50 Funny Ways to Respond To How Are You?

“How are you” is a common question between lovers, colleagues, family, and friends. There are many hilarious ways to respond to these questions. Responding to “How are you” in a funny and witty way is like adding fuel to start or continue an ongoing conversation.

Additionally, responding to “how are you” in a significant way could be an easy way to start an exciting conversation or serve as a means of making conversation more lively. Don’t always answer “I am fine” because it’s a boring conversation killer.

Funny Responses To “How Are You?”

1. “Amazinggggggg”; when you respond this way, People will be dazzled by your answer, and it will have so much effect on them. They can laugh hard and be eager to know the news behind such a response because this response indirectly tells them there is a story behind the reply.

2. “Better inside than outside”; responding in this way is a funny way of telling people you feel great beyond imagination. It’s a way of telling them you feel good.

3. “I still haven’t figured out”; this is a funny way of telling people you don’t know how you feel. It’s a friendly and humorous way of saying, “don’t ask me.”

4. I am 25 but feel like 205; this is a funny response to tell people you don’t feel great. There is no shame in saying you don’t feel good, but responding this way might make the conversation a little longer

5. You go first so we can compare; this is a funny way of telling people you feel great and are ready to listen to them. This response will encourage people willing to have a heart-to-heart conversation to continue.

6.  I tried to complain, but no one listened; this is a funny way of telling smart people that something is wrong and you can’t get a shoulder to lean on.

7. Happy, and I know it; this is a funny way of telling people you feel good and alright.

8. Upright and absorbing air; this is a hilarious way of stating you feel good but not great.

9. Somewhere between meh and blah, this is among the hilarious ways of saying you don’t know exactly how you feel.

10. Good and fabulous, just like a bottle of expensive wine; this response signifies you feel good, fantastic, and unique.

11. Excellent like a Cotton candy; this response also signifies you feel good.

12. I Wonder how you are; this response sends a powerful message. It signifies you are alright but want to know how the other person is. It’s a means of showing other people you care about them.

13. It depends on how I compare myself with others; this is a way of telling people you feel good, but you know someone somewhere feels better than you.

14. Better than before, but not as good as I should be; this means you’re alright but don’t feel so great.

15. Imagining myself on a fabulous vacation; this response is an amusing way of telling people what you want, most especially if the answer is to someone capable, your wish might be granted.

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16. “I feel like the greatest queen of all times”; this is a way of telling people you are very much okay.

17. In need of some peace and quiet; this is a funny way of telling people you want the conversation to end.

Other short and funny answers to “how are you” include;

18. I am doing good, mediumly great.

19. I must be doing okay due to the pulse I got.

20.  Better because my name is not in today’s obituary.

21. I feel better than I deserve.

22. At minding my business? Better than most people?

23. It’s a long story; can we make a call?

24. I hear good things, but my advice to you is you should always avoid gossip.

25. Well, I might take over the world anytime soon.

26. Can I tell you something? I have a strange Itch on my right butt cheek.

27. I feel so good that I might tie my hands to avoid clapping.

28. Why is the inquisition like a cop?

29. My life is full of denial, Suppressed rage, and emotional imbalance.

30. My psychiatrist said I shouldn’t discuss myself with strangers.

31. I think I’m doing okay; how do you think I am doing?

32. A Lot is going on in my life, and I don’t know where to begin. Can you help me with a suggestion?

33. I plead the fifth.

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34. I am fine, thanks for asking.

35. My lawyer ordered me to avoid this question.

36. I would be in China if I were better.

37. It could be payday; how happier can I be?

38. I will say 9.9999999999999999999 out of 10.

39. I am dangerously close to being fabulous.

40. Busy slaying dragons, you?

41. I could use a message.

42. I am dancing along to the rhythm of life; it’s too bad I am tone-deaf.

43. Word on the streets spread that I am pretty well.

44. Incredible, staller, and fantastic but dead inside.

45. I am biased, but I feel great.

46. I love you!

47. Vitamins would be taking me if I am any better.

48. So much better now that you are with me.

49. I feel as happy as a tick on a big fat doggy.

50. Well, I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, and no one has gotten hurt, so I would say I’m good.


“How are you?” is one of the common questions among family, friends, and lovers. The way you respond is vital in starting or ending a conversation. Answering in a funny way, such as so much better now that you are with me, I  am dangerously close to fabulous, and I feel better than I deserve, is a funny way to tell people you feel great, and it’s an excellent way to start or continue a conversation.