15 Best Texts That Guarantee She’ll Respond After She Ghosted You

First, I want to start by announcing to everyone who doesn’t know, that ghosting is childish. 

It’s just like you are there sitting with someone, and just in the blink of an eye, you look to see that they have created an ocean of silence and left you to drown in it. 

Are you going to get drowned in his or her ocean of silence? 

Being a victim of “you have been ghosted” hurts, especially if you like the person a lot. They leave you wondering what you’ve done wrong without letting you know all these schemes are intentional. When they could have, like mature people, not played childish games of “ghosting” with you, like ignoring your texts, calls, and every effort you make to reach out to them. 

This article contains texts to send to her that will ensure she responds after she has ghosted you. And with their response, you will know when to bounce out or in, because, of course, you deserve better. 

15 best texts that guarantee she’ll respond after she ghosted you. 

1. “It’s been a minute, I’m worried and I hope you are ok?” 

You never know until you ask. Your date might have a good reason why she hasn’t texted you back or returned your call, but until you inquire then you will know her reason. But If the excuses seem odd and unbelievable to you, it might be time to take a step back and feed your time to what’s important.

2. “ I was hoping you’d like to hang out with me and my friends tonight” 

You can’t text her this if you’re 100% sure she is an introvert. Bringing her out of the “Me and I zone” not just to hang out with you but with your “friends” might be too much to ask. And of course, coupled with the fact that she hasn’t been talking to you, she would give the shadiest excuse as to why she can’t. You might get the wrong impression that she doesn’t want to hang out with you, meanwhile, the reason is the opposite. An appalling trial for an introvert. 

In the case when she isn’t an introvert, look out for her response, she might want to hang out or lie, but I hope you see through it and excuse yourself since it’s what she wants. 

3. “I really want to get to know you more, but it seems hard when you don’t talk to me” 

Be subtle about this one while telling her you want to spend more time with her, and if it’s intentional on her part, she will schedule a date for you two to meet. This also helps to reveal your genuine intentions about her. 

4. “I haven’t heard from you in a long while, and still trying to reach out to you”

You care about her of course, which is why you are still reaching out, even if a part of you tells you she’s intentionally ignoring you. But still, let her know so you can know when to use the door instead of wasting your precious time. 

5. “I understand if you didn’t feel a connection between us, but I would have understood early on if you told me yourself instead of going silent on me” 

Be open and honest with her about your feelings about the situation. Don’t hide your feelings about her attitude. Your honesty should be able to draw out honest responses from her. But if it doesn’t and she gives you an unbelievable response, it is safe to bid her goodbye and good luck in her dating journey. Nobody wants to have their time wasted anyway. 

6. “Give me a treat if I’m the first person to bring this news to you. Your favorite artist will be in town in the next two days, would you love to join me…” 

Trust me, she will respond even if she isn’t just hearing about it for the first time, but the fact that you remembered something she must have shared with you casually and no thoughts of you remembering it. I am already excited for you with this text. Or maybe you know something she told you she loves doing, a place she wants to be at. Plan a date and tell her about it.

7. “I could be wrong but I will rather ask than assume. Are you ghosting me?” 

Just like I said previously about being honest with yourself and her, it is right to ask this question if you can’t shake that feeling away, because right there the pieces are formed but you fear to name it what it is “You have been ghosted!” 

This text above should aid you and the right approach to call her on her bluff. As you boldly ask her, if she truly is honest she tells you her mind and you call it peace. 

8. “Have I done anything wrong?”

This is the question that so many of us think when we get ghosted, we are wondering what has gone wrong, what is it that we don’t know, and we are uncertain about the situation and why it has happened to be like that. But then again It’s a simple question that deserves a simple answer “ You did this or you have done nothing” But if she asks what you mean, tell her the truth about your feelings about her growing silent on you. And then carefully reason her response to this. 

9. “I have no idea what happened, but I wish you luck as you meet other people” 

Very clear on that one. Let’s see if her response deserves an answer or not. 

10. “I wish you would communicate with me more, it will help me figure out when I’ve done something wrong”

As we have always heard this popular saying, communication is the key to life, work, relationships, and every aspect of life. If Indeed you did something wrong,  for this communication, she’s to tell you what is amiss if she wants to date other people, or if she doesn’t feel a connection with you. Communication is still essential here to know where you stand or where you should move to. 

11. “ I don’t know about you but I don’t want to get drowned in this ocean of silence. I wish you the best” 

You are letting go and also reaching out, in case there’s any chance of things being different between you two. 

12. “Send a this reminded of your text”

It means it’s been a whole long time since you heard from her and once she crossed your mind you decided to text her. Even though she seems to be far from you. It also means you loved the times you spent with her in the past.

13. “It’s sad things didn’t work out between us, I wish we could’ve done things differently.” 

Maybe you feel there’s something you two could’ve done differently and things wouldn’t have gone sour like they did, maybe you’re thinking you should listen more to her, make fewer jokes or joke a lot for her to like you more. But you can’t control the past, now she has ghosted you. With some hope, you feel you could change the present and want her to give you yet another chance. Then text her and hopefully, she responds. 

What about if you two are in a relationship? And she ghosts you after an argument? This text is still right to prompt a response from her. 

14. “Looks like you have made your choice, but I only assume until you tell me so yourself” 

Ghosting not only leaves you feeling uncertain and uneasy, but it also makes you believe that maybe you are not likable. Being indifferent to communication in a relationship is indeed awful especially when it’s regarded and it should always be a crucial attribute of a healthy friendship, partnership, or relationship. 

15. “I would never have treated you the way you have treated me. So why did you think it’s right to treat me like this?” 

If anything, ghosting is disrespectful. I mean, how could you be talking to someone, and in a minute, they decide to ignore your entire existence? They see you try to make things right or grasp the knowledge of what’s happening, but they keep mute. Just for the fact that they don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.

Over to you

As a mature person, I’m aware no one wants their mentality questioned. You should be able to know what is right and wrong, ghosting someone and not boldly telling them you are done with whatever it is you must have had. 

I don’t know about you, but I think ghosting is childish. (I repeat it!) Why don’t you just say bye, so we’d know you’re gone instead of making someone check on an empty house often with the hope of seeing someone in there? 

Another thing to note is that there’s no assurance that she will respond to you, but do know that it is who they are, and you are not them. As the adage goes, “ No response is a response.” 

The best you could do was reach out, and trust me when I say that when you distance yourself from them and the situation, you will attract what you want from the next person. You will find a better person who will treat you well and nicely. I wish you the best of charms to attract the right people.