10 Best Ways To Catch A Cheating Partner

To test if someone is cheating on you or to catch an unfaithful partner can be daunting but not impossible. There are subtle signs to look out for to know if your partner is cheating on you, and we have written a lot of guides, including how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on Instagram.

The way people ask how to catch a cheating partner on WhatsApp, and how to catch a cheating husband on iPhone or android in different online relationship and dating forums, shows that there’s a rise in the level of infidelity.

Has your partner been creeping around the house in the middle of the night while you’re peacefully asleep? Or do they keep their mobile phone far away from you? Do you have sleepless nights worrying about the best ways to catch a cheating partner?

Your cheating spouse is sure to have a great time without you. Now, given how much more important your partner’s phone is to them than what you seem to be, you may be right after all.

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All the momentary impressions that you have may be true. So, in this article, check out the best ways to catch a cheating partner below;

1. Check Out For Who Your Partner’s Friends Are

If you suspect your partner has been cheating on you lately, the first thing to do is look out for who they are. Keeping an open was of their social circle and contacts will go a long way in helping you find the truth.

Does your partner now have a new friend you know nothing about? Is there an opposite sex in their circle they now treat so important and special? Get to know if anyone is flirting with your partner. This is one of the ways to start. However, don’t overdo things.

2. Being Overly Protective Of Their Phone

To safeguard their privacy, many people turn their phones away from their partners. But some don’t keep their phones a secret from their partners. However, it is a modest gesture.

When your spouse is being overprotective of their phones, it can only mean two things, they don’t want you to find out about their affair, or there is secret content on their phone they wouldn’t want you to see.

When your spouse constantly changes their passwords, always lurking around the house to take a call that shows they are cheating, and getting hold of their phone and password is one way to go.

3. When You Notice Changes In Communication

When your partner suddenly starts cheating on you, one of the best ways to catch them is by looking into your communications. Do you both still have a close bond, and does communication flow effortlessly? If you notice any unfavorable change, then that’s a sign your spouse is cheating, and it’s time to watch out for your next line of action.

4. Hire A Private  Investigator

One of the best and easier ways to catch a cheating spouse is by hiring a private investigator.  Engage the services of a licensed private investigator that is good in what they do to help investigate your partner thoroughly to be sure they’re not cheating. They have the skills to follow up on your partner and get you raw evidence.

5. Visit Your Partner Unannounced

Showing up at your partner’s place of work or home unannounced is one of the sure ways to catch a cheating partner. Please do not make it look like you’re spying on them. Be smart while at it. When you visit your partner unannounced, if they are cheating, they will be surprised and unhappy seeing you there. They’ll try to hide something or someone quickly, so you don’t notice. Some will flame up and start making.

6. Check Out Your Lover’s Social Media

The simplest place to catch a cheating lover is on social media. Yes, it’s so common in so many relationships lately. Look for pictures of unclad ladies they follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to see if someone connects with them more frequently than others.

Let’s say you have access to their DMs, but take care because the outcome either breaks you or clears your doubt.  Look through their comment sections, but hold off on retaliating until you are certain that your husband is infidelity.

7. Use Of Location Tracking Can Be Quite Effective

GPS is a reliable app to track your partner’s present and previous locations. If you suspect your partner of infidelity, being aware of their location and what they went there to do will save a lot of stress.

If you’re an android device user, you can use Google maps to look up the location information of your lover per time. If you have an iPhone, you can check your spouse’s location history in the location services menu under key places and system services.

8. Gain Access To Your Spouse’s Phones Trash Bin

Digital items are seldom deleted permanently. The trash or recycle bin on a computer holds information until it is cleared. You can retrieve items from the trash with the help of a cloud service known as DropBox. Emails that have been deleted build up in the trash until it is permanently erased.

So, you can get information from the trash bin. Also, voicemails left on an iPhone device can be restored after they have been deleted. You can also recover a phone’s apps. Voicemail messages from your carrier may well be accessible on its website if you use such services.

9. Make Use Of A Third-Party Spy App

If your partner’s phone is always locked with a password, you can always use the assistance of a third-party spy app. This is one of the best ways to get hold of a cheating partner easily. You can always spy on your lover using spy software, such as mSpy.

This provides access to your partner’s phone applications, including their social media accounts, phone call records, internet records, and Messages. Technology has made it possible that you can access so many spyware cheats.

10. Cancel Your Meeting Or Travel Unannounced

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, tell them that you’re traveling out of town and will be spending some days or weeks. Leave the house with your languages, and return home after some hours unannounced. Cheating partners tend to let their guard down when they discover their spouse has gone on a long journey. Whatever you see when you get home is what your partner does each time you’re away from al Thought.


While checking out to know if your spouse is cheating, use one or two strategies discussed above. However, be prepared to accept whatever comes out of it. It will not always go well but learn to discipline your mind and work on your mental health.