10 Best Male Dating Profile Examples

What should a man write on his dating profile? And how do you write a short bio for a dating site? These are common questions a lot of people have asked us after we published a list of the best dating apps for relationship-minded people. In today’s post, we will walk you through the best tips for mature dating profiles, and the most amazing thing is that they’re good online dating profiles to copy and paste for guys to attract the woman they love.

In recent years, most men and women usually used dating apps to search for love, marriage, dating partners, friends with no strings attached, and others.  Everyone has a different reason for joining dating apps, but most search for love that might lead to marriage.

Many dating apps exist to explore, such as Match, Tinder, Raya, Hinge, and others. But your success depends on how well your profile stands out. A top-notch profile will attract many women, and you might be lucky to find your match within the shortest possible time.

This article will give you examples of the ten best male dating profiles and what makes the profile stand out from a woman’s perspective,

Example 1: Looking for a soulmate

I am looking for a missing twin in a partner, someone we will have a lot in common with and with who we can share common likes and hobbies; her preferences will become mine, and mine will become hers. Well, I like Indian food! Want to grab some Indian food? – John khan

From a woman’s perspective,  this is an Indian man’s profile who is funny and direct.  He is searching for a soulmate with whom they will share a lot in common so that many accomplishments can be celebrated together. What makes this profile stand out is his sense of humor and bluntness.

Example 2: Fantasize together.

Life plan: I should stay in Bali after retirement, retire in 8 years, be a pet lover, eat at the most outstanding restaurants in Asia, eat different flavored cakes made from Belgian chocolate, drink the sweetest of red wines and give birth to children with unbeatable surfer abilities and smarter to get ivy league schools scholarships.

From a woman’s perspective, this profile is unique due to the ability of the man to get his life figured out; ultimately, he already knows what he wants, and how he wants it. Everyone will enjoy a man who has foresight ability; this will make life and further decisions easier since everything has already been figured out.

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Example 3: Highlighted benefits

Achieving every desired goal is my dream. I am on a  business journey toward achieving my objectives and am always cheerful. I am looking for a serious relationship with someone who will be my travel buddy.

From a woman’s perspective, this profile stands out because the guy stated he has a goal to achieve, and that sounds ambitious. Women like ambitious guys because they know they are dreamers who constantly strive to succeed. They have focus and know what they are doing.

Example 4: Stating the prominent type of a guy

Single father to a normal, healthy puppy and a tripod cat. I am looking for a person with a great personality and a high Sense of humor- Trevor, 28.

From a woman’s perspective- this guy has a great sense of humor and is also a pet lover. Any woman who is also a pet lover and wants a friend to explore many unimaginable ideas will love to link up with Trevor.

Example 5: A Funny guy.

I have never been called “sir” without the addition of you making a scene.

From a woman’s perspective- this guy is very humorous and probably hard to crack. The profile stands out because a few lines state what kind of a person he is.

Example 6: A Funny guy.

I love cars, superficial and self-centered people, and movies. I love surprises, museums, photography, staying out (and staying in as well), simplicity, respect, open-mindedness, last-minute plans, a sense of humor, and awareness. I am stupid, crazy, and charming. If you also like Paris, let’s make an official announcement about getting married- Arthur Denver.

From a woman’s perspective, this profile stands out because the guy sounds goofy with a good sense of humor. His love for going out and staying in is a criterion to attract different women and create a balance for every girl. He likes many things that will make life meaningful and explorable.

Example 7: Intelligent and enthusiastic guy.

I love life and enjoy life. I want to travel, laugh, attend cultural events, visit restaurants, and socialize with my other half. I love my family and body, meaning I love staying physically fit. If you love what you see, let’s link up to know more about ourselves -Houston, TX.

From a woman’s perspective, this profile stands out because the guy is intelligent and witty. He has great enthusiasm and is full of energy. He remains true to himself by starting his love for his family.

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Example 8: Courageous and bold.

I am courageous with a good heart. I can provide you with a life full of pleasure and satisfaction. I am naturally a helper and a giver. I prefer a girl with good manners who is natural, kind, and confident; I don’t care about fake things. I am looking for my soulmate, who will understand the kind of person I am and make peace with that.

From a woman’s perspective, the guy is courageous and knows what he wants. What makes this profile stand out is his statement of preferring a girl with good manners rather than beauty and money, which is very rare these days.

Example 9: Bold.

I think I’m educated and confident about myself and can pass many unfavorable conditions without much difficulty. I am a lovely guy who can be naughty if I want to and unpredictable at times. I have a high Sense of humor and want to link up with a kind-hearted, funny, and responsible woman.

From a woman’s perspective, this sounds bold and blunt. Many women like guys with touches of gentleness and naughtiness. He stated his looking for a kind woman means he cherishes kindness and he’s also responsible. Also, spending life with an educated person is not a bad idea.

Example 10: A nerd type of guy.

I am a simple man, and I think I have a simple interest. I love studying the causes of fluctuations in things,  physical processes connected to the universe, researching what life is all about, and riding my bicycle. Is my interest simple?

From a woman’s perspective, this man is smart and intelligent because not every man’s interest can be studying inflation and astrophysics. This profile stands out because the man stated he has a simple interest, but this interest doesn’t seem simple.


Many people use dating apps to find love and relationships, as well as friends with benefits. But, a profile picture that stands out is essential to achieving your goal. This article lists ten dating profile examples that stand out due to the guys being blunt, bold, funny, sounding intelligent, stating the obvious, and others. It also hints at women’s thoughts after they come across those dating profiles.