10 Reasons Men Fall For Big Butt Girls

In recent times, many men now go for girls that have big butts instead of the slim shape we all strived for in the past. Those who used to love skinny girls are now moving to the other side. Is the grass greener there? The answer is yet to be well established. Could it be due to the recent media trend?

What exactly is so appealing about girls with big butts? Interestingly, recent statistics have indicated that 80% of men are after girls with big butts. What is the attraction? Is it just overhyping? Not too worried; as we proceed further, we’ll learn more about this. In this article, we’ll look at the ten reasons men fall for girls with big butts. Don’t miss out!

Why do guys get attracted to big butts?

The following reasons will answer your questions satisfactorily.

1. Bigger butts are easily noticed

One of the reasons men fall for girls with big butts is because the butt is quite easy to notice in a woman’s body. Men are visual beings, and they tend to be controlled by what they see, so having a big butt as a girl gives you a greater advantage over them. The butt, especially a big one, is the next noticeable feature in a girl’s body after boobs, and men find a girl with a big butt super attractive.

Although not all men do, a greater percentage of them do. 60% of women, if not more than that, are highly obsessed with having big butts, which is exactly the reason for the increased number of ladies trooping the gym house.

2. Men need something they can grind

Many men love to grind while dancing. They need something they can rock from behind, especially when they go to a party and their favorite music comes on. Most of them, while dancing to the rhythm of the music, would want a big backside they can grind on with crazy dance moves. 

Also, a big butt works well as a grinding cushion since it fits into the man’s hip properly and reaches all the appropriate places. These dance moves can only be acceptable in a clubhouse or at adult parties.

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3. Men want something they can grab

A big backside allows men to see something they can hold onto. We all know that men can be naturally visually aroused; however, they also struggle with self-control, so whenever they see butts, the desire to grab them will arouse; they often do so as long as they won’t be attracting a jail term for themselves. Men see a big butt as an attractive part of the girl’s body worth gripping.

4. Men love their women having a good shape

So many men love girls with big butts because they want their women always to have good posture. Men are always happy to showcase their girls with big butts because they feel the boldness to speak among friends increases. When you have a well-aligned butt, he won’t mind being your photographer to see you pose.

The ability to lengthen a woman’s hip flexors and maintain everything within balance, which relieves pain and prevents you from slumping, is a significant benefit of having a big, muscular butt. Men love this in their women.

5. They visualize it as a therapy

One of the reasons men fall for big butt is because it serves as a drug or healing to them. It’s funny that men see big butts as therapy for emotional stress, but they do for real. Having a girl with a big butt is like a drug to them because it activates the reward parts of a man’s brain that alcohol, drugs, or healthy food can turn on.

6. They want a built-in cushion

Most men have always wanted a built-in cushion. I don’t think there’s any man who would love to fall on his head after a hard day’s work. I still believe a lot exists because there’s still a place for choice and preferences. A girl with a big butt is said to represent a cushion to lay on after work.

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7. They love how a big butt fills out a jean pant

This isn’t just for men; ladies enjoy it when their butt can fill out a pair of jeans. It gives them a unique look and great feelings. Men love it when they can take a girl to the boutique and find beautiful pants for her.

This is not a movie; only a few men love flat butts. Perhaps this is why butt surgery has been on the rise recently. Girls with big butts have many male admirers because of their physique. Naturally, men are proud beings, and almost all want something to show off to their friends.

8. Men tend to enjoy sex with big butt

A lot of men will tell you that they enjoy sex more with a girl that has a big butt than one that doesn’t. They love spanking ladies’ butts if they are granted permission to. Having a big butt as a lady will make the man in your life feel he’s got the best because seeing you alone turns him on sexually.

9. They believe bigger butt girls are more reproductive

If you sit close to mature men when they discuss, you will find out they believe so much in things that may seem unimaginable. A lot of men believe that girls with big butts are more reproductive and can carry a pregnancy and give birth with ease. However, there’s no research backing this up. It’s believed to be conventional.

10. Men love the movement of the bigger butt when dancing

So many men wouldn’t mind paying a huge amount of money to see a lady with big butts whine on the dance floor. Some will tell you that the sight of a whining waist or a girl twerking turns them on.

Do you know that girls with big or sizable butts can make a living if they know how to use them? So many men follow some female celebrity social media channels to watch them twerk if she happens to have a  big butt.

Over to you

Finally, men fall for girls with big butts for numerous reasons. The few we mentioned above are part of it. Most men cannot do without having a woman with a big backside. Some people go for girls with big butts because their clothes fit them better.