooky lead performances in the genre’s history.

3. Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is one of the greatest-scale horror movies we’ve seen recently, even if it’s more of a followup to Stephen King’s The Shining novel than Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece. A grown-up Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, discovers a little girl who possesses abilities identical to his own. Things go out of control when a cult is involved.

4. The Night House

The Night House, starring Rebecca Hall, is about a widow who is grieving the loss of her husband when strange things start happening at the home he built. The best way to enjoy this film is to go in with as little information as you can. However, you should be aware of the magnificent sights and the various twists.

5. Coraline

Coraline begins an arduous quest for a new life because she is tired of her current one. She discovers a parallel universe with parents that are just like hers, minus the button eyes, and she begins to believe she may have had it good all along.

6. Cabin Fever

Avoid consuming the water! In this classic film by Hostel filmmaker Eli Roth, five college pals are powerless against a flesh-eating virus.

7. Fright Night

In this 1980s cult favorite, 17-year-old Charley Brewster teams up with a former vampire hunter to rescue the day after learning that his new neighbor is a vampire.

8. The Munsters

Welcome back to 1313 Mockingbird Lane, where Rob Zombie has updated the spooky 1960s sitcom with this season’s focus being on the romance between Herman and Lily.

9. Jennifer’s Body

This popular feminist horror movie centers on a high school student who becomes enslaved by a demon and kills her male friends.

10. The Cabin in the Woods

Watch this suspense about a bunch of college students who go out for a cabin getaway and end up getting way more than they bargained for. if you want to laugh and be scared this is the Halloween movie for you.

11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

In every way, Buffy fits the stereotype of a typical teenage girl. Except that she’s supposed to kill vampires, of course! See how she develops into Los Angeles’s wild hero

12. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

What better way to celebrate Halloween than to take a deep breath of the crisp air at Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry? You can watch any of the eight movies in this enchanted series, however, why not start from the very beginning?

13. Brightburn

This young person, who was abandoned on Earth from yet another planet, demonstrates that not everybody who possesses superpowers aspires to be a superhero.

14. Trick ‘r Treat

Rules created by demons are special ones that shouldn’t be broken! This collection of horror comedy movies recounts five interconnected Halloween tales that will make you laugh and shiver at the same time.

15. Children of the Corn

Any film based on a Stephen King book is guaranteed to be utterly terrifying. This movie about a newlywed couple who seem to get lost on the edge of nowhere proves it to be true. When a group of demonic kids emerges from a nearby cornfield, things quickly get worse.

16. Halloween

In 1978, the first version of the Michael Myers-starring Halloween film was released. As you witness the disguised murderer seek vengeance on his rural Illinois community, get prepared for some major screaming.

17. Hocus Pocus

“It’s all just hocus pocus,” you say. That was the reasoning behind one disobedient kid summoning three witches to Salem with the help of a magical candle.

18. Scream

You’ll scream and laugh while watching the original Scream as you try to figure out who is out to get Sidney (Neve Campbell) and her friends.

19. Halloweentown

Halloweentown, one of our all-time favorite Disney Halloween films, centers on a teenager who has just discovered she is a witch and must now save her grandmother’s beautiful town before it is destroyed permanently.

20. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is a fantastic choice for a family movie night in October, but it’s also one of the greatest ’80s films ever made in our opinion.

21. Halloween (2018) 

In 2018, Laurie Strode is back and ready to finally confront Michael, played once more by Jamie Lee Curtis.

22. Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman continue playing witch siblings who kill and then revive a lethal ex-boyfriend by accident.

23. Get Out

Watching a young guy attempting to flee a real-life “house of horrors” will keep you on the tip of your chair up to the end of Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed thriller.

24. The Exorcist

The Exorcist features a girl who is said to be under the influence of the devil and is loosely based on actual occurrences.

25. Young Frankenstein

When that mad scientist’s grandson travels to Transylvania, he discovers how to bring a dead person back to life. It seems like there is strife in the family.

26. Goosebumps

The most horrifying characters from R.L. Stine’s best-selling books are brought to life by Jack Black and the remainder of the cast.

27. Casper

Casper is on a mission to show his young human roommates that pleasant ghosts do exist.

28. A Nightmare on Elm Street

After watching Wes Craven’s popular horror film about the monster Freddie Krueger, who can haunt you in your nightmares, you might never want to go to sleep again.

29. The Addams Family

In the 1991 movie featuring Anjelica Huston and Christopher Lloyd, get to know the most well-known eccentric family of all time.

30. The Witches

Unintentionally entering a witches’ gathering, a boy hears them discussing their plans to transform kids into mice.

31. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington merely wants to spread a little holiday happiness in his hometown. But for the ruler of Halloweentown, that’s no simple task.

32. Double Double Toil and Trouble

How adorable would Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen be as kids? They play Kelly and Lynn Farmer, who are trying to save their parents when they run into a lot of magical shenanigans.

33. The Haunted Mansion

In this Halloween film based on the well-known Disney ride, Eddie Murphy and his household stumble upon a genuinely haunted mansion.

34. The Craft

When a bunch of teenage witches realizes how strong they really are, they become a little bit too enthusiastic.

35. Hotel Transylvania

The kinder Dracula, who only wishes to prevent his kid from courting a human, will please people of all ages.

36. Carrie

In the novel Carrie, a teenage paranormal girl exacts revenge on a town that treated her badly. There will never be another prom night.

37. Monster House

Are you courageous enough to confront a living monster house? These three young people are.

38. Seventh Sense

The shocking twist in Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment’s critically acclaimed thriller hasn’t quite left us.

39. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Is there perhaps a more traditional Halloween movie for families? Just saying, the classic ’80s film directed by Steven Spielberg tastes fantastic with popcorn and small chocolate bars.

40. Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod Crane is back for another confrontation with the Headless Horseman. This legend looks way creepier on film, more than we promise!

41. Frankenweenie

A young boy tries to revive his cherished dog. You probably would have a good idea of how that happened after watching.

42. The Monster Squad

When Dracula and his eerie crew attack their town, a gang of monster enthusiasts is forced to put their fascination to the test.

43. Scary Movie

Do not be misled by the title: This adult-only classic is not at all frightening that the necessary thrills of Halloween movies.

44. The Witch

When a farmer’s youngest kid disappears, his wife begins to suspect something terrible. What happens next is all in the movie.

45. Teen Wolf

Discovering that the character played by Michael J. Fox is a werewolf isn’t helping him in his struggle to finish high school.

46. The Ring

“Seven days” still sends shivers down our spines. After seeing the horror movie about a weird video cassette that kills the viewer a week later, you’ll understand why.

47. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Another Tim Burton favorite, The Corpse Bride tells the story of a young man who unintentionally weds a spirit from the afterlife.

48. The Conjuring

What are the connection between a remote family, two supernatural researchers, and a haunting farmhouse? This movie has all the makings of one that you will never forget. 

49. Addams Family Values

It’s impossible to consume any more of the Addams Family. This time, they are attempting to protect Uncle Fester from a dubious romantic interest.

50. Amityville Horror

Ryan Reynolds normally stars in romantic movies, but in The Amityville Horror, he and his new wife are living in a very haunted mansion, and the situation isn’t at all amusing.

51. Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors will undoubtedly speak (or, shall we say, sing) to you if you enjoy music.

52. A Quiet Place

Come to see Emily Blunt and John Krasinski on screen; stay to experience the unsettling sensation of viewing a thriller that leaves you wanting more.

53. The movie Scooby-Doo

For the live rendition of everyone’s favorite dog detective, stoc this movie was produced. 

54. The Babadook

A single mother and her child, who are currently struggling with the devastating loss of their husband and father, have their life taken over by an unsettling children’s book.

55. The Little Vampire

After relocating to Scotland, a young child finally gets a new buddy. Unfortunately, he is a vampire!

56. The Blair Witch Project

While attempting to take pictures of a mysterious forest in Maryland, three students vanish. They left their videotape around for us to find, so don’t worry.

57. ParaNorman

Whenever his late uncle sends a message about a nearly century curse, Norman, a young kid with the ability to connect with the dead, must save his town.

58. Labyrinth

Sara a sixteen-year-old girl is given thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth and save her little brother Toby when her wish for Goblin King Jareth to take him away is granted.

59. Paranormal Activity

When the all-too-real tale of a shadowy figure in a couple’s home was initially shared with the public in 2007, Paranormal Activity was the rage.

60. The Invisible Man

The 2020 release featuring Elisabeth Moss ought to be seen despite the myth that it can never compare to the original.

62. Clue

Who did it is a question that everyone has when a dinner party fatality occurs. Play the board game after you’ve finished watching for more eerie fun!

62. A Haunted House 2

The strange replacement of characters in this follow-up to A Haunted House is still entertaining.

63. Ernest Scared Stupid

This early 1990s family film will frighten your kids merely enough to get everyone in the Christmas mood.

64. Pet Sematary

You can never go mistaken for a Stephen King horror film, and this one is up there with his scariest.

65. Poltergeist

What should you do if your ideal home suddenly becomes a nightmare? A spirit starts speaking with one family through the television, forcing them to make the ultimate choice.

66. Rosemary’s Baby 

Being pregnant is challenging enough already without having to be concerned about a wicked cult trying to kidnap your child!

67. Freddy vs Jason

Two of the most dreaded antagonists in the horror genre are pitted against one another in a horrifying crossover.

68. Nope

The most excellent example of a thinking man’s horror film can be found in Jordan Peele’s most recent work, which is more in the line of Jaws or Cloverfield than Us or Gets Out. You’ll really like to watch this movie again as soon as it concludes. 

69. Nightmare Alley

Guillermo Del Toro directed Nightmare Alley, a large-scale slow-burn epic that follows a cunning con man (Bradley Cooper) as he navigates society before encountering another potentially cunning con man (Cate Blanchett). The acting is excellent, and Toni Collette, Willem Dafoe, and Richard Jenkins once again give outstanding supporting performances.

70. Hunted

After going to the bar, young Eve starts dating a stranger. She realizes that something dreadful is about to unfold whenever another man approaches her. She does, however, manage to flee into the woods, and a cunning pursuit ensues.