How To Make A Man Cry And Scream Your Name In Bed

Looking for the weak points of a man during romance so as to know where to focus your touches, to make him cry, and to make your man feel like a king in bed?

To make a man scream in bed, you need to understand his sexual needs, create an emotional connection, and align his sexual expectations with yours. Also, It is important not to neglect yourself in this process. It’s no news that some men hardly moan or scream when they are busy in bed because they are the ones doing things that make their lovers cry. This is why you might think it’s impossible to make a man scream in bed. 

However, at the end of the article, you will find many tricks to please a man by making love to him in the best way.

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7 Mind blowing ways to make a man shake, scream your name and cry in bed

The following are the things you should be doing to make your man scream your name in bed and come back demanding for more!

1. Initiate The Sex

There’s a tendency that you might find this ridiculous. Take a chill. We all know men enjoy having sex a lot. Men are also more than happy to initiate sex, but asking for it is one of the sexiest things you can do.

Every man enjoys feeling desired! However, they frequently have to take the initiative. How do you initiate the sex?

You can open the door while unclad and gently massage his dick from his underwear while he’s playing a game or probably on his phone. Go ahead and give him a very passionate kiss. Tell him how much you want him and cannot resist him at the moment. Tell him you want his hands all over you and that you miss him so much. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had sex the day before. This alone can make him go crazy for you.

2. Get On Your Knees

Men enjoy blowjobs, which is nothing new. In fact, it is the simplest way to guarantee that he appreciates sexual contact. However, you should know that there is a difference between him asking you to give him a blowjob and you taking the initiative. Your partner will get the impression that you are sexually attached to them when you get on your knees. Unbuckle his shorts and bring out his dick. Rub it gently, stare at him, and get to work. It’s a good thing if you are a throat goat. If you aren’t , there’s nothing to worry about. Suck his dick cap while focusing on the lines between them. Make sure your hands are doing a great job by being all over his dick. Rub his balls, press it gently, make sure your saliva is all over to make it sloppy.

N.B: There’s a trend on spreading chocolates on the dick before blow job. You might want to try that. 😉

3. Ride Him With Confidence

You have to be sure,  confident and skilled when it comes to riding your sex partner. Now,you are already miles ahead of any woman who is too self-conscious, timid, or unskilled in riding if you have the courage to mount him and ride him skillfully and pleasurably. Position yourself well so you both can feel comfortable while at it. If you are yet to be a pro in riding, you can practise the Co-Co-Nut technique. This means you should try spelling coconut with your waist while at it. Stare at him, pause and suck his bottom lips, ask him if he wants it slow or fast, grind him, look at his face to make sure he’s enjoying it, tease him while at it. Make him call your name. If he wants to go fast, you can go faster than his expectations. He’s definitely going to scream your name. Making his dick your object can make him want you even more.

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4. Moan His Name During Sex

If your partner is dominating during sex, make sure to moan his name when he is doing something that you like. Moan it gently, bite your lips and don’t forget the stare. Yes, the one that drives him crazy. Why is all these important? It gives your partner the impression that all of your thoughts are focused on him during sex and that only his body can satisfy your sexual needs.This can drive him crazy and increase his sex drive for you.

5. Talk Dirty And Get Kinky

Talk dirty and Get kinky with your partner without hesitation. Wink at him, whisper dirty sexual words into his ears during sex. Tell him he’s yours. Tell him the body belongs to him.occasionally give him complete freedom to do whatever he wants with you if you feel comfortable enough with him. You are free to stop him gently at any time you feel uncomfortable, of course. Let him explore you, spank you and those things he want with you

6. Tease Him During Sex

There are ladies who tease as well as guys. Also, the word “teasing” in this context is not used  here in a negative sense. Just be careful to tease him just enough. For instance, a man’s earlobe contains many nerve endings, yet mostly ignored during sex. His earlobe should be placed between your lips and gently pulled while you giggle. Tease him during blow job, increase the sexual tension, lean in for a kiss and playfully pull away, gently bit his lips while kissing. Tell him you want to kiss him during sex, kiss his bottom lips, kiss his bare chest, his palm, his face. Tease him sexually in various ways. Just don’t make it awkward.

7. Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises tone the muscles that keep your uterus, vagina, and surrounding organs in place. To make your vagina feel tighter when your lover is inside of you, you might tense the muscles around his dick. This technique is definitely going to drive your partner crazy. It can also prompt you both to cum at the same time while serving its main purpose, which is making your partner cry and scream in bed.


Are you already going to make your spouse whine and scream your name in bed after learning all these secrets? Everything will work out for the man who loves you dearly and  is sexually attracted to you. Make sure to communicate with your partner if you ever feel uncomfortable. The most crucial rule is to avoid engaging in any sexual activity without authorization or the desire to do so.  Finally, Check out your body and your partner’s body using these ideas, and let us know if they were helpful in the comments!