100 Good Dares Over Text

Although truth or dare is a popular party game, it can now be played with phones no matter the distance between you and the other player. It can be played in groups or can be played between two people. A game appropriate for friends, singles, and couples that want to play entertaining text games! This daring game is a terrific method to often communicate, regardless of whether you and your spouse are living far apart or are just next-door neighbors.

 If you’ve been searching for ways to communicate in a more profound way than you can in a face-to-face chat, we’ve compiled a list of the best DAREs in chat for a girl, a boy, or a group of friends. Whether you’re looking for dare questions for boyfriend over text or some dare questions over text on WhatsApp for your girlfriend, you will find our suggestions very helpful to keep the conversation going and much more interesting.

For fun, to get to know each other well, or to spend the entire day laughing and having a blast with these super-good dares that will always prepare you for the next round, have fun texting! 

100 good dares over text suitable for everyone

a guy texting on the phone
  1. Send your crush a text and ask them out on a date. 
  1. Pour a bucket of ice water and take a video of it. 
  1. Send me a video of you brushing your teeth with your sibling’s brush. 
  1. While wearing blindfolds, do makeup leaving your eyes part out.
  1. Take a video of yourself eating a very bizarre meal combination. 
  1. For three days, set an image of me as your phone’s background. 
  1. Try to flee after knocking on someone’s door before they respond. 
  1. Taste every item you find when you open your refrigerator.
  1. Record your voice in which you recreate your favorite movie moment. 
  1. Open your window and yell out a full song. 
  1. Spend a whole minute jumping as high as you can. 
  1. Call a restaurant and prank them
  1. Send me a picture after shaving your arms. 
  1. On your forehead, write “I love you,” then upload the photo on Instagram. 
  1. Take a super cool picture of yourself with your head wrapped in toilet paper to use as your profile picture. 
  1. Post random objects on your Instagram story. 
  1. Dial a random number and ask them if you can come in.
  1. Spend one minute resting your behind on your hands.
  1. Post a video of yourself dancing like a maniac on social media. 
  1. Write a special poem and dedicate it to me on your status.
  1. Text a random person on your social  “I see dead people” 
  1. Post a video of you singing a song on Instagram. 
  1. Send me a voice message and laugh for five minutes. 
  1. Use just your mouth to open a bag of snacks. 
  1. Send a message to someone on Instagram you haven’t spoken to this year, then take a screenshot of their response. 
  1. Enter the shower without taking off your clothes and take a video of yourself 
  1. Cut off a piece of your hair and send it to me.  
  1. Send your parents a picture of you and your lover kissing. 
  1. Lick your foot, and video yourself while doing so.
  1. Quickly send the last picture in your gallery to me. 
  1. Go around the block while chatting with only yourself. 
  1. Upload an old selfie on your socials. 
  1. Choose the third contact on your list, then send them a ridiculous poem. 
  1. Send a selfie to a random person with the first letter of their name starting with “Q” on social media. 
  1. Use your toothbrush to scrub the sink. 
  1. Grab a spoonful of spicy food you can find in your home and eat.
  1. Pretend I’m your crush and ask me out on a date. 
  1. Create a quick love poem. 
  1. Take a picture of yourself after you’ve drawn a face over your belly button. 
  1. Take a video of you singing the alphabet backward.
  1. Close your eyes and walk into any of your parents’ closets, you must wear the first item you touch. 
  1. Send a 60-second record of your barking. 
  1. Record yourself trying to lick your armpit
  1. Take a screenshot of your chat with your crush
  1. Perform the cowboy dance where people can see you. 
  1. Get some ice cream and coat your face with it. 
  1. Dance sensually while using only one leg. 
  1. I dare you to eat some raw garlic. 
  1. Go to your window and yell out your name. 
  1. On your head, crack two eggs, then take a selfie. 
  1. Upload a blindfolded selfie to your Facebook timeline. 
  1. Say my name with a mouth full of water, you stop when I say I heard my name correctly. 
  1. Send your parents a screenshot of your recent two-day search history. 
  1. Prank call one of your siblings and begin to cry.
  1. With your eyes closed, type without looking. Send it to a random person and record the discussion for evidence. 
  1. Tell me your nastiest secret. 
  1. Send to a family member an odd text message, then send me a screenshot of it. 
  1. Post on social media that you’re quitting your job to pursue a career as a clown. 
  1. Slap yourself, and capture it on camera. 
  1. Send a selfie to someone on Facebook or Instagram if you haven’t spoken to them in at least a year. Send me a screenshot of their response.
  1. Eat wet bread and record yourself while doing so
  1. Spend at least 30 seconds attempting to stand on your tippy toes. 
  1. Eat some uncooked noodles. 
  1. Choose a random contact from your contact list with your eyes closed. And then sing them a love song.
  1. Facetime me and dance for five minutes on a pole.
  1. I dare you to freestyle a love song for me
  1. I dare you to record yourself dancing for five minutes 
  1. Go outside wearing a board written ”If you can see me, that means you see dead people” 
  1. Paint your teeth and take a selfie 
  1. I dare you to go to your neighbor’s house and scream running back to yours 
  1. I dare you to hold a smile for 3 minutes 
  1. Send a screenshot of your gallery
  1. Run to your parent’s room and scream
  1. While recording yourself, go outside and stop the first person you see and profess your love for them. 
  1. Send a screenshot of your browser history 
  1. Post on your feed that you have been arrested 
  1. Send a screenshot of the first email in your inbox 
  1. Record yourself trying to lick your elbow
  1. Text your mum a really bad joke 
  1. Post a poem written by you on your social status 
  1. Using the letter B, make a sentence with it and post it on your feed. 
  1. Record yourself arguing with your reflection in a mirror 
  1. Take pictures wearing the back of your clothing
  1. With no music on dance for five minutes, while recording yourself 
  1. Post a video of yourself dancing with no music on 
  1. With any food you have ready at home, make a video of yourself eating it with just your hands.  
  1. Scream from your window “ Help me!!!”
  1. Spell your full name with a mouth full of water. 
  1. Text your Father blindfolded.  
  1. Put ice cubes in your pant until they melt
  1. Record yourself arguing with a tree and post it. 
  1. Post a picture of me on your Instagram, speaking highly of me. 
  1. Post my picture on your socials calling me your husband/wife
  1. Wear your socks like gloves 
  1. Munch on an ice 
  1. Order whatever food of my choice for me
  1. Go live on Instagram and don’t say anything for 10 minutes. 
  1. Go to a nearby restaurant and scream you run this place 
  1. Lick a spoon full of hot sauce 
  1. I dare you to twerk at the front of your door until someone passes. 

Over to you

I hope you found lots of good dares to share and had an interesting, fun, and entertaining time with your friend or partner. I also hope it will liven up the mood and fill the environment with laughter. Play on!!!