How To Introduce Yourself To A Girl On Whatsapp For The First Time

How do I introduce myself on WhatsApp for the first time to a girl I like?

The world has indeed advanced a lot, and people have advanced with it. Before now, you had to go out and meet new people to make friends and find partners. But now, you can be in the comfort of your home 24/7 and still have tons of friends and a lineup of girls you are interested in just by having a social media account and being online.

WhatsApp has proven to be one of the most downloaded and used apps by people from all walks of life and ages. Unlike apps like Instagram, you don’t have to battle with an algorithm to be visible or worry about something new to post on Facebook. Its privacy (end-to-end encryption) is the best part because someone needs to have your number before they can even chat you up. It’s a favorite app for very private people.

Now, let’s imagine you meet a girl for the first time and you like her, then you approach her and ask for her number to talk more on WhatsApp, which she gives to you. The first sentences you say to her will determine how seriously she is going to take you and how many seconds, minutes, hours, or days it is going to take her to reply to your messages.

Alternatively, you like a girl but don’t know how to talk to her; then a mutual friend gives you her WhatsApp number to chat her up, and you need to know the right things to say the very first time so that she doesn’t block you.

Because of these scenarios, it is imperative to know how to introduce yourself to a girl on WhatsApp for the very first time. Here are a few tips to help you;

1. Don’t just say “hi.”

There is nothing as annoying as coming online, opening a new chat from someone you don’t know, and just seeing “hi”. Dude, you are not friends with her yet; even friends don’t just say hi. If you want your message to be ignored for the rest of your life, this is the quickest way. Go straight to the reason you are chatting her up.

2. Don’t start asking her how her night or day was.

Even if you got her number from her earlier in the day or the previous day, or got it from a mutual friend, you are still a stranger to her. It will feel awkward to answer these kinds of questions. Maybe after you have introduced yourself, if you ask her, she will be cool with it, but don’t ask her even before you have said your name. Don’t do it!

3. State your name.

This is the very first thing you should do once you slide into her DM. “Hey Nicole, my name is…” is a good start to a fantastic friendship.

4. Remind her how you met

If you got her number from her personally, then you have an even better advantage. Don’t just assume that she knows who she is talking to. Remind her who she is talking to and how you got her number in the first place. “Hey Nicole, my name is… and we met earlier today at the museum.” this is an example of how to refresh her memory before she starts asking who you are.

5. Send a picture of yourself

This is useful if I didn’t get her phone number from her. Just telling her your name may not cut it. Send her a picture or two so that she can put a face to the name or the voice of the person with whom she is chatting.

6. Go straight to the reason you got her number

You didn’t get her number to check her status or to keep saying hi and hello to each other; you got it because you liked her and would like to date her if she gave you the chance. So, tell her the exact reason you took her number. Don’t go beating around the bush; then, after 3 months, you begin to tell her your intentions. The only reason she may still be patient with you and reply to all your messages is if she likes you in return.

7. Don’t sexualize the greeting

This is a big red flag for most girls. A simple “hello, pretty” is cool. But telling her “hello sexy,” “hello babe,” and “you looked hot” will give her the immediate signal that you want to sleep with her. And unless she, too, wants to sleep with you, she will never take you seriously and may decide to take hours to respond to your messages, which defeats the purpose of chatting her up in the first place.

8. Throw in a little compliment.

Apart from being friends with or doing business with a girl, there are two reasons a guy may want a girl’s number: he wants to date her or he wants to sleep with her. So when you send her a message, don’t go trying to hide it; she already knows what you are after. So why not throw in a little compliment after your introduction to help your case? As was stated earlier, it was nothing sexual, just an innocent compliment, which may have been about her hair or what she wore the day you saw her, or about how her beauty drew you to her.

9. Tell her more about you.

Now she knows your name, she knows what you look like, and she knows you like her. Perfect! You are off to a good start. Now give her more information about you. Tell her about your school and what you are studying if you are a student, or the kind of work you do if you have a job. Tell her the kind of person you are. Everyone has a picture of the kind of person they want to date, and that includes the girl they like. Giving her these tidbits will help her decide if you are the type of man she wants to date; if so, you have done an excellent job of creating a first impression online; if not, you will know on time and also know not to waste your time on what may end up causing you heartbreak.


Social media, especially WhatsApp, is a great place for people to get to know each other and bond, regardless of how far or near they may be. But as they say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.” You have to know the right thing to say the very first time to direct your friendship or relationship in the right direction.