How To Change Your Wife In 30 Days

How do I change my wife?

Wanting your wife to change your wife’s ways for the better in some aspect of life is not a bad idea. Some things your wife regularly does might hurt your feelings or make you unhappy. Examples include shutting down emotionally instead of opening up to talk about how they feel or refusing to apologize when she does something wrong.

Some habits you may want to change in your wife include the way she goes about her daily life activities, such as leaving her clothes all over the place or refusing to give birth.

This article will guide you on how to change your wife in 30 days and have the type of marriage that you desire. Although you and your wife will have to work hard to change,

Reasons You Might Want Your Wife to Change

1. You want your spouse to meet up to your demands.

2. you want to feel happy in your relationship.

3. You want to build strong communication, trust, and intimacy in your relationship.

4. You want your wife to be your twin in lifestyle.

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Great Tips to Help Change Your Wife in 30 Days

It is not appropriate or healthy to try to change someone else, including your spouse. Every individual has their own unique personality, traits, and habits, and it is important to accept and respect these differences in a relationship. Rather than trying to change your wife, it would be more beneficial to focus on improving communication and understanding in your relationship, and finding ways to support and encourage each other to grow and develop as individuals. However, the following steps also include consulting a therapist or a relationship counselor when the need arises.

1. Make a list of exact attitudes to change.

If there are many attitudes, you wish to change in your wife, start with the most important ones. Make a list of behaviors your partner has that typically frustrates and annoys you according to your priority. Trying to change many things simultaneously within a short period might cause a severe stir between you. Identify the most important one, and start one step at a time.

2. Describe the problem

Clearly describe the problem and the adverse effects of the problem. Explain to your wife how the issue affects you and your kids practically. If you have a means you feel the problem might be addressed easier, discuss it with your wife about it and let her know you will always be there for her.

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3. Tell her the effect of the problem

Always let your wife know how the problem affects you and makes you feel from an emotional point of view. Clearly explain to her how you might react if care is not taken because you won’t always be able to control your emotions. Explain to her what outcomes you might experience in your relationship if she refuses to change for the better.

4. Gain commitment from her

Ask your wife if she can make the changes you’ve requested. If you receive a positive answer from her, know she has accepted the challenge and will do everything to make your relationship last. Sometimes she might want to negotiate terms or motivators, compromise, and help her attain these changes easier.

5. Be a partner to her in the change challenge

Whichever behavior you want to change in your wife, you must try to avoid such behaviors as well. If you want her to open up after an argument, always open up. If you want her to apologize when she does something wrong, be the first to apologize when you are at fault. If you want her to be neater, start by being neat and tidy yourself.

6. Support her in her efforts to change

When your wife tells you she wants to change some bad habits that you don’t like, help her. Change might be hard at the beginning, but getting the proper support will go a long way in making it easier.

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7. Cherish her and have a deeper connection

When your wife is willing to make changes, cherish every small effort. Adoring her will serve as a means of motivating her to do better. Always have and maintain a deeper connection with your wife. Always have a heart-to-heart conversation with her and tell her you to appreciate her efforts and will do everything to support her.

8. Acceptance

Let your wife know that just because you want her to change doesn’t mean you don’t love her. Let her know you love her and will always accept her no matter how she is; let her know you want her to change to strengthen your relationship.

9. Be patient and understanding

Be patient with her through change; sometimes, she might revert to her former behavior since change cannot happen overnight. If you push her too hard, she might resent you and decide not to go on with the change again.

10. Keep track of change

Take out a piece of paper and count the number of times your wife has impressed you in the last 30 days. Keeping track of changes will encourage her and show you how much you value her efforts.

11. Reward her when she Impresses you

When your wife does something you want her to do, praise her and, in some cases, get her a gift. For example, if she is the kind that doesn’t open up, whenever you do, tell her how happy you feel that she opened up, and tell her how much her words mean to you.

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12. Ignore Bad Behavior

Ignoring your wife’s bad behavior when she does something you don’t like might make her want to change her ways voluntarily. Act as if it didn’t happen, and model the behavior you want her to exhibit. For example, if she shuts down, pretend as if you didn’t notice, and continue being kind and friendly to her. If she leaves her clothes scattered all over, pretending you didn’t see them, she will clean up when the mess becomes unbearable.

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13. Try Counseling

Sometimes, when all efforts to make change are exhausted, and the issue needs to be handled, you can try going to a counselor. Find an excellent counselor you know can address the problem effectively to help guide you through.


It is important to recognize that significant changes in behavior and personality do not typically happen overnight, and it is unrealistic to expect that you can change your wife in 30 days. Instead, work on making your relationship healthy and loving, where both of you feel valued, supported, and free to be yourself. If you feel like there are issues in your relationship that need to be addressed, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of a therapist or counselor who can help you work through any challenges and find healthy and constructive ways to communicate and resolve conflicts.

You can change your wife’s undesirable behavior in 30 days if you follow the proper steps. There are some unwanted behaviors you might want to change in your wife, such as untidiness and shutting down after an argument, among others. Being patient and understanding, accepting her flaws, and rewarding her when she impresses you will help change her.