How To Change Your Life In 30 Days

How can I change my life completely in 30 days?

Honestly, change is constant and we tend to experience two types of changes in life, the negative and positive changes. If you want to be better at what you do, you may want to change positively why negative changes can indicate signs of failure in one’s life or journey.

Are you trying to acquire some skills, such as taking multiple online courses, developing new skills, or pursuing various hobbies in 30 days but don’t know how to do it? Then worry not; this article will give you some hints on how to go about it.

Consistency and a little guidance are what you need to achieve your desired dreams in 30 days. There’s no doubt that success and consistency live in the same room.

After achieving your desired aim, you naturally develop high confidence, and your productivity is boosted beyond proportion.

11 Tips On How To Change Your Life In 30 Days

1. Choose something realistic

Whenever you want to set up a 30-day challenge, the first smart choice you make is to choose something you can easily add to your daily routine. Choose a hobby or skill that will not take much of your time—15 to 30 minutes daily should be fine. Tasks you can easily accomplish are essential for maintaining consistency and can help you achieve self transformation in 30 days (transforming from someone of little value to someone of incredible value).

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2. Write down the goals you need to achieve

Writing down your goals and their benefits is essential in making you develop a sense of priority. These set goals will keep you constantly motivated. Always think of how to reschedule your daily activity to achieve goals efficiently.

Set a finish line to accomplish the plan, so you will know when the goal is achieved. Setting a deadline to achieve a goal is essential in motivating you to achieve your desired goal faster. It will also help you in developing a high sense of priority.

3. Get active

Getting a little exercise is essential in keeping active all day long. When you perform activities, your body releases crucial hormones such as endorphins to keep you happy. These hormones will help you achieve your goals quickly since a healthy mental state is vital to attain desired results. Additionally,  an active day is essential for developing a positive mindset and keeping you healthy.

4. Keep track of activities

Write out some days to complete each challenge; cross off each day to track your progress. Tracking your progress is essential in making you consistent.

5. Tell your close ones about it

Can people transform themselves? When you tell your friends, family, and colleagues about the challenge, they cheer you up from time to time, which will serve as a source of motivation and courage to change your habit and improve yourself. They might even help you with tips on completing the challenge successfully.

6. Develop a habit of reading every day

The time you spend each day watching TV or reading internet gossip could be better spent reading something worthwhile (add some books to your collection) and read every day. Research has shown that multiple adverse effects may result from watching TV regularly. Psychology also reports that prefrontal cortex activity also decreases with regular TV consumption.

Also, parts of the brain responsible for controlling activities such as concentration, self-control, and decision-making are hindered by regular TV consumption. Other adverse effects that may result from watching television include poor cognitive functions and problematic emotions triggering such as impulsive behavior, aggression, and anger.

You can subscribe to a blog related to your challenge or download books on self-improvement. This is essential in developing your perspective on the way you see life.

7. Maintain a great attitude

Having a positive attitude toward the world will benefit you in many ways. Being grateful will give you a positive mindset toward many things. When you have a positive attitude towards everything, even if negative thinking is prevalent in the world, it won’t affect you much.

If you don’t deal with negative thoughts the right way, they can have very strange effects on your mind and body. There is a saying that “like charges attract”; having a positive attitude will connect you to others with the same disposition towards the world. Maintaining a great attitude includes listing things you’re grateful for daily, among others.

8. Develop a healthy living habit

Most times, an individual’s notwithstanding attitude is due to the type of food they consume daily. Avoiding chemical-laden food is essential in improving general well-being. Chemical-laden food can cause many side effects, such as unhealthy weight gain, lethargy, and brain fog.

9. Be ready to embrace discomforts

There is a common saying, “be uncomfortable for a while and be comfortable throughout your life.”  When you want to achieve something great, you must be prepared to shift out of your comfort zone.

You have to break new ground because you can only achieve great things when you are more consistent and committed to your dreams than to your comfort zone.

10. End all unhealthy relationships

Ending unhealthy relationships is very important in helping you develop a positive mindset. Accepting responsibility for your happiness and well-being and ensuring your environment is conducive to a complete state of well-being is vital in achieving set goals. You might not realize your true potential when surrounded by negative individuals in your environment.

11. Take excellent care of yourself

A healthy body and state of mind are essential for achieving set goals. Stress might reduce your focus and productivity. You can develop strategies that will help you limit anxiety and, at the same time, cultivate the development of self-respect. Yoga, meditation, and massage are some essential self-care strategies.

Benefits of 30 days challenge to change yourself

  • Through challenges, you can quickly develop positive change by overcoming them.
  • You can become the best version of yourself every day through challenges.
  • Quality of life is easily improved through challenges.
  • Through challenges, there is incremental improvement day by day.
  • You can boost a sense of accomplishment and confidence through challenges.
  • Challenges can be fun, especially when practiced among friends.
  • Tracking progress is also fun.
  • Challenges will help you plan your day well and will make you develop a sense of priority.
  • Challenges are also vital in making you more accountable because you learn the act of keeping a promise, first to yourself.


Tips such as tracking activities, embracing discomfort, developing a healthy lifestyle, being active, and choosing something realistic are essential in achieving set goals.

The benefits of the 30-day challenge include making you more accountable, boosting a sense of confidence and accomplishment as well as making you more responsible.