12 Best Wedding Speeches For Your Niece

Marriage is one of the most lovely celebrations, a symbol of love that triumphs. The religious one represents one of the most important sacraments, but the civil one is also the symbol of a union that should never end. 

Wedding days should be the best and most remarkable days of one’s life. The ability to create and do whatever is best for the couple should be the sole purpose of a wedding in this day and age. Initially, wedding speeches and toasts are reserved for the father of the bride, the best man, and the honor to congratulate the happy couple, but since it’s their day, anything they want to do to make themselves happy and the day remarkable is their ball to kick. It’s on their table to determine who grabs the mic and says speeches that could keep everybody in awe.

Well, if you are ever asked to deliver a speech by the bride at the wedding, just know it’s a rare privilege, possibly because she feels you are one of the people who know and love her best, and you will have to put in your best to deliver the best speech.

The big question here should be what you say, how long you say it, and how you say it. Most frequently, however, you can’t find the right words to say to those couples on that day, and you end up falling into a platitude. The best wedding speeches should contain words dictated from the heart, but often emotion takes over. This article answers these questions, as it will tell you the best speeches to give, how long you should say them, and how you should say them. 

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What you will say

It is always proper in such speeches to start by introducing yourself and thanking the bride for giving you such a chance to be part of her special day. You can also thank everyone who attended and the people who played a very crucial role during the preparations. It is a joy that you appreciate the privilege that has been bestowed upon you, and that those who have made efforts are also appreciated. However, this content is strictly about things to tell your niece in front of everyone who attended. Here are the best speeches that would remain a memory to them and never leave their head;

12 Best Wedding Speeches For Your Niece Who’s About To Wed

1. Knowing how much you wanted this, I always prayed for this day to come, and now it’s here! It’s all good, although I will miss every time we shared, both in stupidity and wisdom. I love you, and I hope for the very best for you. Congratulations on your wedding! I pray that you enjoy this stage of life with the person you love. May God grant you all the necessary joys so that the marriage you begin is better than you could have imagined. Cheers to a marriage more than expected

2. To name a few, she is beautiful, bold, determined, humble, and focused. All I can boldly say is that your kind is rare and you deserve the very best, which you got. My heartfelt congratulations to you, my lovely niece; your wedding is the manifestation of your love; I am proud to know that you made such an important decision, and I am confident that it is the best. The man you chose as your husband is a man of unrivaled principles and values; he will make you happy. Congratulations on your wedding, niece!

3. May these eyes and that heart that I see today in love never go out on you, remain sure of your love over the years, building its foundations with effort, faith, and trust that will never be lost, and may God bless you niece and give you congratulations at your wedding. Cheers to a new beginning

4. Today you embark your life on the boat of marriage, it is the most important event, remember that together they are invincible, now they will be one to plan their dreams and desires but always with God’s blessing. Congratulations niece on your wedding!

5. Your marriage is synonymous with a happy destiny together with the man you love. My dear niece, I wish that this wedding, like your life, is full of happiness and happiness, that understanding, communication, respect, and union go beyond all of you. then they can imagine. Cheers to beautiful things ahead!!

6. May the union that you form today, my beloved niece, be written in the book of life, where you receive infinite blessings and wisdom that accompanies you so that you can cope with the ups and downs that we know will be present at some point. Many congratulations on your wedding!

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7.  It’s not about giving you a message, it’s about letting you know that your joy is also mine. Live each of your stages intensely, especially this one that is your marriage, may the grace of God come and stay with you forever so that you can be happy in your marriage. Congratulations on your wedding, niece!

8. Has it been easy? I would have had a lot to say, but because it hasn’t been easy, I will say just a few. You are special inside and out, and the man who has you now has the greatest treasure. I’ll miss you so much, not because you’re gone, but because I know you’re only 10% of yourself now. I have a lot of room to grow. Congratulations, niece, on your wedding! May your marriage be special from the beginning, full of happiness and mutual love; may each setback be overcome and at the same time be the key to bringing you closer together. Cheers!

9.  Niece, discover in your marriage the journey of being happy and find on that path the answers you need to make your love flourish every day of your life.  I wish you so much happiness to keep you sweet, So many trials to keep you strong, So much hope to keep you happy, So many friends to give you comfort, and So much determination to make every day more beautiful than the day before. Congratulations on fulfilling your big dream. Best wishes from the heart. Congratulations on your wedding!

10.  Dear niece, I have come to realize that love and happiness make a whole lot happen and I have seen that through the peaceful journey you two have had so far. On this day, I will give you my sincere wish my dear niece, May this day be the reflection of your future life: magnificent, splendid, and full of surprises and joy. Best wishes for this day full of love and cheers to an unending happily ever after

11. You have been the best niece one can ever ask for and I am so happy that this good thing is happening to you.  I pray that the joy which your marriage brought will tie you to each other for a lifetime. May your marriage be as bright and happy as a fairy tale, As true as a life lived, And eternal as a legend. To a gorgeous bride, To a friend with a pure heart, Cheers to all the happiness and serenity you can hope for. When love calls you to follow him, And when his wings wrap you, rely on him, And when he speaks to you, have faith in him.

12. Marriage is not a milestone but a starting point towards new horizons of happiness to share. I have come to understand that love is not about looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction through you too. I pray that as you two look in the same direction that the light of God always illuminates your path. We are joining you on this day of celebration.

How Long should your speech be?

You are not going to be the only one who makes a speech, so as much as you can, keep it snappy in as not to bore the already exhausted audience.

How should you say it?

Life is energy itself, and since that day is a joyful one, you should put energy in line with emotions to make the speech worth it and unforgettable.