10 Simple Ways To Get A Girl To Think About You All The Time

How do you make a girl think about you all the time? Everyone has spotted someone they thought was attractive while on the bus. Of course, the moment you see them, you immediately fall in love, but that’s not what’s important to you. The major thing on your mind is how to talk to her for the first or how to get a woman to think of you if she’s already your partner. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want a girl to think about you through text messages or if you want her to think of you naturally.

You know you’re constantly thinking about her, but does she feel the same way? Possibly and possibly not. Make sure you are speaking the same language. However, how can you be if you aren’t in her thoughts? Whether you are acquainted with her or not, it is wonderful to constantly be in someone else’s thoughts.

Possessing her in your thoughts has its advantages. Making the next move won’t be as difficult once you’ve established yourself in her thoughts.

What makes you want a female to consider you? You need to be crafty if you want somebody to think about you, particularly a girl. Avoid launching yourself in front of her and embarrassing yourself. Additionally, you do not want to appear too subdued or it won’t work.

It’s kind of an art to figure out how to get a female to think about you. Before you begin, you must determine why you want her to consider you.

Do you intend to finally ask her out? How about her? Maybe you want her to miss you.

Each of these motives has a unique approach. The optimal method for each case must be taken into account. You might want to post a thirst trap of a body part they’ve always enjoyed if you want your ex’s attention. Sending a hilarious meme to a new female you’re flirting with might get her to think of you. Keep in mind that not all girls are the same. You must consider her as a person and what she will pay attention to.

How to get a girl to think about you constantly

Don’t panic just yet; you don’t want her to worry about you at all. You can spend time getting to know her and inviting her out once you’ve entered her head. You should have a clear idea of where you want things to go before you start. If you don’t have a goal, she’ll be thinking about you for no reason at all. You’ll need to make her think of you if you want to date her. But how do you achieve that? Go on reading.

1. Set yourself a goal.

Don’t bother doing something if it’s simply for your pride, man. You can’t act like this with people. That should be your aim if you admire her and want to pursue her. Determine your desired outcome for this and then fight toward that. When you speak to her, you will keep it in mind if you are asking her out on a date.

2. Be present occasionally.

You can’t be everywhere if you want her to remember you. Don’t show up all the time. Of course, you might think that as long as you’re attached to her, no other guy will be able to get in. But if you’re always around, it makes you seem needy and clinging as well!

Additionally, girls never fell in love with desperate men. Give her some room to breathe so that she can begin to consider you. If you don’t, you’ll simply suffocate her thoughts.

3. Slow down.

You want to move quickly! The following day, you ask her out, and the following day, you begin dating because you want her to think about you. However, the truth is that you must move slowly if you want her to remember you. It’s similar to cooking stew. Yes, you can cook it quickly, but it takes time for the real flavors to come out. It will take time to increase the tension between you two.

4. Texting should be simple.

We all use texting to connect, but there is a limit to how much is acceptable. The error that so many people commit is this. Don’t contact her every five minutes; instead, let a text discussion end naturally. Allow her to breathe. As long as you’re always there, she won’t miss you.

5. Don’t do what you always do.

Change the schedule if you usually communicate with each other at night. People enjoy unpredictability, so doing something different from the norm will make her think about you. Why? because you’re bucking the relationship pattern you’ve established with her. Normally, she is aware of your work schedule. You keep jane on her toes and the edge of her seat by breaking the usual.

6. Surprise her 

Of course, you can do this if you want, but surprises don’t have to be elaborate or extravagant. They only require some work to be put into them. Bring her a book as a gift.

7. Avoid over emotionality

You should first put your feelings on the down low if you want to know how to make a girl think about you.

You could want to communicate how you’re feeling since you might be feeling quite emotional and in love. But occasionally, this could be perceived as appearing desperate.

8. Desire is a result of ambiguity.

It’s because you slightly shook a girl’s thoughts that you can get into her thoughts. You disrupted her schedule. This is what makes her think about you. You’ve distinguished yourself from the other males and shown her a side of intrigue that the others are omitting.

9. Give her genuine praise

There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to accept praise. Calling her a “hot bitch” or “juicy ass” is inappropriate; really, there are other ways to express your admiration for a woman. You won’t get very far if you treat her like a piece of meat. However, if you respectfully compliment her, she will remember what you said.

10. You remain the top focus.

When we admire someone, we often do all in our power to win their approval. This is not the appropriate course of action. Make sure not to prioritize the person you like no matter who they are.

They don’t make up your entire life; you are still your unique being. Live your own life and demonstrate to her that you are busy with other things that are important to you.


Stop avoiding the subject. Inform her that you are considering her. Tell her you noticed someone rocking an outfit that inspired you of her, or ask her how her day is going. As long as it is sincere, anything, no matter how small, will be lovely enough just to make her think of you. Just remember the advice from above if you want to understand how to get a girl to ponder about you. You’ll soon have her dreaming about you all day long.