35 Funny And Flirty Texts To Send To The Guy You Just Met

How do you flirt with a guy you just met over text?

Gone are days when it takes lots of money and time before one could even communicate with a newly found lover. Thankful for the fast growth of technology, we live in a great time now.

Now, you can make the new guy you just met think about you all day from afar even without having to bother about seeing each other every day.

You can draw his heart all to yourself with just text messages to keep him thinking about you all day. Though not any kind of text will do the magic, the one that will make him keep smiling for hours.

Have you been searching for funny and flirty texts to send the guy you just met, just to make him smile, but never find any?

If this is you, then search no more. We’ve made it easier for you.

Here, we’re going to reveal to you 35 funny and flirty texts to send the guy you just met, that’ll make him want to stick around you ever.

35 funny and flirty texts to send the guy you just met.

Instead of just texting your new guy, “Hi and Hello!” All the time, you can use these simple funny, and flirty texts to melt his heart.

Send him a sweet funny and flirty text like:

  • “What do you want for dinner? Spaghetti, steak, Pizza, or ME?”.
  • It’s right I make the first text, I will like it if you make the first kiss.
  • I’m stuck staring at your pictures all day, guess what? I’m not getting tired soon.
  • Hey, Frank! Can you come over, I have everything you like, Cakes, burgers, and of course, your most favorite, ME.
  • Do you know all I think about today? It’s what our first kiss with your pink lips will be like.
  • “Aw, I found us together in my dream! we’re so cute, wish we could spend more time together forever.
  • “I’ll be so proud to see you again! Will you be free all day, cutest?”
  • Guy! stop getting more hotter on my head, you’re killing this poor thermometer.
  • I can run out of time, money, etc, but I can never run out of sweet text messages to show you how much I love you.
  • “I’d love to eat lunch with you forever, what color of gown do you suggest I wear?
  • Every time I closed my eyes, all I see is you, why are you so cute?
  • I’ve no idea what I could ever do without you, You’re making me go insane.
  • Your words make me feel horny and I love that! I can’t get your thoughts out of my mind.
  • See what you did to me? My cheeks hurt just for smiling much looking at your cute picture, please stop being too sweet!
  • I don’t like to play chess, but when I do, you’ll definitely be my KING.
  • I heard a picture worth more than a thousand words, but when I stare at yours, I feel so speechless.

You can also use funny and flirty good morning and night texts for your newfound guy to keep him thinking about you all night.

Examples of such texts:

  • “Good night. I know if we were beside each other right now, I think we won’t be sleeping”.
  • Good night sweet! Guess what I’m doing right now? I’m just by my window side facing the sky and I found myself on cloud nine sitting with just you.
  • “I love the idea of awaking beside you every day of my life”.
  • “Just guess what we’d be doing if we were close to each other right now?” I wish I could always fall asleep and wake up just in your lovely arms”.
  • I know you would have adored my wears tonight, if only you were laying on the bed with me right now.
  • I am awake till now just to text you, good night. You’re killing me over here.

Here’s yet another funny and flirty text to send the guy you just met.

Sending “I miss you” texts will always make him think about how to see you soon.

  • “You’ve been on my mind all day, I think I’m missing you already.” You’re pretty much my dream guy.
  • “Sweetheart, we just met yesterday, but it seems like we’ve known each other for years. I miss you more.
  • “I like the idea of waking up beside you every day, I miss you, My love.”
  • I can’t wait to announce to all your friends how much I love and miss you each day.
  • Hey gorgeous, tell me, how long have you been waiting for my text? Do you miss me?

It’s also finest to text him funny and flirty compliment messages just to make him feel special.

  • You’re just so charming to look upon, not like most guys I know”. You’re too cute, guy!
  • ” I’m looking at the photos you posted on your wall right now, wow, you look so stunning.
  • “You know exactly what to say to make me feel special all day”. I’m proud to have you all for myself.
  • “My colleagues were asking me why I smile at work so much, I confessed to them it’s because of you.
  • “I think you must be so exhausted by now since you’ve been running through my head all day!” You’re the best.
  • Every text from you is like the best gift I ever receive all my life. I love you so much.
  • The only time I stupidly feel much happier is when I read text messages from you. Why haven’t we met all these years?
  • Hey, sexy! I’m not gonna lie, our first kiss will be epic just know that.
  • Frank, tell me your happiest moment. Mine is climbing over the high table just to have a taste of your lips last night.

Advise: by sending all these funny and flirty texts to the new guy you just met, he’ll have no choice but to keep smiling all day, and by so doing, the thought of you’ll continue to ring a bell in his head.

How often do I text the guy I just met?

This is a nice question. Here is a direct answer.

Text him once in a while. You’ve to limit how much you text him each day because if you’re always texting him none stop, he might start getting bored over your numerous texts, hence misunderstanding you to being a desperate attention seeker.

So, that’s why you need to keep your texts fun, flirty and fewer always so he feels more excited reading your text each time.

In conclusion.

Thankfully, you’ve read and learned these 35 funny and flirty texts to send the guy you just met. This’s one of the smartest ways to keep the spark about you alive in your new guy’s heart.

Though there’s a limit as stated above, you don’t need to overdo anything, especially when texting a newfound guy, so he won’t get to misunderstand your kind gesture for something else. Hence, you must limit how much you text him each day to make him want you more than ever.

Also know that guys enjoy fun times and feel glad when you text them, and just a one-liner text would be enough to trigger their attention than a long boring clinched text.

We hope you love these funny and flirty texts to send the guy you just met, which of them do you love most?

Feel free to drop your excitement in the comment section below to help us understand how you feel after reading it all.