True Life Stories About Dating Younger Men

Does dating a younger man ever work, and Why are younger guys better to date, these are common questions we received through email since we made a post on why women like bad guys.

Dating younger men has its own set of pros and cons, but if it’s your first time dating someone in your younger partner’s age range, it can seem like a big unknown where there are no clear answers to what you should expect from the relationship. The good news is that once you get the hang of dating younger men, you’ll discover that there are some clear patterns and trends in these relationships.

Here Are The 11 Benefits Of Dating Younger Men

1. Young Men Bring Out The Youthful Side In You

If you’re considering dating a younger man, don’t worry. There are plenty of benefits to dating someone who is 10-20 years your junior! For example, a young man will bring out the youthful side in you and make you feel like a woman again.

 Also, he’ll be able to teach you things about social media or technology that you may not know. The only downside is that he might not share the same interests as you and might even have different values from yours.

2. Younger Men Full Of Energy

Dating a younger man has its perks. They’re full of energy, which can be fun in the bedroom. But there are also drawbacks to dating someone so much younger than you. Sometimes they act like children themselves when they don’t get their way or when they’re tired. And as always with dating, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to relationships. You’ll have to figure out if being with a younger man is right for you.

3. They Are More Open Minded

Younger men are less set in their ways and more open-minded than those who are older. They’re not as set on what they want to do with their lives or how they want to present themselves. They’re not as set in their ways as older men can be. 

This can make them more spontaneous. It’s just easier with younger guys: With an older guy you have to worry about what he’s looking for while you’re dating him, but younger ones don’t really care so much because they haven’t been through as much yet.

4. They’re Less Jaded

Younger guys are less jaded. They’re more willing to try new things, and be adventurous. They’re not as set in their ways. Dating a younger man is also like dating a puppy they’re going to want your full attention all the time. It’s hard dating someone who has fewer years of life experience than you do. It can feel like they have less worldly knowledge. They have this sense that they are invincible and that nothing bad will happen.

5. They’re less serious

When you date a younger man, it’s usually for fun. They aren’t looking for the same things that older men are when they’re looking for a serious relationship. You’ll find that they’re less serious than their older counterparts, but they can be more spontaneous and adventurous.  But this is not always true! Some younger men want to settle down just as much as an older man does.

6. They Have Fewer Expectations

Younger men are less likely to expect things as they progress in their relationships. For example, they’re more willing to watch a movie on the couch instead of going out on a date night. If you want him to meet your parents or family members, he might feel like it’s too soon for him. Older men might be more hesitant about meeting each other’s families because of their expectations for the future.

7. Younger Men Are More Spontaneous

If you’re looking for someone who is spontaneous, a younger man is the way to go. They are not going to be as set in their ways as an older person. They are more likely to want to try new things because they haven’t been exposed as much as someone that’s twice their age. This can be both a positive and negative thing.

8. They’re Less Set In Their Ways

Younger men are more malleable than their older counterparts. They are less set in their ways and more willing to be flexible when it comes to dating dynamics. For example, if you have strong religious beliefs that your partner may not share, this could cause some problems in the future as they grow older. On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone who is up for trying new things in bed, someone younger might be perfect.

9. They’re More Fun

Dating younger men is an interesting experience. They’re usually more fun because they are eager to take risks and try new things. Plus, they’re not as set in their ways as older men can be. The cons of dating a younger man are that you have less in common with them than you would with someone your own age. Plus, you have the added pressure of breaking them out of their teenage mentality.

10. Do Relationships Between Younger Men And Older Women Work?

Yes! Relationships between younger men and older women do work. It might seem like a strange idea at first but it can be really good for both people in the relationship. It’s not just the older woman that benefits from a relationship with a younger man.  The younger man also benefits from this type of relationship because he will have someone who is wiser than him to guide him through life.

11. Can A Relationship With A Younger Man Last?

Younger men are said to have a different perspective on life than their older counterparts. They’re also known for having plenty of stamina in bed. The question is whether or not these relationships can last. We’ve put together a list of pros, cons, and what you can expect when dating younger men.


The pros of dating younger men are that they’re more likely to be romantic. They’re also more likely than older men to want kids. The cons of dating younger men are that you might have a tough time being taken seriously in the workplace as well as in public. 

Also, some people say that younger men can’t commit or settle down as older men can which is just a fallacy. Finally, people warn women to watch out for guys who just want intimacy because they might not really care about her at all. Women should also beware of guys who seem like too much fun to resist but never seem to follow through on their promises.