21 Best Conversation Starters For Long Distance Relationships

What do LDR couples talk about?

Do you have issues with your current relationship? Need pointers to ignite the flame in your relationship? Do you miss those long hours staying up talking or texting your favorite person?

Our list of conversation topics for long-distance relationships topics comprises deep questions you can ask your partner on the phone and get to know more about them and how they’re surviving the distance. It is a fun way to ensure you don’t miss each other too much.

Communication and understanding are keys to being able to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. Most people want to have a conversation with their partners but have no idea how.

Long-distance relationships can be tricky sometimes, and often we are caught in a web of mistrust, boredom, and a number of other discomforting factors. Trying to have a meaningful conversation with your long-distance partner isn’t always easy and requires some level of creativity.

May the following 21 conversation starters for you and your significant other spice up the conversation and make the moment memorable.

1. What can we do for date night?

Date night is very important in any relationship. Long-distance relationships, on the other hand, have a distance barrier, so coming up with ideas for date night online can be a task. Asking your partner this opens the door for a constructive conversation.

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2. How can I be a better partner?

It’s imperative that you constantly ask your partner what you could do better, regardless of distance, so as to make your relationship stronger and healthier.

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3. Are you content with our relationship?

  This is a deep conversation starter that will spark a lot of thinking and communication.

4. When you miss me what do you do?

This is a romantic and beautiful question. Your partner would love this and have so much to say that it could spark a bright and lighthearted conversation.

5. When did you realize we were soulmates?

 This question requires your partner to think about and look back at how far you both have come.

6. In what ways am I good for your mental health

Asking your partner this would make them want to go on and on about the endless reasons why you’re good for their mental health.

7. What do you miss about our early days?

Let your partner know you still remember things in detail regardless of distance. Asking them this shows that the days don’t go by in a hazy blur just because you can’t see them.

8. What country would you like to go to with me?

This is a nice conversation starter to reveal the next travel destination in the mind of your partner.

9. What could make our relationship stronger

This question encourages self-reflection for both of you and Is a very good conversation starter.

10. How do you feel when we are together?

Ask them so you both can know why you’re still together even in the distance. This conversation would be a subtle reminder of why you both try your best every day.

11. Are we worth it?

Let them know you have no doubts about them whatsoever, so they will not take the question as a doubtful one but rather as a deep conversation starter.

12. How can I cheer you up?

Distance makes a lot of things harder for couples, so little things like cheering your partner up will seem a bit harder because of the distance. Asking them this lets them know you care.

13. What is your definition of cheating

Cheating has different definitions for a lot of people. Some see flirting as cheating; others don’t. Some don’t mind their partners going on dates with other people, and some do. Make sure you clarify these things with your partner.

14. Do you think we will get married?

Long-term goals are important, especially in a long-distance relationship. So asking questions like these are important so you can know where you’re headed with your partner.

15. If you were to lose feelings would you tell me?

This is a very important late-night conversation starter that will help you get closer to your partner and make them recognize your value.

16. How can I earn more of your trust?

 A long-distance relationship requires a lot of trust due to not being able to see your partner regularly.

How can you earn more of your partner’s trust? By constantly calling to check in? by letting go of the little white lies? There is only one way to find out.

17. What are the top things on your bucket list?

A very fun conversation starter that helps you and your partner talk about fun and adventure. What places do you want to go to? Which things do you want to see? What things do you want to experience?

These are all good questions that you can ask your partner.

18. Am I meeting your parents anytime soon?

This might seem too serious for some people, but if you have been in the relationship for a while and want to meet your partner’s parents, let them know.

19. Can I be your safe space despite the distance?

 Most times we want to be able to talk to our partners and have that intimacy with them, but distance disrupts that. So you should make sure to ask them this and clarify.

20. Tell me the things you love about us

When you ask this, it allows both you and your partner to be able to talk about the good parts of your relationship and how to make it even better.

21. Why do you think we met?

This is a thought-provoking question. Why does your partner think you both met? Was it a coincidence? or was it by divine intervention?


Relationships are never easy but they are worth it when you’re with the right person. Sometimes don’t think your partner doesn’t want to engage in a conversation with you. Sometimes they just don’t know what to say.

They don’t know if they might say the wrong thing and hurt you or they don’t know if they’ll end up misreading the room and giving off an awkward vibe or make the conversation to turn sour and we don’t want that now do we?

Above are talking points you can bring back the light on your declining relationship. So try out these talking points and thank me later in the comment section. I hope you and your significant other hit it off again and love finds a way.