10 Tips About Dating A Chubby Girl

Do you belong to the group of people who believe in the stereotype that dating chubby girls is more complex than a skinny girl? A lot of people also call them fat, which, in some situations, sounds harsh. Wait a minute, do you know that dating a chubby girl can be such an incredible experience?

Many men prefer chubby girls because they are attractive, intelligent, thoughtful, and super lovers. There are so many things that are good about chubby girls. For many gentlemen, dating a heavy girl could be their greatest pleasure.

However, if you enter into a relationship with a curvy lady without getting all the necessary knowledge, you’re likely to have the biggest shock of your life. So, in this article, we’ll be helping you out with ten tips about dating a chubby girl. Check them out below;

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1. Find out what she loves

No relationship will go far if you don’t know what your partner loves and what she hates. This is applicable when dating a chubby girl. Have a deep conversation about what she loves to enable you to treat her right.

Do not confine your actions towards her based on what you think of her or her size. Find out about the places she loves visiting and her favorite meal, and don’t allow her body size to stop you from having a fantastic time with her.

2. Be serious with her

If you want to date a big, bold and beautiful lady, ensure you’re in for something serious with her. Many men believe that curvy girls are desperately looking for a partner. However,  that belief is wrong. They are like every skinny lady and deserve love and attention, not a time waster. If you’re a player, stay away from her.

3. Keep her past off the picture

One of the awful things some men do when they get into a relationship with a chubby lady is trying to remind her of how difficult it is to get a partner for a fat girl. Don’t do that. Keep her past experience away from the picture and center your communications on the beautiful things you share.

Most guys feel that chubby or curvy girls usually have unpleasant relationship experiences. Still, the truth remains that skinny and overweight people are likely to have a bad dating experience. It’s not based on body size.

Now, when you’re in a dating relationship with a curvy girl, keep in mind that you’re not the first person in her life and treat her as being unique. Love her for who she is, not minding her past experiences.

4. Don’t romanticize her body

It’s a fact that so many men have a tenderness for chubby girls. Just like blondes or brunettes, it’s just another choice. But there is a difference—men who fetishize or romanticize chubby girls usually treat their partners with disdain and selfishness.

All the curves attract them, but they pay little attention to the person inside, which is wrong. When it comes to physical attractiveness, tastes are perfectly acceptable. However, be careful that your relationship doesn’t revolve solely around those preferences.

5. Always protect her

Your plus-size girlfriend is likely to get body shamed in public. People may use harsh words on her like; you are too fat; can’t you cut down on calories? She may get body shamed outside. So, you should always be there for her, even when she looks calm. Know that deep inside her; those harsh words are eating her up.

Protect and encourage her to love her body more. Note that in situations like this, you may want to lose your cool by trying to make a scene but don’t do that. Be a gentleman and take her away from the toxic environment.

6. Don’t act weird when it comes to food

You also intend to behave appropriately regarding her choice of diet. You’ll make her feel self-conscious about her body, and she’ll come to despise you if you let her know that it worries you whenever she eats. Ensure your conversations remain encouraging and centered on health rather than appearance because she understands herself well enough to know what her weight signifies regarding health concerns.

7. Reaffirm your love for her

Reaffirming your love for her should be one thing you shouldn’t take for granted in the relationship. There is this joy and excitement that accompanies this kind of moment. Let her feel it and rejoice in the euphoria of knowing that you still love and will continue to love her regardless of her body size.

Remind her of how beautiful and intelligent she is and that you’re lucky to have her in your life. You can organize a little room party for the both of you. Let her enjoy every moment with you. Always respect her.

8. Don’t tell her she is not fat

One of the things you shouldn’t say to your chubby girlfriend is that she is not fat. She already knows the truth and wouldn’t appreciate you saying otherwise. So many people try to body shame a fat lady by saying, “you’re not fat, or you’re not too fat” she already knows the truth and may not see things from your perspective.

9. Be humble

It’s funny how some men out there think they deserve an award for dating a chubby lady. Well, my dear, stop that right away because that’s pride hovering around you. A chubby girl is not less of a woman. Some men love only fat girls and can do anything to have one. Be humble and treat her like a princess.

10. Always keep in mind what attracted you to her

There were unique qualities that attracted you to her in the first place. So, always remember what attracted you to her. Because many reasons to hide her from people will show up from time to time. For example,  body shaming from family members and friends may threaten your relationship. Remember what made you love her. The personality and not just her body size.

Final Thought

Finally, if you want to have a beautiful and long-lasting dating relationship with a chubby girl, follow all the steps we discussed above. Have sweet and great moments together out there. Her body size has nothing to do with her personality.