150 Best Pick-Up Lines For Girls To Make Them Laugh

Funny pickup lines will not only make a girl laugh but can spark up an interesting conversation between the two of you whether you’ve known her for a while now or she’s someone you just met.

Even though a quick “hello” and a smile may be more than enough to catch a girl’s attention, it can be helpful to have a brassy or humorous pick-up line on hand to keep things interesting. Having a funny pick-up line in your text is a terrific way to break the ice and keep them wanting more, even though we know you read “pick-up lines” and did the smart guy’s move. 

Pick-up lines used for women tend to be more successful and, for some reason, feel comical. Sorry, guys!” Yes, they are extremely amazing, but they are also absurd. Hence, if you’re looking for pick-up lines for girls, you’re not alone, we’ve got you covered in this special post. 

The most recent survey data available indicates that nearly 60,500 people search for the term each month. Therefore, we selected the wittiest, sassiest, sexiest, and sweetest pick-up phrases for you to use in your upcoming text to her to intensify the romance. 

Funny cheesy pick up lines to make her laugh and blush

  1. Disneyland may be the purportedly happiest place on earth, but you are all I can see there.
  2. I had a strange vibe today for some reason. But you sure made me feel sexy when you showed up.
  3. Seeing you makes my heart beat faster than ever.
  4. You’re a stunner, you know that right?
  5. I wanted to know if you had a spare heart. My own was recently taken.
  6. In addition to being attractive, what do you do for a living?
  7. I was curious if there was room in your heart for me because I want to move in.
  8. In addition to being attractive, what do you do for a living?
  9. Has the sun emerged or are you simply grinning at me?
  10. If I’m not mistaken, you are my true love.
  11. Hey, I’m cute and you’re gorgeous. We’d make a cute couple.
  12. Do you go by Google? because everything I’ve been looking for is in you.
  13. I must have a problem with my eyes since I can’t take them off of you.
  14. I could watch you all day long.
  15. Was your dad from heaven? Because no one else on the planet can birth you, darling.
  16. Was your mom an angel? Because someone implanted stars in your eyes by stealing them from the sky.
  17. Have you got a pencil? Because I want to write our future while erasing your past.
  18. I need a ride to the hospital because I can’t feel my heart beating when I’m looking at you.
  19. Just now, I fell for you and fractured my leg.
  20. Actions are not necessary to irritate me as seeing another man look at you.
  21. I’m sorry, but you owe me a cocktail because I spilled mine when I stared at you.
  22. You must be a broom since you just threw me off my feet.
  23. Have you recently visited a doctor? Because I believe you are vitamin deficient.
  24. If I’m wrong, please kiss me, but isn’t your name Wright?
  25. Do you use the keyboard? You are exactly how I like you.
  26. a lovely shirt that must have been made from boyfriend fabric?
  27. I’m sorry, but I believe I dropped something. MY JAW!
  28. I’m sorry, is Earl Grey your real name? because you appear to be hot tea!
  29. Cupid is calling to let you know that he needs my heart back, so please answer.
  30. I would group “I” and “U” if I could reorganize the alphabet.
  31. Has your license been suspended because you drove all these guys crazy?
  32. You must be baking powder if I’m the vinegar since you make me giddy inside!
  33. My parents always told me to follow my dreams, so would you like me to come with you on your way home?
  34. I got a fleeting thought that I had passed over and was now in heaven. Now that heaven has been delivered to me, I can see that I am still alive.
  35. Can you lend me a kiss? I’ll return it, I swear.
  36. You are so sweet it hurts my tooth.
  37. You are as hot and delicious as my favorite cup of coffee!
  38. Are you a fan of Star Wars? Yoda only gave me you, after all!
  39. I always smile when I look at you and wonder if you have a camera.
  40. If I check you out without a library card, is that okay with you?
  41. Do you have any idea of what might look fantastic on you? Me.
  42. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight, or should I keep going?
  43. You are so attractive like fire I wish you would burn me.
  44. I’d like to flirt with you, but I’d prefer to make you smile. 
  45. Looking at you every day brings joy to me.
  46. Please tell me who you are so I may shout your name tonight.
  47. I’ll make sure to get to you tonight my love.
  48. Do you have a slight depression? I can lift your spirits.
  49. My teddy bear was stolen. Can I spend the night with you?
  50. Know the menu’s contents? Me ‘n’ u.
  51. I want to be Alice in this wonderland that is your body.
  52. Your lips seem to be alone. Let me share mine with them.
  53. You soaked me as you entered the room while it was hot, so are you a fireman?
  54. Instead of seeing another woman, I’d rather die loving you. 
  55. You are my right rib
  56. Without you, everything wouldn’t be perfect. 

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  1. You are such a melodious light in my life. 
  2. Are you the sun, as you make my day happier?
  3. Life without you is useless, like a broken pencil.
  4. If kisses were flowers I would give you roses.
  5. I pretty much always have you in the back of my thoughts.
  6. I had been anticipating you all day, but I’m wondering if you’re the person I met online a few days ago.
  7. Hey, could you please help me find a doctor? When I’m around you, my heart keeps skipping a beat.
  8. Are you a former Boy Scout? Because you’ve made me feel all twisted up.
  9. Do you play football? If so, I want you to score there!
  10. Are you a sample from the grocery store? Because I want to taste you repeatedly and shamelessly.
  11. You struck me hard and completely upended my life, you must be a vodka shot.
  12. Let’s save water by taking a shower together. 
  13. If time was to be your phone number then let it not stop at 11 digits.
  14. Can I persuade you that that outfit is nice?
  15. Can I hold your hand for you? It seems to be heavy.
  16. I thought there was something between us; you look so familiar; weren’t we in the same class?
  17. Every time I see you, you turn me on, so there must be a button on my forehead!
  18. I could hold an entire galaxy in my fingers if I had a star for each time you made my day better.
  19. Would you like to be my dirty little secret, please?
  20. Are you a graduate of the school of beautiful ladies, as you seem to know me?
  21. Being a keeper, I assume you play soccer.
  22. Compared to the temperature of my laptop, you are hotter.
  23. You are the powerhouse of my life.
  24. Are you a fan of Nintendo? Because Wii would complement each other well.
  25. How about Netflix? because I could spend all day watching you.
  26. My phone seems to be having a problem. Please call me and check if it rings.
  27. I’ll have to complain about Spotify. because I didn’t include you in my list of the week’s hottest singles.
  28. If you are a snack i will surely be eating you now. 
  29. I don’t hoard things, but I want to keep you around forever.
  30. Before I met you, I was aware of you. I have known you all my life.
  31. I ought to charge you rent for taking up so much of my mental space.
  32. I would choose to speak with you over watching the Olympics if I had the chance.
  33. Stop signs must flash red each time you pass by. Even it would wish to linger a little longer in its gaze.
  34. Should I introduce your lips to mine as they are lonely?
  35. You are positively hot!
  36. Every day, Hershey’s produces millions of “kisses,” but all I’m asking for is one from you.
  37. I must hurry to the closest bakery to place an order for a dessert like you!
  38. Thief! You took my heart, and if you want to keep mine, you must return it to me.
  39. What a show-off of natural beauty you are amazing to behold.!
  40. Was God bragging when he created you because you are exceptional?
  41. I can see that you love making men fall in love.
  42. Sweetie, my lips can’t just spontaneously kiss themselves.
  43. Instead of being drunk, I’m feeling inebriated because of you.
  44. When your eyes can light up the entire globe, who needs the sun?
  45. It’s a little uncomfortable in my bed. Do you want to assist me in fixing it?
  46. If I were to date you love you would not see the sunshine.
  47. I would love to have alone for myself
  48. Someone needs to quickly dial the bomb squad. You are a bomb, don’t you see that?
  49. Please make a call to an ambulance. I can’t stand how hot you are!
  50. You are so sweet, boy, if I were a fly I would sweep all over you!
  51. I’d like to flirt with you, please.
  52. Hello baby my bed is screaming your name.
  53. Oh no, I think I like you now.
  54. Hey, hottie! You give me weak knees, sweaty palms, and tense arms.
  55. You are the woman of my dreams honey
  56. I would like to take you to the moon 
  57. Do you realize that you are my ideal spouse?
  58. Do you have any knowledge of karate? Since my body is kicking for you, dear!
  59. What else do you do for a living except being hot?
  60. I would swim in your eyes all of the time if they were the sea.
  61. I wouldn’t ever cry if you were just a teardrop in my eyelids since I’d be too frightened of losing you.
  62. I’ll make you mine if we simply share a bottle of wine.
  63. Having your way with me right has become my newest hubby!
  64. Are you a bulb of light? because the moment you walked in, this space lit up.
  65. I appreciate you being the finest person in my life.
  66. my heart has been beating rapidly since I saw you.
  67. I think you’re a precious jewel, after all.
  68. For my present, what would I want? You!
  69. You are certainly well cooked if you were a steak.
  70. Do you have plans tonight at 2:00 AM?
  71. Does your name have WiFi? because I sense a connection.
  72. I love you according to the inverse square law.
  73. The water is as blue as your eyes. And I believe I am at sea.
  74. Hey, do you think we’re destined to be married too, or is it just me?
  75. My teeth are very sensitive right now i would love to take a bite from you. 
  76. You are too sweet to talk to dear.
  77. You are so sweet that you may make Dairy Milk obsolete.
  78. I suppose I need a clean place to sit, so someone please vacuum this girl’s lap.
  79. Seeing your smile reduces cortisol in my body
  80. It appears that you caused me to drop my heart.
  81. If I could die and still have I would love to die for you.
  82. I’m sorry, but are you a magician? because everyone disappears whenever I glance at you.
  83. Hey, I recognize you! The lady with the lovely smile.
  84. Since you tripped me, it is not my fault that I am falling for you.
  85. I am studying significant historical dates. Do you desire to join them?
  86. Although I adore my bed, I would choose to be in yours.
  87. You appear fantastic right now. What else would look fantastic on you?
  88. I’m thirsty, and your body is 70 percent water.
  89. My bedroom floor would look wonderful in your clothing.
  90. Can I check your pants because I forgot my keys?
  91. What about the sun? Looking at you, I feel like I’m going to burn.
  92. Laying on your chest gives me the peace that the world lacks.
  93. Hello girl I have been mesmerized by your smiles.
  94. You are beauty personalized.