How To Respond To How Was Your Night From A Guy

What could be the perfect thing to say in reply to “How was your night or did you sleep well?”

The question “how was your night?” has become a very common form of greeting these days, and “my night was fine” or “great” has become a very common answer for it. And although there is nothing wrong with the reply, it becomes the wrong answer when it’s coming from a guy who is trying to get to know you better.

Finding an appropriate answer to give at this time becomes imperative because you don’t want to sound monotonous, boring, or make it seem like you are trying to close the conversation.

Most times when this question comes from a guy, he is trying to get to know you better and how you spend your nights or trying to start a conversation, so saying something longer than “it was fine” will truly help kickstart a conversation.

Here are a few suggestions to help you when responding to “how was your night” from a guy; the following suggestions can also be tweaked, so feel free to do so for how was your night reply to your crush, how to reply how was your night in a romantic way or flirty response to how was your night.

1. Tell him about what you ate if you had dinner the night before

Maybe you made a delicious dish that took you hours to prepare, or you ended up burning the food and ended up having to order a meal, or you tried out a new recipe for the first time last night, or you just ate out at an eatery. It can bring up a real gist that may make you realize you are both interested in food variety and might even earn you a food or cooking date at his home or an outing to try out the food at a restaurant.

2. Tell him about where you visited the night before

If you didn’t spend the better half of the night at home but were out with friends or family or just at a meeting, tell him a background story about it. It can be about how much fun you had or how hectic work was. At the end of the day, he is getting to know more about you.

3. Tell him about how much you missed him last night

Telling him how much you missed him can make him the night before can make him realize how much you care about him and that you are thinking about him.

4. Tell him about who you visited

Instead of just saying ‘my night was great’, if you had a surprise guest last night or a sleepover with some friends you can tell him about how amazing or terrible the experience was.

5. Talk about what you dreamt about

Sleeping is obviously part of your night. So if you had an interesting dream, a weird dream, a funny dream, or a nightmare, you can tell him about it to spice up the question and make it less monotonous.

6. Tell him how long or short your night was

Maybe you slept very peacefully or your night was short due to unforeseen circumstances, tell him about it.

7. Share what happened in the news at night

Sharing one of the latest happenings in the city that you saw on the news can spark a conversation and even lead to a deeper one as you get to know his views on the event. However, it is advisable to avoid discussing issues relating to politics and religion if it is someone you don’t really know too well.

8. About the movie you saw

If you saw a movie at home or at the cinema, telling all about it is an interesting conversation and can make you both realize your different areas of interest in movies.

9. Get him to talk about his night

His night might have been more interesting than yours, get him to talk about it and share in his excitement, or console him if it went bad.

10. Be flirty in your response

Being a little naughty never hurt anyone; in fact, it will earn you more, so coming up with a flirty response to the question will work to your advantage.


The best way to reply “how was your night?” question is to apply some creativity in your responses. It is how well you responded that can determine the possibility of further discussions and the avenue to know more about each other.