50 Dirty Drinking Game Questions For Couples

The first list of questions is the popular game “Never have I ever” 

The game Never Have I Ever is fantastic for learning your partner’s secrets! The one who has done what you said will take a sip of their drink as the game continues with any of you sharing something you have never done before. For instance, if I say, “Never have I ever kissed a stranger” The player must respond with either “I have” or “I haven’t.” If your partner has kissed a stranger, he or she will immediately take a drink. After the first player has his turn and makes a different statement, the person who says “I have” will follow the instructions and must drink one shot of alcohol. So be careful what you say because the goal here is to get your partner to confess to their secret shenanigans! 

The game is also one of the funniest ways to pass the time while drinking with your partner. 

Although playing “Never Have I Ever” is fun, it can get difficult when it’s your time and you run out of ideas. There’s no need to worry, though. To help you come up with more ideas for your next game, we’ve put together a broad list of “Never Have I Ever” questions.

Never have I ever, dirty questions for couples.

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  1. Never have I ever taken a seductive selfie. 
  1. Never have I ever touched you when you were asleep. 
  1. Never have I ever sexted in my life. 
  1. Never have I ever kissed someone on a first date. 
  1. Never have I ever slept with someone I met online. 
  1. Never have I ever fantasized about you being someone else in the bedroom. 
  1. Never have I ever taken a selfie in the shower. 
  1. Never have I ever had or still have a friend with benefits. 
  1. Never have I ever played threesomes. 
  1. Never have I ever engaged in sexual activity with a person of the same sex. 
  1. Never have I ever engaged in a one-night stand.
  1. Never have I ever looked up sex positions on Google. 
  1. Never have I ever kissed more than one person in a single day. 
  1. Never have I ever kissed a friend’s sibling. 
  1. Never have I ever sneaked a boy or girl into the house. 
  1. Never have I ever sent an inappropriate text to the wrong person. 
  1. Never have I ever carried out a sexual fantasy in real life. 
  1. Never have I ever recorded a s*x tape.
  1. Never have I ever visited a s*x store
  1. Never have I ever faked an orgasm before. 
  1. Never have I ever shared a bed with a coworker
  1. Never have I ever touched myself while thinking of you
  1. Never have I ever flashed a bartender just for a free drink. 
  1. Never have I ever shared a kiss with another girl or guy. 
  1. Never have I ever wanted to F you and your friend? 

Last but not least, if you decide to play this as a drinking game, keep in mind that wine can act as a sort of truth serum, but always drink responsibly!

Dirty truth or dares for couples using Spin the bottle 


Truth or dare is typically the first game that comes to mind when someone asks you what dirty, naughty games adults may play.

To clarify, truth or dare is a two- or more-player game in which players have the option of either answering questions honestly or accepting a dare from the other players. Couples’ truth-or-dare games often ignite their affection. It’s a method through which one can delve further into their imagination as well as discover new things about their companions.

The game’s rules are simple. As the players sit in a circle, they continuously pose the question, “Truth or dare?” If they choose the truth, they must in all truth respond to the question. If they choose to dare, they must comply with the asker’s dare. Let’s say a player chooses not to respond to a question; then the player will sip or take a shot of any drink, which must be alcohol. Drinking is the punishment for the person who declines to respond or carry out your dare!

With truth-or-dare drink questions, using spin the bottle you may give your game a new twist. 

Form a circle. Although it is common to perform this on the floor, there is no reason you cannot also perform it while standing or seated around a table. It’s better to choose an area with a firm, hard surface.

Next is to spin the bottle. The player picks up a bottle or any object that can be spun, such as a pen, a cup, or a key, and spins it in the center of the player’s circle. No one should touch the bottle when it begins to spin until it comes to a complete stop. 

You may make your game night more enjoyable by using the following truth-or-dare questions for boyfriends or girlfriends. Your night fun is sure to be spicy with the help of these truth-or-dare questions. Whether you prefer the truth or the dare, you will undoubtedly enjoy asking each other these questions and these dares to one another.

Truths for couples

  1. Who was your first kiss? 
  1. Have you ever done skinny dipping? 
  1. Have you ever hooked up by getting paid for a hookup?
  1. What was the age when you first had s*x?
  1. Tell me about the best orgasms you’ve ever had. 
  1. Have you ever been to a strip club? 
  1. What do you enjoy when foreplaying? 
  1. Have you ever had a threesome? 
  1. What was your most crazy fantasy that came true? 
  1. What is your dirty little secret? 
  1. Have you ever engaged in public intimacy?

Dares for couples

  1. Give your partner an ear-lick. 
  1. Give your partner a thigh massage. 
  1. Squeeze and pinch your partner’s butt. 
  1. Together, open a candy using only your lips. 
  1. Give your partner a minute-long kiss. 
  1. You have to perform a lap dance for me blindfolded and I also get to choose the song. 
  1. Give my three favorite body parts of yours a kiss. 
  1. Swap clothes with me for the remainder of the game.
  1. Watch me for five minutes as I touch myself. And you must not touch either yourself or me. 
  1. You’re welcome to lick on whatever part of my body you choose.
  1. Use just one hand to unhook your girlfriend’s bra and remove it from her body. 
  1. Without touching your man’s member; try to give him a boner. 
  1. Demonstrate my favorite sex position
  1. Put your hand inside your partner’s pants and be busy for one full minute.

Over to you

Look who is about to get the best time out of the night, you! We hope you found the games “Never have I ever,” “Spin the bottle,” and “Truth or Dare” helpful.